Title: Personal Fidelities.
Author: LewdSavageAmity
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack Sparrow/James Norrington
Summary: When the captain of the -Pearl- decides that an old friend of sorts needs a bit of time out on the sea, he finds something about himself that he hadn't known.
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Jack stood on the deck of his beloved Pearl's deck, looking at the ship that was sailing away from him. The sun was just beginning to take its daily dip into the ocean, casting splashes of vibrant colors onto the sky at its leisure. And yet, despite the sun's warmth on his skin, Jack didn't feel any of it.

He imagined James in his cabin, smiling and laughing at him not even a few hours ago. That is, before his Commodore was taken away from him by the bloody children. Jack had known that James would have to go back to his post in Port Royal, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

Jack's lips pouted on their own accord as he thought of better things that his Jamie and him could be doing instead of watching their forms shrink in the distance. He didn't see why his naval officer couldn't command from his bedroom. Jack had connections.


Jack grunted in acknowledgement but otherwise remained where he was. Gibbs fiddled with his flask awkwardly, knowing that he would need more of his liquor in the future from the look on Jack's face. Sighing, he placed a hand on Jack's shoulder, trying to comfort his captain.

"Don't need to be worryin' 'bout him Jack, ye'll get to see him again," Gibbs said at last. Jack only grunted again, but the next second a light began to shine in his eyes. Now Gibbs knew that look, having seen it quite a few times when Jack came up with a plan that was both dangerously risky and heavily rewarding. Normally Gibbs didn't react to this it, but Gibbs just knew he was going to dread what was to come.

"Gibbs, ye're a genius," Jack stated with a grin, finally taking his eyes off the tiny spec that was supposed to be a ship in the distance. His grin was wide, showing his teeth, gold ones included as he clasped Gibbs on his shoulder. Gibbs made a funny face, not following what Jack was getting to.

"I am?"

"Course ye are mate! After all, we will be seein' the children soon," Jack said with a purr, taking his hands and rubbing them together gleefully.


"Where else but at the weddin'! 'Ts only a week away and where there are weddin's, there are Commodores!" Jack exclaimed, ignoring Gibbs completely. His mind was full of ideas to surprise his James without the other knowing. Jack was pretty sure that the kiddies didn't tell his Naval man that he was invited. And he was damn sure that they didn't tell James that Jack had a pardon for the wedding.

"And we'll have plenty of time to…reacquaint ourselves with one another. Maybe I should bring him a prezzie? It'll be a whole week without me and James wont be too happy… Perhaps a bottle of rum? No, no, James is a port man… And a pirate's man," Jack rambled, not caring if anyone was listening.

His grin turned into a wicked smirk as his thoughts turned to the naughty things he was sure that James and himself would be doing not long after spotting one another. Gibbs, seeing this, decided that he had enough to tell Ana about their future course for sailing. And if he didn't, Gibbs figured he could wait until his captain wasn't thinking wicked things. But as he began to walk away, still invisible to Jack, Gibbs couldn't help but smile. An odd pair Jack and the Commodore were, but he just knew that they were meant for each other.

"And rope!" Jack suddenly shouted, startling most of the crew, and Gibbs' face fell. His conscious screamed for any kind of liquor as well as an escape from a devious Jack Sparrow. Gibbs doesn't recall how he had made it below deck so fast, but he was damn grateful for it.


James stared at the Pearl, resisting the urge to toss himself overboard and swim back to Jacks' ship. Sighing, he ran a hand through his hair, grateful that he didn't have to wear his wig just now. James smiled as he imagined tan hands fondling his hair while rough, smooth lips caressed his.

"James?" came a hesitant voice. James nearly yelped in surprise, but had enough naval training to hide his shock with a calm, apathetic face. Turning, arms behind his back, James saw Elizabeth smiling at him.

"Elizabeth," he said smoothly with a nod. She swatted him playfully on the arm and hopped up onto the railing, sitting with her back turned to the sea. Smirking now like a pirate James couldn't get enough of, she spoke.

"You can't hide who you are from me James."

"What ever do you mean Elizabeth?" James replied lightly, lifting the corner of his mouth up into a slight smile.

"I can see the longing in your eyes," she said seriously and instantly the joy left James' face. Elizabeth turned her head sideways, glancing back at the dot that was the Pearl.

"You really do love him, don't you?" Elizabeth whispered so that their conversation remained between the two of them. James eyes traveled to the water, watching the last rays of sunlight tint the waves. He saw his own reflection, constantly moving as the water rippled away from the ship. His hands somehow made it in front of him as they soon gripped the wooden railing next to Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth, it's not that I didn't love you-"

"Oh hush, I knew you didn't. We didn't love each other romantically James, you know this. You are more of a brother to me, as well as a good friend. And I don't feel betrayed because of the lack of romance. In fact, I couldn't be happier for you. For the both of us. It seems as though we can finally be happy with the person who we love."

Elizabeth's gaze had drifted until it landed on Will and James smiled as he spotted the goofy look on Elizabeth's face. A twinge of pain thrummed through James' heart as he thought of his own love and how they could never be as open as Will and Elizabeth.

It would be a strain on them both, not being able to see each other often and having a need for each other more than James thought was possible. But James knew that he really didn't care and as long as he was with Jack, he was happy. A small chuckle passed his lips, causing Elizabeth's staring at Will to pause and go to James instead.

"I really do love that insufferable pirate," he said, letting out one more laugh. Both Elizabeth and James smiled, letting the comfortable silence rein over them. The words between them said enough and each let their minds wander to the ones they loved.

Though Elizabeth did hesitate for a moment, debating whether or not to tell James about Jack's invitation to the wedding, as well as the pardon she had managed to weasel out of her father. But thinking upon it, she knew that if she held her tongue Jack would be so ever grateful to her. A secret smirk placed itself on her face as her eyes once more turned to Will. Oh yes, and James would be thankful as well for the surprise.


A week later James found himself staring at the only man he had ever loved with his whole being. Happiness made his heart flutter, but reality kept it from flying away. Putting on his practiced sneer, James marched up to Jack, who had the decency to wink.

"What in blazes do you think you're doing here, Captain Sparrow?" James hissed. Jack grabbed his arm and led him towards the outside balcony, which at the moment was not occupied. People stared but did not interfere from the look of the newlyweds who glared daggers at any who neared the other pair.

"Why, attendin' a weddin' of course Commodore, just as yer fine self is doin'," Jack replied easily, making sure that no one was following them to the darker parts of the balcony. Seeing none, he quickly grabbed James and smashed their lips together. Jack let James feel first hand how the pirate had missed his naval officer, letting all the passion and hunger pass through him to James.

James shuddered hard at the contact and lost himself in who was Captain Jack Sparrow. But as they broke apart, James glared down at said pirate while resting his forehead against Jacks.

"Do you have any idea what you are doing?"

"Jamie luv, they don't call me Captain Jack Sparrow for nothin'. I have an invite as well as full pardon for the joyous occasion. Besides; couldn't resist mate," he said smirking, melting the narrowed eyes without even trying. James sighed but couldn't help the smile forming on his lips.

"I just can't get rid of you, can I?"

"Nah James, yer stuck with me until time ends. Hope ye can manage, hate to think that 'm imposin' on someone so noble as yerself."

"I think I'll manage," James said before taking another kiss from Jack. Warmth seemed to envelop them both like a blanket, protecting them from the cold world around them. They simply leaned against each other for support, happy to be with the other in what seemed like a very long time. James was content with the silence, finding it soothing and relaxing. It was of course then that Jack decided to break it.

"I brought you a prezzie luv," Jack murmured innocently, but from the glance he was getting, James knew it was anything but. The pirate merely chuckled as his hands slipped into one of the folds of his coat, checking for the rope he knew would be there.

And oh, did he have plans for this little present. As well as the delicious looking Commodore pressed against him. Though Jack had never known that he had a fetish for naval officers. Especially Commodores of the Royal Navy, but Jack was glad he had figured it out.

As James brushed his lips once more with the pirate captain, Jack was definitely glad for his discovery; very glad indeed.



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