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Warning: This is not a fic for under aged people. There will be rape, violence and sex. If you can't manage this kind of writing, I suggest you to leave the fic or jump the scenes.



Anna glanced at her fiancé from a prudent distance. Many hours have passed already since Yoh fainted, and the fever didn't go down. Neither did the trembling. He was sweating over the futon, moaning, sometimes opening his eyes, but never waking up. Anna sighed, and looked toward the window.

It had happened at noon, more or less.


"Anna!... I swear… I can't…!" screamed Yoh. After running 60 miles already, Anna had forced him to do push-ups and sit-ups, without a motive or even a warning.

"Stop being lazy and finish already!" She met his eyes "You have just done 254"

"But Anna…!"

"If you keep whining, I will add much more"

Then minutes later, Yoh had fallen over the floor, exhausted. Anna approached to him, concerned, noting that he had fainted and was not going to wake anytime soon.

She tried to awake him, but nothing worked. After ten more minutes of futile attempts of doing so, she gave up and carried him to inn's insides. Leaving him in the living room, she went upstairs to collect a futon and his favorite sheets. Then, she went downstairs, to the living room again, to try to put him over the futon.

Then she waited.

At least two hours have passed when she touched his forehead, and couldn't repress a sharp intake of breath. God, he was burning. She went to the kitchen, to fill a small recipient with cool water while looking for a small towel in the bathroom.

Once again in the living, she wet the towel and put it over his burning forehead, trying to cool it down a bit.

And then, she waited again.

End of Flashback

And that's all she had done for the last eight hours. She had waited, patiently, but Yoh haven't woken up yet. He had been unconscious for ten hours already. It didn't matter how much time she waited, or how many times she wet the towel to put it again over his forehead. He simply wouldn't wake up!

Anna didn't know what to do. It is normal to get a cold or have an unexplainable fever from time to time. But this wasn't normal. He was sick. Hell sick. And she had been so blind to not see it in his mood. He had been sick all day, but had not spoken a word to explain his condition.

Her lips trembled.

"This is my fault"

It was, in a way. Who would be so cruel to force him to train like that? Who would be so blind to not notice his illness? Who would be so cold to simply threaten his health like she did?

"I shouldn't have trained him that hard… I should have noted that he was sick"

She could keep having guilty thoughts, or could do a useful thing. Biting the insides of her cheek in deep concentration, she thought about the possible cause of his sudden illness. Fever is a normal reaction towards a bacterial invasion. It's a simple defense of the body. It heats up the bacteria to kill them.

So giving him antibiotics was the most viable decision.

But she couldn't leave him in there, with nobody to take care of him. Manta was with his father on a business trip; Horo-Horo and Tamao were on Hokkaido, because the blue haired boy wanted to show his birthplace to his possible-new-girlfriend; Ren and Pilika were on China, since they were already lovers and Pilika wanted to know more about his mysterious boyfriend; Jun and Ryu… well, they were in some point of the roads (she didn't know what the hell he did to convince Jun to accompany him); Lyserg was in England, Faust was in a doctor council God knows where… and Chocolove… well, she didn't trust him, anyways.

There was nobody of trust nearby. Faust would have been of great help, though… why did it suddenly seem like everything was against her?

She shook her head.

"I can try to get him some medicine… there is a pharmacy just a few streets from here…"

She looked towards the window once more. It was so dark… Anna had never gone out in the depths of the night. She may be young, but wasn't fool enough to go to the city, were the crime statistics had increased so much in the past four years.

And she really, REALLY, didn't want to go there. She didn't want to go, risking her life and leaving Yoh in that delicate state of his.

She bit her lower lip, hesitant to go, but a moan from Yoh's lip made her decide. She wet the towel to put it over his forehead once more. Then, went to get her purse and quickly left, without noticing that she had left her rosary in the living room…


It was already 11 o'clock when Anna had finally managed to get to the pharmacy, which was empty due to the time. A man attended her, and heard her carefully as she explained her fiancé's symptoms with all the precision that she was capable of. She didn't take more than ten minutes in leaving the building.

She decided to go back through the avenues, just from where she had come. They were well illuminated and there were enough people out to make her feel a little more secure there.

The mere thought of Yoh burning over that futon invaded her mind, and she increased her walking speed. She saw an alleyway by her side and stopped for a moment… she could shorten the way by going through it.

Another image crossed her mind, making her decide. She stepped into the dark alley… she would regret it later.

She haven't even reached the half of that dark and narrow passage when two men appeared in front of her, a few meters away, blocking the exit. She stepped back. Still being far away from them, she had the chance to simply turn around and go back to the avenues, where light and people would secure her.

She went back a couple of steps, but when she turned around she met two more men, blocking the other exit. She was calm. They were just humans. She was an itako. By using her rosary and summoning a weak spirit, she could scare those men. She tainted her chest and her neck… and opened her eyes in shock. Her fingers just touched the soft fabric of the dress and war skin, nothing more. She blinked once, twice, before tainting again.

Where was it?

Her rosary, the one that she always carried around her neck, the one that helped her to summon spirits, the one that made her not just a woman, but an itako… wasn't there. It wasn't there, waiting for her to use it. It simply wasn't… there. Without it, she was a simple woman with little power or influence, lost in a world of chaos, and as a normal woman, she was exposed to the most common menaces.

Such as this one.

"Hey, sweet lips!" said one of them.

Anna trembled, but tried hard to not show fear. If they were just burglars, she could cooperate and leave unharmed. Now, if they were more than simple burglars… Oh, God.

"What do you got in there, mmm?" asked another from behind her.

Due to the intensity of the voice, she figured that the ones from behind must be approaching to her, trapping her in that dark and lonely alley… what an irony. To try to correct a bad act doing well and the karma treats you like shit.

"Medicines" she responded, trying to sound confident.

"Medicines? For what?"

Usually, she would answer such an obvious question with a sarcastic phrase, such as "For my car. It has been coughing too much lately" or she would say something sharper like this "To cure a sick person, you dickhead. For what else medicines are used?"

However, this wasn't a normal situation. She could not risk her safety by saying something stupid… if her safety was not doomed yet. She kept her pride and sarcasm as low as possible, trying to maintain her face calm.

"My brother is sick and he needs them"

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that" murmured one from behind her, and she could already feel his hot breath against the back of her neck. "So… what's your name?"

"Sakura" she lied

"Nice name" Anna turned to see the four of them at the same time. This wasn't good. Too of them were well built, and although the other too seemed to be the weakest, their strength was bigger than hers. "Now, give me that"

"My brother needs those medicines" she said, with impassible voice. If the thing that they wanted was not that important, she would have simply given it to them. Anna resisted for a moment, but then did as they said, full of regret.

"Where do you live? Are you from town?"

"No. I'm staying at a hotel. My brother got sick there…"

"… And you're alone"

That hadn't been a question, but an affirmation. They knew that she was alone, probably because the have spotted her in some point of the avenues and had followed their prey. When she went into the alleyway, two of them had run to block her exit, while the other two had blocked the opening, trapping her like a bird in a cage. The plan was to perfect to be improvised, yet too simple to be fully planned.

A man of 25 years or so approached to her. He was tall, strong and red-haired. His skin was slightly darker than hers. A long scar parted his left eyebrow and eyelid, almost reaching his cheek.

Anna stepped back, but they grew closer. She gritted her teeth. These were not just burglars… they were something worse, way worse, bad enough to make her tremble with fear. And yet, her pride forced her to stand straight and look to the man of the scar to those blue, cold eyes.

She met his blue, cold eyes, teeth gritted and body tense in contained dread. What was him? Why did he hurt people like that? What kind of dark satisfaction could he get by doing this? What kind of creature was him?


He noticed something different on this woman. She was different to most of the girls he had… met before. She wasn't a coward. She was that kind of hot-headed, prideful woman. From those that struggle with all her might, angrier than scared, but the fear that they experiment to the end of the rape was always greater. He already knew that.

It would be a pleasure to see her brake, to see her there, laid and shattered, without repair. How much would she cry then? How much would she suffer? How much pain would she experience? How much fear would she feel? Oh, to figure out…

He stared her for a while, tasting every second of her fear, hearing her agitated breath and exploring her with his cold eyes.

"His eyes… such an unpleasant look he has"

He tried to touch her cheek, but she frowned and hit his hand with her own, revealing her true personality. Then he laughed and slapped her, making her loose balance and fall to the ground with a loud thud. Two men grasped her wrists and held her down, while another one put his hands on top of her mouth, muffling the sound of protest that she would surely let escape.

Suddenly, he took his place in between her legs and pressed his lips against hers forcefully. Anna let out a small squeal of shock and a growl of displease, and tried hard to escape from the men's grip, with no luck. They were stronger than her. What could she do against them? Instead of screaming like most of the scared woman that they had hurt before, she tried to bite the hands over her mouth. The red-haired just laughed at her vain tries.

He started to touch her roughly and morbidly, making her tremble with fear and rage. She tried to break free, but the men held her down. She tried to scream, but her fear was being trapped by that hand. She kicked, to try to make the red-haired desist, but he didn't. He wouldn't stop. He simply kept staring at her with that morbid eyes of his, and then kissed her, touching her breast with brute force, finding delight in her attempts of escaping. Foolish, reckless, prideful woman. She wasn't going to escape.

He squeezed her breasts hard enough to receive a painful gasp from her. Pulling a knife from his pocked to tear up the black dress and the bra underneath it, he looked her to the eye, once again, noting that all that furious energy was rapidly becoming in pure terror. He smirked, and then kissed and bit her neck, not caring the pain that was coursing through her body. He only wanted to satisfy his needs.

Anna let out a growl, struggling under his suffocating weight. A normal woman would have begged, cried and screamed already. But Anna wasn't normal. Even in this situation, she was prideful enough to stop showing her fear and forbidding herself to cry, beg or scream… but that was hard when adrenaline was coursing through every fiber of her being.

He kept biting and licking her neck, and she continued struggling, disgusted. Once again, a snicker came out from his lips as his hand started to go down, slowly at first, until they touched her intimate.

Anna wrestled frantically, turning her head from side to side in an attempt to rescue her mouth from those hand's grip to scream to the top of her lungs, trying to break free her hand to scratch them with her nails (just at it would really hurt them, anyways), and kicking with her knees the sides of the man that was touching her, making her body unclean, profane.

Even although the possibilities of escaping were cero, she had to try, god dammit! They wanted to hurt her, to rape her! And they were stronger than her, faster than her!...

It… It was unfair!

She felt his hand touching there, and then two fingers inside of her, almost making her cry in pain. Those fingers moved, in and out, and the owner seemed not to care a bit. Angst and sorrow filled her heart as pain an agony ran through every nerve of her body, making her want to scream and sob restlessly.

He saw he there, eyes shut forcefully, jaw clenched, fingers digging in the concrete as the only way to let the pain out, to not loose herself and break at this… invasion.

He grew tired of his game, and put himself completely over her, overwhelming her. He loosened the zipper of his jeans and exposed his manhood to her, enjoying the fear that she felt. How not to note it, if she was terrified even when trying to hide it?

Then he guided himself into her, slowly, not because he wanted to be careful but because he liked it that way. He felt and obstacle inside of her, and saw the cringe of pain that she made. He smirked.

"Then, you are a virgin, Sakura" he said, his voice hoarse "When I'm finished with you, there will be no innocence in you…"

He grasped his hips, and thrust hard, hearing her muffled screams and cries. Was she still trying to contain herself?

She contained her shaken sobs and muffled screams, freezing to endure the pain that she was neing forced to bear, but it was then when cold reality met her pride, shattering it to pieces, full and cruel realization tearing her heart apart.

She was being raped, penetrated. There was a man inside of her, and the others would come after him. She was no longer pure. Her eyes watered with warm tears as she thought of Yoh, burning in fever over that futon. What would he think of her once he knew, if he ever knew? Would he still want to marry her now that she was unclean? Or would he hate her because of this, because she was no longer pure?



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