Chapter 8: Gone....(part2)

Things weren't looking good for the Senshi, they were facing a (insert
description of the monster here) monster. Sailor Mercury and Mars were the
only ones standing up at the moment, Sailor Moon started slowly and
painfully to stand up as well. But Sailor Jupiter was in a very bad
While Minako and Trunks were talking back at his house, the monster enjoyed
in betting up Makoto a little more (That's right, that means she's looking
worse that before). She was now lying against a wall unable to stand up, she
was loosing a lot of blood due to the deep cuts on her body and was hardly
breathing. You could easily tell that she was about to collapse. Trunks
wasted no time and extended one of his arms, with the palm of his hand
facing the monster.

Sailor Mars had that strange feeling again, a feeling she already knew.
Super Saiya-man was near, she was certain about it.
Her assumptions were correct as suddenly a ki blast from the sky was shot to
the monster, sending it against the wheel of fortune that stood a few yards
away. By slamming against it, the huge wheel felt on top of the creature
burring it.

The Senshi (except Makoto who could barely stay alive) looked towards the
sky expecting to see Super Saiya-man. They were really surprised when they
saw that their savior was Trunks who was *flying* towards them while holding
Minako in his arms and caring a very familiar sword on his back. Both of
them landed quickly on the ground. Trunks released Minako and ran towards
Makoto to check on her wounds, practically ignoring the rest of the girls
and their surprised expression.
He gently held up the back of her head. After looking at the wounds he
assumed she didn't have much time left and searched in his pocket for a senzu.

"Tr....... Trunks... kun..." Makoto managed to say "You... came........

"Don't worry, Mako-chan. You'll be all right in a moment." He told her as he
frenetically began to search in his jacket for the seeds "I won't let you die!"

"I...... t... told.... you.... I wouldn't..... let.... myself..... get
cof,cof... get..... killed...."

"I know. But try not to talk, you're too injured now." he replied as he
finally found the seeds "Here, take this." he gently put the seed in her
mouth and Makoto swallowed it.

The seed's effect was instantaneous. Makoto suddenly regained all her
strength and her wounds were completely healed. Trunks turned her from side
to side only to make sure that she was okay. The rest of the Senshi joined
the couple. Trunks gave each one of them another seed. A small pause
followed until Rei decided to make the first question. She was suddenly
interrupted as a loud noise was heard from where the monster crashed moments
ago. It was still alive. Quite alive I might add. The creature regenerating
powers put it back in top shape.

"I can't believe it's still alive!!" Sailor Moon said "What is it going to
take to get rid of it?"

"I'll take care of this." Trunks declared, he began to walk towards the

"Trunks-kun, wait!! He's too dangerous!" Makoto told him, not being aware of
his true identity. Minako held her shoulder as a sign of not to worry.

"Don't worry Mako-chan..." she explained "He can take care of himself."

"You girls might as well step back." he said as his lank purple hair slowly
changed into spiky blond as well as his eyes turned from black to emerald
green. If anyone was having doubts about Trunks being Super Saiya-man before,
that certainly wasn't the case now. He quickly flew towards his opponent.

The battle was about to begin, the monster immediately took interest in the
new challenger. The Senshi only stood in amazement as Trunks' identity was
revealed to them.

Both fighters began exchanging some blows at a very high speed. Since the
creature had all six of its arms once again, that gave it a certain
advantage. Or at least it thought so. Trunks parried each one of the blows,
he then flew backwards and launched about a dozen ki spheres to his opponent.
The creature slammed them away as if they were mere baseballs and ran
towards Trunks as it tried to trample him. Too bad the monster was stopped
by a kick in the stomach. But to the Sayan hero's surprise that didn't seam
to make him fall back. The lizard man even managed in taking his leg with
one of his arms and began to swing him around. It started treating him as a
piƱata as it punched him repeatedly with its five remaining fists while
holding him up side down.

"Trunks-kun!!!" shouted Makoto in despair as she saw him hopelessly caught
in the monster's game.

Trunks managed to take a hold of his swords and swung it against the hand
that held his leg. The monster made a wretched screamed as the cold blade
cut off its arm.
After performing a couple of flips, Trunks flew back to safety and kicked
off the arm that somehow remained attached to his ankle. He didn't look too
hurt from the constant pounding on his body. He then took the swords with
both hands and charged again, only this time more furiously.
Once again, both of them started exchanging blows. The monster felt a big
disadvantage this time, not only it wasn't connecting any successful blows,
but on top of that, his adversary started slicing the remaining arms it had
one by one, until eventually the creature had no arms left to attack.

The battle seamed to be coming to an end. But the monster wasn't ready to
give up. It would take some time before its arms grew back, time its
adversary certainly wouldn't give him. It decided to keep him out of range
before he could do any more damage.
The creature began to swing its tail towards Trunks, forcing him to head

This last one began to dodge the tail a couple of times but then took a hold
of it with his left hand at the same time that he put his sword back into its
scabbard with his right hand. The monster felt how its tail suddenly got
stuck. Trunks made a big yank pulling the creature towards him as his
strength overwhelmed his adversary's. The monster was heading to him as it
opened its huge mouth trying to devour the boy.

It might have been one nasty bite if a certain elbow didn't slam into the
creature's face first. And not only once, but several times too, and
repeatedly. The golden hair hero was using his foe like a big yo-yo. He
pulled him, slam his elbow into its face, then kicked him away. Then he
pulled him, slam his elbow into its face, then kicked him away. And did that
again, and again, and again, and again. The monster was loosing most of its
teethes not to mention that his healing powers wouldn't be fixing its
deteriorated skull any time soon.

It was time to end this, Trunks pulled one last time and then released the
creature's tail. He joined both of his fists together and swung the blow
making a vertical arc sending his enemy up into the sky. He then flew
towards his now airborne adversary and started punching its stomach in a
machine-gun like style. Each punch preventing the monster from falling back
into the ground and only increasing its suffering.
Many of the creatures bones could be heard braking up.

Trunks suddenly stopped punching and moved right on top of the lizard man.
He took his sword with his right hand and in a single motion delivered a
powerful cut on the creature's back sending it to the ground with the
gracefulness of a brick. As the smoke from the dirt cloud disipated, a big
hole was showing where the monster fell, with the victim still in there,
unable to move after such a beating and also because of its sliced spinal

Now came the final touch, The monster was right beneath him. Trunks extended
the palms of his hands facing what was left of his adversary. He then
started making some strange arm moves. After that, he put both hands forward
again, index fingers and thumbs touching.


The blast seamed more powerful that the ones Trunks usually did. The
explosion that went off where the monster once was could be herd all over
Tokyo. It's a good thing the Senshi thought about staying at a very safe
distance when the battle began.

Once the smoked cleared, Trunks inspected the remains of the target. Nothing
more than a puddle of purple ooze was left along with some of the creature's

After descending, he began to walk towards his friends, who weren't very
sure what to make out of that fight. All five of them, plus Artemis and Luna
stared at him without having the slightest idea what to say. Trunks stood in
front of them still in Super Saiyajin, waiting for someone to start talking.
Makoto was the first one who managed to do so.

"Er... Could you make your hair turn the way it was?" she asked a little
tipped off "It's... kinda spooky the way it is now."

"Oh... sorry about that." he said, as his hair began to turn back the way
it usually is "Is this better?" the Senshi nodded affirmatively.

"Although you look cutter with green eyes." Usagi added as she began to
laugh innocently. Trunks made an amused smile. This girl always did a great
job in braking the icy silence.

"I think we all need to talk." Ami finally declared.

"Yes I think we do." Trunks replied "But I think we better do that somewhere
else. I really wouldn't like to draw any attention, if that's possible."

Moments later, at Trunks' place, after he somehow managed to fly all five
girls plus their cats to his house. Everyone was making themselves
confortable, the Senshi turned back into their usual civilian clothes, but
no one knew what to say at this point on. That is until Trunks decided to
start the conversation.

"Well then, Rei." he began addressing to her "I'm willing to answer all
those questions you wanted to ask me a few days ago."

"Er... yeah... well I wouldn't know where to start now." she said.

"Maybe you should tell us everything from the beginning." Luna told him,
Trunks yelped as he heard the cat talk. He then regain his cool.

"So you can talk." he declared "Okay then, I think I can start from telling
you I'm not from this dimention. Although I think that's quite obvious by
now. I come from a world very similar to this one. Things didn't go too well
in my world, we constantly had to face powerful enemies that tried either to
conquer or destroy the universe..."

"Er... sorry for cutting in," Ami interrupted "but who are the ones you
call *we*?"

"Well you see," he began "*we* are a group of martial artists called "The Z
Senshi". We are determined to protect our earth mostly the same way you
girls do in this world."

"Is everyone in your world as powerful as you are?" Minako asked "Does their
hair take odd shapes like yours does?"

"Not really." Trunks explained "There are fighters stronger than me.
Although you could say I have an edge when I turn Super Saiyan. But I'm not
the only one who does that between the Z Senshi... that is until recently."

"So what does Super Saiyan means anyway?" Usagi questioned.

"I guess I should tell you about that too..." Trunks began.

Time went on, Trunks told the girls the entire story about the Saiya-jins and
how they ended up in Earth. After that, he told them about his friends, the
Dragon balls, the androids and all the mess they did, and finally, his
mission and how he ended up here by accident. Everyone was paying attention
closely as Trunks narrated his story. Although, Makoto who seemed quite
serious during the whole story remained silent.
Luna had a chance to tell him about all the mess between the reality jump
he made.

"There's still something I don't get about all of this." Rei declared "How
come each time you turned Super Saiyan or made those huge blasts and things
I detected some weird energy?"

"Define weird." Trunks said.

"I'm not very sure." she explained "It seemed like something hateful,
aggressive... maybe even a little evil."

"Well this is just a theory..." Trunks began "But Saiya-jins are naturally
born evil. As a matter of fact, to turn Super Saiyan you normally have to
get enraged. Even though I'm not evil for being only a half Saiya-jin, that
among other things, maybe what you detected was that remote badness from my
father's race. I think somehow you managed to detect that when I released my
ki... Or maybe, you're just able of detecting ki unconsciously."

"Maybe that's it." Ami pointed out "Although you really don't look like an
evil being. You don't even act like one."

"Yeah, actually Saya-jins enjoy fighting above all things." Trunks replied
"Sometimes they take that a little too far, that's when you could say they
become more violent and maybe even evil."

"Trunks." Luna spoke "Could Artemis and I take a look at your time machine?
We'd like to see if it can guarantee that the fissure will be fixed once you

"Sure thing," he said "It's right over there. Take your time."

"Thanks." Artemis told him, then turned towards Ami "Ami, could you join us?
I think we'll need your computer to check some stuff." Ami nodded and
followed them inside the room.

Trunks then turned and saw Makoto who remained seated in the living room
since she got here. He felt he had a lot to explain to her.

"Um... girls..." he said addressing to Rei, Usagi and Minako "I... er...
need to talk to Makoto about some stuff. Could you..."

"Sure thing." Minako stated as she took Usagi and Rei's arms "We'll be in
the next room if you need us." she started pulling her friends inside in
spite of their protests.

Trunks smiled at them as the door of his room close behind the three girls.
He then turned towards Makoto. She was looking at a picture that was next to
her. In the frame she could see Bulma and Vejita sitting on a bench; Bulma
was holding Baby Trunks on her lap while smiling at the camera, she was
dressed in a Summer outfit. Vejita on the other hand, was wearing his blue
spandex and white body armor with his arms crossed over his chest while
giving the camera his very well known I-don't-give-a-damn-about-the-world
The purple hair boy walked to her and took a seat at her side.

"So," Makoto brought out not very thrilled "Are these your folks?" pointing
at the picture, Trunks nodded in response.

"Now I see from who you got that serious expression." she stated.

"I guess my father and I do have some things in common after all." he said
to her "Er... I wanted to talk to you about what I said earlier this morning."

"I thought you might." she pointed out. Right now she was the one who
couldn't see him in the eye.

"Mako-chan," he began "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said all those stupid
things back at the fair. At that moment I thought it was the right thing to
say... I was an idiot. I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt you."

"Well you did..." she told him "It hurt a lot too."

"I know..." he stated as he put a hand on her shoulder "I wasn't feeling too
proud of myself either. That's why I came back to you. I wanted to tell you
everything about me."

"I never told a guy I loved him before." she said "I guess what hurt the
most was the fact you didn't feel the same way I did..."

She began to feel tears coming out of her eyes. Even if Trunks didn't have
the same feelings towards her, she still wanted to be close to him and hug
him, just like they did before what happened at the fair. Trunks put his
arms around her and held her tightly while she pressed her cheek against his

"You're... wrong..." he claimed, Makoto raised her head in surprise and saw
him straight in the eye, he was looking nervous "I...I feel the same way for
you...I...l..lo... I... lo...loo... I loooo [Damn it! Why is this so HARD??]
I loooovvvv... gulps!... I love yuu."

"Do... do you mean that?" she asked, taken by surprise "You... you really
feel that way?" Trunks nodded in response, he was speechless at the moment,
he already used all of his willpower to say what he just did.

A prolonged kiss didn't wait long to come. It was the only answer Trunks
could give her and it was the only answer Makoto needed at the moment.

After a couple of minutes, they broke the kiss (due to this little law of
nature that demanded that both of them started breathing again otherwise
they'd die). Right now, Trunks' face was redder than ever, this was due
either by the lack of oxygen or by his natural nervousness (I leave the
reader to decide which one it was). Makoto was blushing as well. After so
long, she finally had him, only to lose him afterwards.

"You'll be leaving anyway, won't you?" she sadly told him.

"I wish I could stay, Mako-chan..." he explained "But I can't. Not only I'm
needed in my world. But I'm also endangering yours only by staying here. I
wish things could be easier."

"I know, I know." she said "It's just that... this is so unfair! Why do I
have to lose you like this??" she began to weep "I know this sounds
selfish... But I wish you could stay. I mean... tomorrow morning you won't
be even at school. You'll be gone just like that... And I'll never see you
again." she started crying but she couldn't let Trunks see her like this.

"I know." he stated holding back tears of his own "I don't like it either...
You know... When I left you at the fair, I wished for a moment that we never
met... If that was the case I wouldn't known what I would be missing... But
that was stupid. Even if I leave now, I'm happy I met you. I never felt like
this for anyone, and I'm not regretting falling in love with you, Makoto Kino."

"You always knew how to make me feel better..." she pointed out "I'm really
going to miss you..................... Would another kiss be too much to ask?"

"Of course not." he told her, as he held her chin up to meet her lips.

Both of them started kissing once again. And of course, as you might of
imagine, the rest of the Senshi were spying on the couple (things wouldn't
be right if they weren't pepping).

Moments later, outside Trunks' house. The time machine was ready after
Artemis, Luna and Ami made their final inspections. Trunks turned his house
into a capsule once again (much to the surprise of the rest of the cast) and
stored it with his other capsules. Now came the moment to say good bye.
He was never good at that.
In front of him stood the five girls. They weren't looking too happy for
seeing him go. Trunks approached Usagi who was the closest one at the moment.

"Usagi," he said to her "thanks for everything. I'd like to thank your
parents as well but I don't think that'll be possible."

"Don't worry." Usagi told him "I'll make something up. It's too bad you're
leaving. We'll really miss you."

"I think you'll be getting late for school from now on, without me around to
pull you around." he joked.

"Yeah well, I think my arm needs some rest." she replied jokingly "Although
I must admit I started to strengthen. I might even have a strong punch now."
as she showed her biceps.

"Take care of your friends. Remember you're the leader." he pointed out,
they gave each other a hug. After that, Trunks moved next to Rei.

"Well I think this is good bye then." she declared "It's really a shame
things had to end up this way."

"Yeah, I know." he said "Bye the way, I'm sorry I had you worried about all
this Super Saiyan thing. I'd never knew it had such an effect on you."

"You don't have to explain anything." Rei told him with a smile "I'm the one
who jumped to conclusions. I'm sorry if I gave you a hard time lately."

"Just take care of yourself okay." he stated, he then gave her a hug.

"I really hope that everything turns out all right in your world." she added
"Good luck."


Next to Rei stood Minako, who was looking a little embarrassed.

"You're still angry at me for what I did this morning?" he asked her

"Er... No, not at all!" She timidly responded "Sorry for yelling at you
earlier, I really wasn't myself at the moment."

"You don't have to apologize." he declared "I should even thank you for
interfering. Mako-chan is your friend and you had the right to be worried
for her."

"Yeah... well... this is a little embarrassing to say..." Minako began "But
I was kinda having a crush on you... On Super Saiya-man that is."

"Sorry to disappoint you like that." he said.

"Hey, don't worry." she told him "It's something I just had to say. You
don't have to feel bad about that... Now gimme a hug and go say good bye to
the rest of the girls." he did so.

Next in line was Ami, who seemed to be the most serene one of all five.

"Looks like you won't be studding any time soon." she said amused.

"Looks that way." Trunks replied "Thanks for helping me at school though."

"Liar." she sarcastically pointed out "I know you hatted it, you just
couldn't admit it."

"I certainly can't fool you." he mockingly declared "But I want to thank you
anyway for everything you did. Take care."

"You too." they gave each other a hug.

The only one left was Makoto. Trunks arranged everything so he could say
good-bye to her at the end. Both started by giving each other a hug.

"I'll never forget you." he told her.

"I wish you could stay." she said, she promised herself she wouldn't cry but
she started to feel it wasn't going to be possible any longer "At least
you'll get a chance to see your parents and friends again."

"You won't be alone... even if I leave." he softly stated "Your friends will
always be with you. I don't want you to stay shattered like me when I lost
my friends. You still have friends who care about you. In my case, I'm not
even sure if my future will be fixed even if I succeed in my mission. That's
why you can't let yourself end up the same way I did."

"I love you." she whispered into his ear, they began to kiss again. The
other Senshi pretended to be looking elsewhere as the couple began to kiss.

After those painful good-byes, Trunks jumped inside the time machine. He set
his destination several years before his own time, hoping there wouldn't be
anymore accidents. He turned his sight outside. The girls were still
watching him. He waved good-bye to them as his ship began to take off. He
was really going to miss all of them, especially Makoto. If his mission
wasn't so important he might have decided to stay. But that was hardly the
A tear slid down his cheek as he looked at his lost love for one last time.
The last time ever.

The five girls waved good-bye as they saw how the time machine disappeared
in a flash of bright light. He was gone. Gone for good.

Meanwhile, in another universe. Another kind of group stood in a field.
Right now they were all looking at the sky. A ship approached. A very big
ship. Inside of it was Freezer and his father Cold. Hungry for revenge and
with a new body, Freezer swore to take revenge on the one that defeated him,
only this time he didn't came alone. When that Saya-jin called Goku would
show up, he'll only see what was left of his world.

Piccolo remained silent. He knew well what was Freezer capable of. He
certainly didn't came back to check if they were doing okay. Another fight
was about begin. Only this time Goku wasn't here and Freezer had returned
with some backup. Things were going to get messy.
But suddenly, something else caught his attention.
Another ki.
Was it Goku? No this ki was different. But it was also powerful.
He turned around to see his companions. All of them seemed to detect it as

[That ki!] Vejita thought as he narrowed his eyes [It's from a Saya-jin, but
it's not Kakaroto. That's impossible!! There's only the three of us left!!
Who does this ki belong to??]

A few miles away:

"What do you want, earthling?" Frezzer asked to the teen with lank purple
hair that stood a couple of yards in front of him.

"Are you Frezzer?" the young swordsman asked seriously "I'm here to kill you."


Author's final notes:

Finally finished!!! I told you I'd finish this, didn't I?
Come on! don't look at me like that! You really didn't think Trunks was
going to stay with the Senshi, did you? His place is somewhere else, the boy
has a life of his own in a different world, you know? There was absolutely
no way I was going to let him stay! Although I think there are some things
I have to explain.

What forced me into writing this?

Well I could tell you this was divine inspiration............. but if I told
you that I'd be lying.
To tell the truth, I've been reading a lot (and I do mean A LOT!!) of
fanfics recently. I've stumbled upon a couple of Sailor Moon/Dragon ball Z
fanfics during my net surfing, and to be completely honest, I didn't like
them at all (the name of those fanfics will remain unsaid for the benefit of
my protection ^_^ ;;;;).
In other words, I just HAD to make a crossover fanfic between those two
worlds that would satisfy me. It wasn't easy but I feel fulfilled with my
job. I for one think that this fanfic might be more enjoyable for SM fans
than DBZ fans. But then again I could be wrong, I think the readers have the
final word about this.

Why did I choose Future Trunks of all the caracters in the DBZ universe?

That's very simple. Future Trunks is with no doubt the perfect guy for this.
His a teenager, he travels through time and is completely dense about women
(like most of the DBZ caracters for that matter). And on top of that, no one
else could have fit in so nicely! Try imagining this fanfic with Vejita or
Piccolo (?).
I though about using Son Goten and the older version of Chibi Trunks for a
moment (after all they are both teenagers and two are always better than
one), buuuuuuuuuuuuuut that might've been a little too much for me to handle.
Don't get me wrong! This doesn't mean Trunks is my favorite DBZ caracter
(although he is my second favorite!). My favorite caracter is Vejita, but
as I told you before, Trunks turned out to be perfect for this story.

Why did I set up Makoto and Trunks?

I had to do a little research for this one. Anyone of the Senshi could have
ended up with him. But after comparing, I decided that Makoto was the one
that had most things in common with him. And besideds, if I didn't put any
"romance" in this fanfic, things just wouldn't be right.
I also tried to give everyone a good share of action and speech so no one
would be over staged by the two main caracters of this fanfic.

Where did I come up with the monsters?

First I thought about sending Trunks against one of the Senshi's natural
enemies (the Negaverse for example), but I decided I didn't want to alter
the story TOO much. As an end result, I ended up creating my own personal
monsters and came up with the idea that they came from different worlds.
The problem was creating the monsters, they had too look different from one
another and not too strong for the Senshi to handle. In spite of the fact
that they were used as mere punching bags and had no originality what so
ever, I think things turned fine after all ^_^

Why did I chose this ending?

No wait! I didn't mean that!
I did this because the idea of these two worlds ending up together might
turn out disastrous. I mean, Hey! Let's get realistic here! We're talking
about a world with fighters powerful enough to destroy a planet in a blink
of an eye and another world where five girls fight for love and justice!!!!
The next thing that might of happened if I chose that Trunks should've stay
would be that him and Makoto ended up having kids. And then you'll start
seeing Sailor Senshis flying around, making ki blasts and turning Super

Imagine this: you see a small twelve years old Sailor Senshi wearing a light
green sailor fuku in front of a monster as the battle is about to begin.

"..... I'm Sailor Chibi Jupiter," she stated "and I shall punish you in the
name of planet Vejita!!" suddenly, her soft brown hair turns spiky golden
and the battle begins as she launches her KAME-HAME-HA. (Sorry but that
aint gonna happen!!)

One last thing,
This is a fanfic!!!! That doesn't mean that what you've been reading so far
is real! If you really didn't like the ending, remember that this never
actually happened in SM or DBZ.

And by the way,

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Well I think that's it.
See you in chap... no wait, that's not right... See you in the next fanfic!
(because I do intent to write more fanfics ^_^ )

Story by Julian Soullard
(e-mail: [email protected])

Note: Hi! It's me Omega Gohan! Well, we hoped you liked this fic as much as we did, and now you can understand our story "Wings of Time" a little bit better. That means you Blitz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!