Part 3

"Whyyy…?" sobbed the singer, desolately curled up in the farthest rear corner of the mini van. "Whyyy…?"

"Jesus Christ!" Eiri swore in English from the front seat exchanging a look with K at the wheel. "Get over it already. Your band mates expected it, your manager expected it, your bodyguard expected it –didn't you listen to any of them?"

"Wouldn't believe us," Suguru said, not even looking over from the second row where he sat by the window looking out at the passing scenery.

"Wouldn't hear of it," Hiro added, eyes shut and calmly reclining beside Suguru.

"Well that's what you get," Eiri muttered dismissively. He nodded his thanks to K when they pulled up into the underground parking level of his and Shuichi's residential building, avoiding the accumulated paparazzi awaiting their return home. Hopping out, he pushed back the sliding door and dragged Shuichi out by the collar. He waved at the van in a general goodbye, "Hn!"

K gave an upward nod and drove off, Hiro rolling his eyes at Shuichi, the miserable, melting, slobbery mess of tears.

The singer stood in dazed shock in the lift propped up by only the cabin wall. Eiri looked the brat over. Shuichi looked devastated at first glance but then he realised it was only because the singer was so dazed with disappointment. The brat would get over it.

But Eiri could feel his temper mounting. He didn't want to have to deal with shit like this, didn't want giving the brat exactly what he wanted to take a lot of work.

Then again, he thought, eyes sliding lower over Shuichi's ass, it would be so worth it.

"Get a hold of yourself, damn it," Eiri snapped when he had to drag the singer from the lift to their door. "You don't even know what the stakes are and you're already mourning."

He set the semi-slumped idiot down on the foot well step, removed his shoes and then left his lover there, heading for the shower. Twenty minutes later, refreshed and rejuvenated, he stepped out into the orange and pink light of the setting sun, Shuichi still slumped over in the foyer, still mourning his 'loss'. Brat had no idea. Well, maybe a little 'gain' would get his spirits back up.

"Oi," Eiri called shortly. "If you don't get dressed, we won't make our dinner date reservations." He turned on his heel and made for the bedroom to dress, ignoring the way Shuichi suddenly and brightly perked up as though having sprouted a tail and kitten ears.

"Dinner date?" Shuichi murmured to himself, hopping quickly to his feet and padding after him. A little louder, he asked, "Did you say dinner date?"

"Hn," Eiri acknowledged, rifling through his tie hanger for an appropriate complement to the dove gray suit he planned to wear. He glanced over his shoulder at his lover and asked, "Which suit are you wearing?"

"Huh?" Shuichi tilted his head in confusion, still with that silly half-smile on his face at the confirmation of a date.

"You have only two clean suits," Eiri sighed, exasperated, impatient and unwilling to discuss this now. "Black or red, which one are you wearing to dinner tonight?"

"Oh, um," the singer scratched his head, a bit bewildered, "The black one?"

"Go take a shower," muttered Eiri, diving back to fetch that bright pink tie he'd tried to do without but matched Shuichi's hair and favourite pink formal shirt so well –the pink shirt the singer had prepped to wear next time he used the black suit.

Shuichi sidled up close to him and quietly asked, "Wait, did you say dinner date?"

"It's what you wanted if you won, right?" Eiri asked, still sifting through the closet contents.

"Well, yes," Shuichi blinked, surprised. "But I'm not the one who won." He blinked… then brightened, turned a bit teary-eyed than bubbled, "Are you—Is this--? Oh, Eiri!"

"If you aren't showered and dressed in half an hour or less," Eiri growled, angling a glare over his shoulder, "We aren't going and I will simply take my prize."

Shuichi began to back away but hastily, teasingly, still tried, "Are you finally going to tell me what the stakes are?"

Eiri took a menacing step forward and Shuichi, grinning madly, dashed away to the bathroom. He excitedly called back over his shoulder, "I love you, Eiri! I can't wait for our date!"

While the singer showered, humming along to the beat of the falling water, Eiri quickly pulled out Shu's suit and the pink shirt then set them out on the bed. Then he crouched and pulled out that very special black box out from under the bed and flipped it open, slowly, carefully, sifting through its contents and wondering which toy would be the most fun to play with.

One corner of Eiri's lips lifted at the sight of the bulge in one of the pockets of the box's lid, remembering the little plug he'd quietly bought and which he and Shuichi hadn't had a chance to use yet. Slipping it out, he rolled it in his palm

The toy had a bit of a Y-shape to it. Of the two arms closest to each other, one started out with a slim root then swelled suddenly into a mushroom bulb, edges flaring slightly. The other two thin arms played the role of holding the bulb in place and Eiri allowed himself a moment to imagine the bulb swallowed up inside the singer, Shu's tight ring closed snugly around the bulb's slim neck. One short arm would extend just under Shu's balls and the other up between his cheeks, the angle of intrusion ensuring the bulb pressed gently into Shu's prostate.


Eiri quickly shoved the box back under the bed, standing to fetch the lube and dish from the bedside drawer. He poured a generous amount into the dish and set it out on Shuichi's dresser along with the toy, flicking on the singer's hair dryer to warm up the lube a bit for what he had in mind.

Right on time, Shu stepped into the room, briefs on and towelling his hair. Eiri smiled when, not watching where he was going, Shuichi bumped right into him.

"Oh, sorry!" Shuichi said, looking up at him. Eiri pushed the towel to hang around Shu's neck then pulled the singer flush up against himself. "Eiri?"

"Hmm," he hummed, lowering his head to press his nose to Shu's hairline. "Fresh from the shower." He quietly asked, "Did you wash well?" Sliding one hand gently over the singer's ass, he left no doubt as to what he meant, Shuichi shivering in reaction to the touch.

"H-hai," he breathed, already beginning to melt.

"Good boy," Eiri whispered then gently captured Shuichi's lips in a kiss. He teased at Shu's mouth, licking at the singer's mouth before dipping in, sweeping his tongue over Shu's, grasping at the singer's lips with his own and swallowing the resulting moans. He lifted his head only when Shuichi had slumped completely against him, pressing closer and an interested hardness pressed up against his leg. Pleased at the sight of the singer's glazed eyes, he breathed, "Hmm."

He reached over Shu's shoulder to the dish, dipping in and liberally coating his fingers then, knuckles first to protect the lube, slipped his hand into Shu's underwear, fingertips unfurling to touch at Shuichi's opening.

"Eiri..." he moaned softly.

Bending his head, Eiri kissed Shuichi again, taking his slow and deliberate time in an extremely leisurely kiss, long minutes in which his fingers only rubbed back and forth or around the rim of Shuichi's opening until it flared hungrily at his touch and he finally slipped a finger in. Shuichi moaned into the kiss, grip tightening on the writer's jacket.

Leisurely, Eiri opened him up, finger dipping gently to stretch and lube the way, another finger coming into play, while all the time he kept up the kiss, enjoying the way Shuichi alternately lifted himself up to Eiri's mouth and pressed back into his hand, not quite sure which way he most wanted to go. When the third finger slipped in, Shuichi pulled back a little to pant and Eiri thought he might be starting to lose his breath, too.

"Wait," he whispered. "Not yet."

Shuichi nodded and Eiri withdrew his fingers, thumb pulling the briefs low. Then he reached for the bulb and dipped it into the dish, swirling the toy around in the lube before bringing to Shuichi's ass. Slowly, he danced it over the opening, the singer writhing a little in anticipation.

"Shh," he admonished, tightening his arm around Shu, "Patience."

Then he captured Shuichi in a kiss again, harder this time, slanting his mouth over the singer's and sweeping deeply, rubbing up against Shuichi's tongue just the way they both liked it, nudging the toy against Shuichi's hole in time to the thrusts of his tongue. When Shuichi began to open to it, moaning deep in his throat, Eiri pressed it in a little more firmly, felt it begin to sink inside, the ring of muscle completely relaxed and giving way. He broke the kiss with a sigh and lifted his head to watch.

Eyes closed, Shuichi's face scrunched up slightly in reaction to its entry, lips parted, panting gently. His brow wrinkled briefly as it smoothed in and when it finally settled, muscles clamping down, he gasped. Eiri couldn't resist a quick tilt of the toy rubbing it up inside him and making him draw a quick breath.


"Uh-hmm," Shuichi breathed, eyes still blissfully shut.

"Good." Eiri smirked and abruptly stepped out of the singer's hold, delivering a quick slap to one ass cheek, the singer's eyes popping open. "Now get dressed." Then he went to wash his hands, leaving Shuichi stunned and standing there, who broke out of his daze only just as Eiri got back.

"You asshole!" Shuichi exclaimed, not moving, fists clenched and glaring.

"This is part of the deal, brat," Eiri said calmly, amused the brat had no way of moving right now with that arousal in the way. "You get the date you'd have wanted if you'd won, complete with all the trimmings," He inclined his head, "And I get sex."

"Date and trimmings?" he asked, sounding excited but then Shuichi's eyes widened a moment before fearfully whispering, "Public sex?" One corner of Eiri's lips quirked upward and he groaned, "Are you insane? We could get caught!"

"Won't quite be anyone to catch us," Eiri muttered, slipping his usual public sex paraphernalia packet into his jacket pocket: a little black slim pouch of lube, a travel pack of wet wipes, condoms and a folded ziplock. Smiling slightly to himself, he also tucked two handkerchiefs into his trouser pocket.

The idiot had probably guessed, judging by the earlier excitement, what this all meant, the gesture it represented; Eiri was making an effort. It might be a bull-headed and never to be uttered beyond this room type of gesture but it was an effort nonetheless.

Turning, he found Shu hadn't moved, watching him with a kind of fond irritation he'd come to recognise well from the singer. "Just get dressed," he said impatiently, "Or we'll miss our reservations."

He left Shuichi standing there when the doorbell rang, striding down the hall to collect an expected cardboard box from the delivery man, checking through the little plastic window it contained what he'd ordered, handing over a small tip and nodding in thanks. He set out his and Shuichi's dark gray shoes while he was there, and went to the bathroom to fix his hair, bringing the box with him just in case.

Suitably tousled-looking, tie adjusted, clothes straightened, he stepped out into the hallway just as Shuichi came out of the bedroom.

"Very nice," Eiri murmured appreciatively, eyes skimming upward over the slim fit of Shuichi's black custom trousers, enjoying the way they hugged his hips and undoubtedly his ass, shoe-matching belt in place. Pink shirt tucked in, he wore a dove gray texture striped tie to match Eiri's suit as well as his own belt and shoes. With his fitted black jacket on he looked the very picture of a groomed pop star.

Except for that slight frown on his face... which Eiri remedied by lifting up the box in his hand into Shuichi's line of sight.

"Is that...?" he asked softly, moving carefully forward. Eiri nodded. Taking the box from him, Shuichi murmured, "They're beautiful." He opened it, pulling out the two fresh, pink roses mounted on pins, adorned with bright leaves and sprigs of white baby's breath. He smiled and held one up, Eiri taking the box and the other flower, then pinned it to the writer's lapel, smoothing the fabric down with a little smile, "Perfect."

Eiri pinned its mate to Shuichi's jacket in the same place he now wore his own and teased, "Am I forgiven yet?"

Trying to swallow his widening smile, shining eyes belying his words, "I'm thinking about it."

Eiri's phone buzzed from his pocket and he fished it out, irritated by the interruption, "What?"

"Good evening Yuki-sensei. My name is Miyanaga from Shimano Chauffeur Services, I'm parked downstairs at the basement level and await you at your convenience."

"Good evening," Eiri belatedly returned, tone less aggressive. "Thank you. We'll be down shortly." He snapped his phone shut, "Our ride's here. Let's go." He snickered when they got the foot well and Shuichi looked down at his shoes, so near yet so far, dread on his face. "Sit here," he gestured to his lap, "So it doesn't press up into you."

Shuichi shot him a dark glower but, once Eiri had his shoes on and had straightened out his legs, he took the offer and the slight gap between the writer's legs provided the toy a little more room to stay exactly where it was than pressed in deeper.

"This date better be fucking fantastic," Shuichi grumbled, glaring as he walked stiffly by Eiri's side at a much more commonly regular pace than his exuberant skip-jumping excitement.

Eiri rolled his eyes as they stepped into the lift, the words teasing at his temper. Stamping down on it, he made himself think of the evening ahead and his plans for them both. Patience under control, he led the way out and to the elegant little limousine waiting for them. The chauffeur stepped out to open their door for them and Eiri sped up a bit to enter first and find that pillow he'd asked for. Setting it beside himself, he raised a brow at Shuichi who, catching sight of the little prop, a coiled cushion with a large indentation right in the middle, gratefully sat down and strapped in.

"Thank you," Shu grumbled, cheeks a delightfully dark pink.

Eiri leaned over, incredibly aroused and a little impressed, to whisper into Shu's hair, "You're welcome."


The Intercontinental restaurant had superb security, incredibly beautiful interiors, four-star rated food, good live performance and impeccable service. Seated in a darkened alcove nearer to the stage than one would expect, Eiri glanced across the table at his lover shifting absently in his seat on that silly cushion they'd brought along from the limo.

Shuichi had pulled his shirt out of his trousers just a little after they'd sat down, high colour in his cheeks in embarrassment when the toy's effects kept the front of his trousers oddly raised. Initially, Eiri had teased him with slow touches up his arms, light caresses to his knee and a little up his legs until Shuichi, blushing hard, pushed the touches away. Eiri had even leaned over a few times to kiss the brat's cheek or nibble on his ear.

But then dinner arrived and the show began so Eiri left off the teasing. Now Shuichi looked like he'd forgotten his mortification, smiling bright eyed and happy, expression free of all worries and tension, looking like he no longer cared his lover had beat him a few thousand multiples over in sales numbers or had asked for public sex as a prize.

He looked beautiful.

Eiri could feel himself respond to that thought, coupled with the idea that the brat belonged to him, loved him, wore a butt plug in public for him, turned him on. He couldn't help but stare. Shuichi sensed the eyes on him soon after, turning to give a soft smile.

Breath whooshed out of him in a deep pull in reaction to the tenderness in the singer's eyes but Eiri found some breath to ask, "How was dinner?"

"Really good," Shuichi replied happily, "I usually don't like western food so much but the sauce was pretty rich and it had spices in it so I could really taste it –you know how I think western food is bland—so this wasn't anything like that and I hope we eat here again soon."

"Hn." He resisted the urge to tease the kid for the rambling and instead tilted his head at his lover, studying the flushed cheeks, the smile, the joy and he knew he'd caused that. The power felt a little dizzying. "So am I forgiven yet?"

Grinning, Shuichi reached over and grabbed his hand, squeezing it a moment and leaning over to softly whisper, "I love you."

"I'll take that as a yes," Eiri smiled back, stroking his hand up his lover's thigh.

Shuichi blushed and squirmed.


"We're here," Eiri murmured, helping Shuichi out of the car. Once he was sure the brat had his feet, he tugged off the blindfold.

Shuichi gasped at the sight of the semi-dark Odaiba Amusement Park. "It's—" Half the lights were down, "Closed." He blinked then turned to his lover. "What's going on here?"

"I booked out the place in its out-of-hours," Eiri said, accepting the little cushion Miyanaga handed him –Shuichi's sitting pillow for the night. "Well, not the whole place, just parts of it."

"You what?!" Shuichi exclaimed, voice cracking an octave higher in shock, arms flapping upward in his extreme surprise. "Really?!"

"Stop yelling," ordered the writer, sticking a cigarette between his lips and lighting up. He took a deep drag, relishing the rush of nicotine, "Let's go." And he led the way past the guards stationed and into the park to the waiting young woman just inside.

"Good evening, Yuki-sensei," she said and bowed. "We've left the three amusements open for you as you requested." She presented him with a large bag of token coins and a slip of paper. "Please keep this phone number with you at all times should you require the assistance of a member of staff." She gestured to herself and another guy standing just behind and beside her, both of them smiling politely.

"Thank you," he said, smiling slightly in return and giving a courteous nod.

"Well then," she bowed again, "We shall remain here until you need help. Do enjoy yourselves."

"We will," Eiri told her and tucked the cushion under his arm, grabbing Shuichi's hand, to lead the way into the deserted, half-darkened amusement park.

"Eiri!" Shuichi squawked, arms flapping again, still flustered and a bit confused. "Odaiba? Rides? What?!"

"Only three rides are open," the writer explained patiently. He glanced back, "The rollercoaster, the shooting gallery and the Ferris wheel."

Shuichi stared back in amazement before suddenly tearing up, chin wobbling with emotion. "Eiri? Eiri, wait." He pulled back, forcing the writer to stop else get his arm yanked out of its socket.

"Hn?" He took a deep drag and blew it out. "What?"

"You did all this for our date?" Shuichi quietly asked, purple eyes swimming with happy tears, a grin teasing at his lips. "All for our date?!"

"Something like that," the writer allowed carefully, trying for nonchalant. Couldn't spill all the beans now, could he?

"Eiriiii!!" Shuichi squealed and launched himself into the writer's arms.

Catching the brat, Eiri held him close, giving a resigned sigh to wait out the flood of emotion and excited babble;

"Oh I can't believe you did this, it's so not like you, I would never have guessed! This is so much better than any date I could have ever imagined and I don't care you put the toy in me because I've enjoyed everything we've done tonight! And no press! I can't imagine how you even managed that, it almost seemed like they'd disappeared off the face of the planet and this is all just…! I mean, I know you don't do romance even if you know all about it and what to do, so I never thought you'd do something like this but I totally liked it all and I just love you so much!!"

"Breathe," Eiri reminded him, equal parts amused and annoyed, setting the idiot back down. "And don't get any slobber on me."

Letting go to swipe at his tears, Shuichi smiled widely up at him, eyes sparkling. "You're an amazing man for a silly grouch." He shifted a little, smile dimming, a shadow of internal conflict in his eyes a moment before he spoke again, quietly, "I know what you're doing and I'm so happy you did. You really take such good care of me."

Squashing the urge to argue that he really didn't, a trickle of fear still there in the back of his mind that one day Shuichi would notice it too, he simply nodded.

As if reading his mind, Shuichi said quietly, sincerely, on a tone slightly breathy with fondness and that worship Shuichi had for him, "I love you, too."

"Hn," Eiri grunted, curling his arm around his lover's waist. But something warm, as always, expanded in his chest at those tenderly spoken words.


After shooting all the zombies dead and earning a shiny-eyed smile of awe from his lover, Eiri led the way to the rollercoaster. He took one look at the swirling loops –since extended from the time they were last here—and glanced back at Shuichi's ass before he asked, "You sure you want to do this?"

Looking conflicted, Shuichi bit at his thumb. "I really want to do this right."

And for some reason, Eiri instantly knew that the brat understood he'd been re-creating their first date. Shuichi had fallen seamlessly into the plan, maybe to replace all the bad memories it had bookmarked in their lives even if it had all happened years ago. He sighed then said, "We could… skip it… or take that out… if you want to."

"I don't want to skip this." Shuichi glanced over at him then quickly looked away, a bright flush coming to his cheeks, "And I just got used to it, I don't want to take it out."

Swallowing back a smile, Eiri led the way onto the train, nodding at the attendant as they took their seats. Shuichi looked incredibly nervous as they started the ascent, shifting a little on the cushion. But when the ride crested over, the fall blew away all his worries, he raised his arms and screamed happily, enjoying every moment.

Eiri rather thought those joyful sounds were some of the sweetest he'd heard. And he would never admit it.

"Enjoyed that, hm?" he asked, noticing that the long tails of Shu's shirt could not quite disguise the bulge beneath. The rattling and shaking of the ride must have nudged the toy around enough to remind the singer it could do its job.

"Mou," Shuichi grumbled and clasped his hands before himself, trying to hide the swelling, looking adorably cute with his pink cheeks and down-turned eyes. "This is difficult enough as it is without the teasing."

"Next stop," Eiri announced, turning to look at their destination, "The Ferris wheel. We didn't get to do that on our last trip here. We took the boat instead."

"Uh-huh!" agreed the singer, starting forward and clasping his hand in Eiri's. "This time, we get the wheel and all to ourselves." He scrunched up his nose, "I'm not so sure I like heights, though."

"I'm very sure," Eiri said carefully, voice heavy with meaning, "You will enjoy this."

Shuichi gave him an odd look at his strange tone of voice.

They nodded to the attendant in greeting and were let into their cabin, the man saying as he shut he gate, "As you requested, the Ferris wheel is running a bit slower than its usual turn run." He saluted, "It's only about forty percent slower but I hope that's alright."

"Thank you," Eiri said. "We'll stay on for a few turns and wave when we're ready to get off. We have a lot to talk about."

"I'm sure you do," the guy said, chuckling as he stepped away and started it up.

"What was that about?" Shuichi asked, sitting far across on the other side of the cabin as the ride started.

Eiri didn't say anything, watching the ground fall away.


Instead of answering, the writer slowly, deliberately, unbuckled and inched his trousers down, lifting his hips a bit to let the soft and slippery fabric whisper easily down his legs to his calves. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear, he winked at Shuichi and slipped those down too. After loosening his tie, he shrugged out of his jacket, pulling out his little packet from the pocket, dumping out the contents onto the bench beside him, plucking up a condom and ripping it open.

The sound jerked Shuichi to his feet but not a step forward. The singer's eyes had darkened almost to black as he watched Eiri slowly roll the condom on himself.

"Come here," he whispered. Shuichi moved slowly forward as though in a trance and he had to say, "You'll need your trousers off for this."

Hurrying to obey, Shuichi gracelessly discarded his shoes then unbuckled his belt and let his trousers fall, stepping out of them even as he reached for his own underwear. When he tried to bend down to get them off, he froze and moaned.

"Can I help you?" Eiri asked, holding back a little laugh at the restriction in movement the toy forced on the little singer.

Shuichi nodded, moving closer, eyes sliding down to the proudly risen erection between Eiri's legs.

Reaching for Shuichi's briefs and with the brat standing, it was so easy to lean forward and--

"Ahh!" Shuichi breathlessly gasped, hands curling into Eiri's hair.

Swallowing back a snicker, Eiri relished the gasp he got in reaction to the swallow, he refitted his lips around the growing hardness as he pulled the singer's underwear down and away. He bowed his head downward, Shuichi lifting his hips a bit to meet the thrust, flattening his tongue on the underside where it was quite sensitive.

"Ungh!" Shuichi gasped and choked. He swallowed quickly then moaned.

Eiri lifted off slowly, sucking firmly, fingertips of one hand dusting over the tightening, shifting sac below. "Good?" Shuichi moaned back incoherently and made him grin, "Straddle me. Stay standing."

Moving jerkily, trembling a bit and very excited, Shu obeyed, kicking his underwear aside, legs split to either side of Eiri's thighs, hands on the writer's shoulders. Just the right height, Eiri thought, and bent his head again –Shuichi groaned.

He stretched it out, bobbing his head in a very slow tempo without picking up the pace at all, fingers nudging the toy's base, moving it gently, rocking it rhythmically back and forth, making Shu babble, groan deeply and rock his hips in sync. He took his time, licking, sucking, twisting, and relishing all the sounds his little lover made, employing all his skills but doing so very slowly –he didn't want this to end yet.

Eiri suddenly stilled.

Shuichi panted a moment then dazedly asked, "Wha...?" He licked dry lips and tried again, "Wh... why'd you stop?"

"We're heading back down," Eiri murmured, a wicked glint in his eyes as he looked up.

Shuichi blinked down at his lover, blond strands still in his fingers, but then understanding dawned and he growled. "What the hell?"

"Go sit over there for a few minutes," the writer calmly instructed. "Just until we pass the operator and head upward again."

Glaring hotly a moment, Shuichi grit his teeth. Then he stomped back over to the other side of the cabin, causing it to sway a little. He'd probably have thrown himself onto the seat but the toy made him sit carefully down, angled a little onto his hip to keep the pressure off, leaving off the cushion because of the wetness.

Through the long minutes and as though he didn't have his trousers down almost to his ankles, Eiri lit up and smoked. He even used the cigarette to wave to the operator signalling they'd be heading up another round, ignoring the way the man's eyes turned worried at the sight of Shuichi's scowling face.

Out of earshot, he glanced back over at his lover --and nearly choked.

"Having revenge?" he asked huskily, eyeing the slow stroking of Shuichi's hand up and down his own shaft. Shu angled a little grin at him. "Hm. Feeling better I see." He gestured, "Come here, we don't have much time around the next loop."

Shuichi scrambled over back into position, Eiri bowing his head to lick at the brat's hardness as he firmly gripped the toy's stem and began to pull it out. Shuichi's fingers buried in his hair as he worked, tonguing the slit and curling his tongue tip along the flare of the head. When the toy popped free, Shuichi giving a gasp, he dropped it carelessly to the floor and gripped Shu's hips, guiding his lover down as he raised his own hips.

Shuichi pressed backward determinedly and took Eiri into himself in one solid thrust, throwing his head back with a wordless gasp.

Growling, Eiri couldn't wait, reaching for and ripping open a condom packet, unrolling it onto Shuichi. Then, tossing the wrapper back, he immediately tilted his hips backward as best he could as he guided Shuichi into a rocking motion on his lap away from himself, then pulled him back, pushing upward, making the singer moan and cling to him. He repeated the movement, biting down on the singer's shoulder, urging the brat to move with him.

Bracing his feet, Shuichi followed, lifting only just enough to add more friction, add to the coiling of gathering tension in Eiri's lower belly, the pleasure coursing through his blood.

"Eiri," Shuichi groaned. Then he dipped his head and licked up the writer's neck to nip at Eiri's sensitive ear.

"Shuichi," he growled back, pulling his lover down harder on that thrust and pushing upward with such force he'd braced his weight up off the bench between his back on the backrest and his feet on the floor.

They moved together, trying to draw out each thrust but also hurrying a little to the finish line with this just because there wasn't enough time. The excitement of it all made Eiri thrust up a little harder than he'd intended;

"Ahh!" Shuichi gasped, curling inward, slouching so that his forehead fell to the writer's shoulder. "Close."

He really wanted to stop. He wanted to pull Shuichi up, make he kid stand so he could take the brat into his mouth and make him come, then force him back down on to his dick and fuck him all over again. Wild, possessive, dirty thoughts filled his head but then he remembered... if he did that, Shuichi would ache.

They wouldn't be moving on to the second part of his plan, that walk along the pier in the moonlight like the brat surely would have wanted and wouldn't smile that bright eyed and happy expression free of all worries and tension—

"Shu," Eiri groaned, reaching for Shuichi's hardness and pumping him, enjoying the way his lover tensed in his arms. Shuichi's depths contracted around him and he grimaced as he thrust, the hot, coiling pleasure contracting then swiftly expanding, and release rushed through him. In his arms, Shuichi gasped and bit his shoulder, a high cry slipping out of his throat, coming apart at almost the same time.

Panting, Eiri listened to the Ferris wheel creak and the wind blow against the cabin. Through blurry vision he registered Shuichi's content little smile, nudging Shu's face up so they could kiss slowly, savouring it and each other.

How many times was he going to ask this, he wondered sarcastically but too pleased to care, "Good?"

"Yea," Shuichi sighed contentedly, snuggling in, arms wrapping tightly about the writer's shoulders.

The Ferris wheel had begun the downward sweep now but Eiri knew neither of them could be bothered to move. Four hours of foreplay and teasing, dark eyes and knowing looks could wear even two very sexual people out.

"He'll see us," the writer murmured, but he didn't particularly care. "You don't mind?" Shuichi couldn't even be bothered to reply in words or even nod his head. He simply made an affirmative noise and held on. So Eiri leaned back and tucked Shu's head under his chin.

When they passed the operator again, the guy caught sight of them snuggled in together, smiled and turned his back.

Eiri glanced up at the bright night sky as they ascended again, thinking they really should rest for a bit just now. Shuichi, breathing gently against his collarbone, would need his energy for that walk in the moonlight. And he for the squeals the brat would surely give at how romantic it all was.

They'd come a long way, he suddenly realised, breathing in Shuichi's strawberry scent. They both had. After all the challenges, pains, joys and contradictions, perhaps even a long journey forward sometimes needs a 'full circle' to move on to its next cycle. And who knew what tomorrow would bring?

A corner of his lips lifted slightly at these thoughts and he tightened his hold on his lover and he considered, all's been fair in this love and war.


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