TITLE: Naruto's New Life

A/N: I do not own Naruto so don't sue.

GENRE: Dimension-Travel Action/Adventure/Romance

SUMMARY: After a final attempt to turn the tides of war against an Orochimaru, Naruto suddenly woke up in a Konoha where the villagers saw him as a hero but all his precious people only saw him as a spoiled brat and a nuisance. But the biggest surprised of all is that a mother he had never knew was alive, and that he also has a younger sister with a terminal illness. Can he cope with this new world before him? Can he regain the trust of his precious people once again? And would he be able to defeat the Orochimaru of this world?


"So, Iruka-sensei, this is it. The final battle against snake-face." The 25 year old blue-eyed, blond man said as he watch the approaching army of thousands of ninja from the top wall of Konohagakure's main gate.

"Yes, Naruto-kun. Or should I call you Kage-sama?" The scarred-faced man wearing a red ANBU uniform and a white dolphin mask said.

Uzumaki Naruto, Fox-Frog Sannin, and Kage of the last remaining stronghold against the Sound, gave the man a sad smile as he said, "It's strange. I finally reached my dream to be Kage, yet I feel no sense of accomplishment from it. Is it because they merely gave it to me since they thought there won't be any village left to save?"

"Don't be daft, Naruto. You know very well that all of them picked you because they acknowledge your strength. They all believed you have the power to change the fate of the world. Or at least make sure that the next generation would have something to look forward to." Iruka said to his former pupil. He can't help but smile at remembering the look on his former pupil's face when he emerged out of the meeting room to see everyone, shinobi and civilians alike, bowing down to him and declaring him their chosen Kage.

At first Naruto thought it was a joke since everyone knows that the title of Kage had been cut off since Tsunade's death, as well as the death of the rest of the Kages of the Great Shinobi Nation, years ago. But his friends, namely Neji, Iruka, Shikamaru, and even Gaara had also bowed down before him and presented him with the Hokage robes. But not only does the robe have the symbol Fire, it also have the symbol of Water, Earth, Wind, and Lightning. So all in all, he is the Kage of all Elemental Countries and is recognized as such.

He had reluctantly accepted it. And when he turned to the seven hundred or more shinobi and at most a thousand civilians, all he saw were recognition, something he had always craved as a child, something he thought he would never get to see in his lifetime. Although they were mostly facing oblivion against Sound's army in the next couple of hours, he would do his damn best to make sure he deserves this role.

"Do you think they're proud of me? Everyone I mean." Naruto asked once more, sadness evident on his voice. And in an almost inaudible whisper, he added, "Do you think she's proud of me?"

Iruka knew perfectly well who 'Everyone' is. They are his friends, family, people who had got to know him and acknowledge his strength. People who died believing in him until the very end. And the 'she' could only mean one person, the only other person rather than the Sandaime Hokage who had loved him unconditionally even before he became a gennin. Hyuuga Hinata, Naruto's late wife.

Iruka gently put his hand on Naruto's shoulder and said, "I am sure they are all very proud of you, especially her. I know I am. Your strength managed to keep Konoha strong despite overwhelming odds against the Sound. You have managed to get most of the survivors of the other Hidden Villages and gave them a home here in Konoha. You are now the Kage, supreme leader recognized by all other Hidden Villages of the Shinobi Continent. And in a few moments, the Bringer of Death and Rebirth to the World."

"Getting melodramatic on me now, Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked, gracing his teacher with an actual grin.

"Not at all, considering what you're about to do." The older man said, looking at the approaching army.

The plan was relatively simple. Gaara would use Shukaku to cover the entire Hidden Village of the Leaf in a Sand Barrier for three months before Naruto releases Kyuubi to decimate Sound throughout the entire Shinobi Continent. It would have been a stupid plan if Naruto hadn't made sure that the Fox Demon had given it's word that it would make sure everyone inside the sand barrier, as well as any future descendants that sprung from them would be spared of it's wrath.

Suddenly, three figures appeared behind them. Iruka turned to greet the newcomers while Naruto didn't even turned his head away from the approaching army as he asked, "Is everything ready?"

"All of them know their roles." Neji said in an even tone. "Once the barrier is down, all shinobi are to scout the entire continent for any survivors that the fox would leave behind and offer them help if they can."

"All plans for future restoration of the Shinobi Continent are being rechecked just in case there comes any unexpected variable." Shikamaru lazily added. "But chances of that are minimal. We are still expecting that there will be at least twice as many survivors compared to the number of people in Konohagakure right now, including both civilians and shinobis."

"Good. Then it's time I earned my title. So I guess this is goodbye, everyone." Naruto said with a confident smirk that is rarely seen in his face for the last few years.

Neji, Shikamaru, and Iruka couldn't help but give the blond man a sad smile in return. This would be the last time they would see their friend and they were glad to know that at least the last thing they will remember about seeing him is that confident smirk that always manage to lift up their spirits during their youth. They all gave their last goodbyes at their dear friend before jumping down towards the inner wall of the village, leaving Naruto alone with the red headed Shukaku vessel.

For a moment, neither said anything, merely looking at the approaching army of thousands.

Finally, Gaara spoke and said, "I wish I could go into battle alongside you."

Naruto gave him a smirk and said, "I know. And I bet Shukaku is pissed at the role he got."

"He is. But he knows better than to disrespect you or the Kyuubi."

"Don't worry about it. Shukaku would be known in the future as a savior of the people and would gain their respect, something the Sand Demon appreciates other than bloodlust according to Kyuubi."

"I see." After another awkward silence, he said, "You are not going to survive."

"I know." Naruto gave his friend a sad smile. "You'll watch over them, won't you?"


"Thank you, my friend." Naruto said with all the sincerity he could muster.

Gaara merely nodded and started to do the demonic hand seals that would allow Shukaku to cover the entire village of Konohagakure with impenetrable sand for at least a few months.

Giving one final nod to his friend, Naruto jumped down the outer wall and started running towards the Sound Army with that never-say-die smirk of his, not even paying attention as thousands of tons of sand started erupting around the entire village.

"Yo, Kyuubi, it's finally time for the Cleansing."

"I hear you, Brat. It would be a glorious way to die."

"Glad to hear it. Just try to spare the innocents and tell them Konoha's message, okay. There are a lot of survivors out there and quite a lot of shinobis that were only forced to side with the Snake-Bastard."

"I know, Kit."

"What? That's it? That's all you got to say?"

"There is nothing more to say, Brat. Your soul would be rip out of your body the moment you release the seal. And the chakra you will leave behind would sustain me for at most three months before my own soul follow yours. So there isn't much to say since you and I would be stuck with each other again pretty soon."

"Yeah. But still, it would be a long three months. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm finally going to have my 'alone time' but I never have before since you were always there."

"Stop being so melodramatic, kit. It would be a grand vacation to be finally away from you, even for a short while. Now stop bitching! You're taking the fun out of mass mayhem and destruction I am about to perform."

"Yeah, yeah, you blood-thirsty fuzzball." Naruto said sarcastically as more than ten thousand Kage Bushins popped into existence all around him, engaging the frontline of the Sound Army. He then summoned Gamabunta, the Frog Boss, and Kyuusei, a giant eight tailed fox and told them, "Hey, Kyuusei, Boss, could you guys keep them off my back for a few minutes?"

"So, the Cleansing has begun, huh. Sure thing, kid." The Frog Boss, Gamabunta said as he readied his katana.

"It would be my honor, Naruto-sama." Kyuusei said in a more respectful tone while glaring at the Frog Boss for not showing Naruto proper respect.

Both Boss Summons had deflected all attacks made by the army against the blond Supreme Kage, who was already a quarter way past the three hundred seals needed to release the seal and at the same time, leave his chakra with Kyuubi when he dies. Even Manda, the Snake Boss wasn't able to get pass two other Boss Summon to stop Naruto.



Both Naruto and Kyuubi said at the same time as he finished the last of the seal. Suddenly, Naruto was engulped in a sea of red chakra, burning his body inside out. He was well aware that he was dying, but despite the pain, he knew, his death would give this world hope for a brighter future. With the last of his strength, he turned towards the now trembling army in front of him and smirked. "Let the Cleansing, begin."

And then, everything went blank.


When Naruto finally opened his eyes, he was expecting to see either the gates of Heaven or the fires of Hell, but instead, he found himself in an all too familiar sewer he had visited so many times through the coarse of his life. He was inside his mind once more, the same dirty walls, the same low ceiling, the same murky water, the same busted pipe system.

Thinking that he might have fouled up the seal release, he started heading towards Kyuubi's cage at the very center of his mindscape. Soon enough, he found himself in front of a very huge gate at the end of the sewer. But it was different than what he remembered. For one thing, the bars seem to be rusted and weak, compared to the golden shine it used to have. There also seems to be some kind of parasitic molds that are slowly eating away the walls surrounding the cage. The only thing that looked the same is the seal that keeps the cage intact.

He walked towards the gate, which immediately shifted its shape to allow him entry. As he passed through the gate, instead of feeling the enormous chakra of the most powerful of the Tailed Beasts, he felt a twiddling presence that is barely there anymore. He looked around the endless sea of darkness but found no sign of the Kyuubi.

He was just about to call out to him when, out of nowhere, tendrils of red chakra engulfed him and held him firmly in place. Then, an unfamiliar voice was heard saying, "I have found you again, foolish mortal. You thought you could just run away and let me die in such a pitiful state, you pathetic excuse of a worm?"

Then, a red chakra slowly started to shimmer in front of him, shaping into a form of a fox that is twice as big as himself. When the form is finally complete and solid, Naruto found himself face to face with the Kyuubi no Kitsune. But there was a big difference with this demon fox compared to the one he had grown to know. This fox seems to have a lighter shade of orange fur, and instead of black, it has white fur highlighting the edge of its ears, mouth, legs and tails. Also, this fox is a bit more feminine than his Kyuubi. Also, this fox seems to be quite weak, as if its power is barely keeping it standing.

When the fox finally got a good look at him, it growled with such ferocity that made the hairs of his back stand on end. "You are not my jailer! Who are you, human? Speak now or suffer my wrath!"

Naruto smirked. He had endure his own fox ever since he got to know it and if this other fox thinks it could get him to cower in its presence then it got another thing coming. "Naruto."

"No, you are not. You may look like him, your souls may even smell the same, but you are not my vessel! Now, you will suffer for invading my cell!" This Kyuubi shouted in rage before she sprung towards him with intent to kill.

Seeing this, Naruto narrowed his eyes and immediately called forth his own mixed chakra, destroying the tendrils holding him.

The Kyuubi was so shocked at seeing a mere human totally destroyed her chakra tendrils that it stopped dead in its track, giving Naruto the chance to attack it.

Using his own pools of chakra mixed with his Kyuubi's youkai, he pinned down the other fox by the neck, totally immobilizing its use of its chakra by blocking it with his own.

"Release me, human scum! Release me!"

"SHUT UP!" Naruto shouted at the strangling fox. Putting more pressure on its neck, he ordered. "Revert to your humanoid form."

"Who are you to order me, the most feared of the Tailed Demons? Release me or I will burn your soul for all eternity, ape-rat!" The fox continued to struggle but with no avail. The human's hold on it was too strong.

"Not until you revert to your humanoid form and answer some questions. Now, revert to your human form!"

The fox tried to struggle some more, using its chakra to push him off, with no apparent success. Finally, the fox started to change. But instead of a man that Naruto was used to seeing, the fox turned into a buxom, red headed, girl of about 20 years of age. A buxom, naked, red headed girl! And with fox ears, red slitted eyes, and nine reddish fox tails.

Naruto almost had a nosebleed at the slender figure underneath him. Fortunately for him, his exposure to the naked female flesh at a young age thanks to a perverted sannin allowed him to keep better control of his raging hormones.

"Now, if you swear to answer my questions and not to attack me once I release you, I will answer all questions you will ask. Is it a deal?"

The now human fox gave her captor a death glare before finally spitting out a "Fine, human."

"Good." He then jumped off of her, giving the two of them at least five meters of space between them just in case Kyuubi decides to attack him, no matter how small a chance it has considering a demon had just given him her words. And no demon, especially powerful ones, goes back on their word.

"Who are you, human?" She asked as soon as she was on her feet.

"I am Uzumaki Naruto, Fox-Frog Sannin of Konohagakure, Kage of the survivors of the Hidden Villages of the Shinobi Continent, and Leader of the Alliance in the war against Otogakure." He said proudly. "Now, who are you?"

"Are you blind, human? Standing before you is the most feared of all the Tailed Beasts, I am Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Naruto pondered her answer for a few minutes, thinking of how it is possible to see another Kyuubi no Kitsune in his mind. He looked at her intently for a few moments, trying to keep his eyes on her face instead of her perfectly shaped chest, slim waist, and lower regions. Then he noticed that her tails seems to be a bit transparent in some areas. "Why are you so weak?"

The fox growled a bit but answered his question nonetheless. "I am weak now because my vessel's soul decided to flee when he was attacked by a rogue ninja a month ago. When I lent him my chakra to save his pitiful life, he used that chakra to separate his soul from his body to escape rather than face his opponent. A body without a soul will soon die so I was using my chakra tendrils, spreading it throughout all plane of existence to bring his soul back to his body. I may be indifferent to death but I shall NOT die in such a pitiful manner!"

"Plane of existence? A different dimension!" Naruto thought. According to his Kyuubi, the spirit world is just another plane of existence. There even exist other realities, sort of a different dimension, which is also akin to another plane of existence. And if this Kyuubi was using its chakra tendrils as fishing lines to get the soul of another Naruto from the spirit world, it might have caught him by mistake since he has practically the same soul as his counterpart.

"How long have you been imprisoned?" he asked.

"Eleven years."

"Eleven years? Then he is still a child!"

"Yes, a child. A useless one at that! And now, I will die doing nothing because that child decides to run for it."

"Can't you just use your tendrils to catch him like you did me?"

"Not anymore. I am at my last leg. Spreading my chakra outside this cage the first time have already drained me of half my powers. And doing it again is impossible now."

"I see." Naruto thought hard about this predicament. On one hand, he could just leave and go to the spirit world where he would wait for his Kyuubi before facing Judgement. On the other hand, he could stay and live in his counterpart's place, which wouldn't be so hard since he and the other Naruto practically have similar souls. Spreading his chakra outward, he felt the entire mindscape of his counterpart begun to react to his whim. The farthest of his own chakra tendril could already feel some sense of the outside world. He knew he could wake up anytime he wanted and his counterpart's body would accept him readily as it would this world's Naruto.

He turned towards the female Kyuubi and asked, "Hey, Kyuubi, tell me about your vessel."

"Why should I waste my time telling you anything, human?"

Instead of taking offense, Naruto gave her a huge grin and said, "Because I have a deal for you."


Nurse Hideo Kyoko was just finishing her rounds at the hospital when she heard a noise at the end of the dark hallway of the third floor. Stepping out of the reception desk, she went towards the noise only to find a pitiful sight of a familiar 4 years old child with a crutch limping towards a familiar room just down the hallway from her own.

Kazama Naomi, daughter of the late Yondaime Hokage, had been suffering from a chakra disease that had killed her father five years ago. Despite looking like a very cute four years old, she is actually seven years old going eight. But her disease had halted her physical and mental growth development and would soon destroy her chakra coil system, thus killing the poor child. As of now, her disease had made her body so weak and brittle that her bones could brake even with a mere application of pressure on them. Her immune systems are almost none existent which makes her very receptable to other diseases, which is why she had spent half of her life in this hospital. And her muscles had stopped growing, making any movement for her a huge struggle.

Kyoko immediately went to her and kneeled in front of her as she said in a calm sweet voice, "Naomi-chan, you know you're not allowed to walk by yourself. So what are you doing walking alone at night?"

Naomi grinned at her cutely, her golden blond hair and cute blue eyes making the poor nurse almost shout 'kawaii' and hug her like a stuffed teddy bear, and said, "I just wanted to visit my Onii-chan again."

Kyoko managed to stop herself from sighing outwardly. She doesn't know how such a sweet little girl could have such a spoiled older brother like Kazama Naruto. The young boy used to be so nice, but right after the death of his father, the Yondaime Hokage, he had gotten involved with the wrong sort of crowd. He became such a problem child, pulling dangerous pranks, insulting people lesser than him, and demanding what he want by telling people he should have what he want because he is the son of the Yondaime and the hero of Konoha, due to the fact that he keeps the demon fox locked up inside him. And the Council pretty much bails him out every time he gets caught, which had spoiled him even more.

Naomi and Naruto's mother, Kazama Akane, had really tried to keep her son in line but she barely had time for her son since her daughter needed constant attention. And being in constant disagreement with the Council doesn't help her disposition either. There was even a rumor that the Council had demanded to dissolve the title of Hokage because the Sandaime failed to protect Konoha's hero from a rogue ninja attack last month, which had caused Naruto to go into a comma. But such rumor had never been proven true since the Sandaime is still in office.

Kyoko was already planning to tell Naomi that she should be in bed and just visit her brother tomorrow. But when she look at her, the little girl had initiated the PDE (Puppy Dog Eyes) attack on her, which when combined with the little girl's natural cute-factor, could be considered as a deadly weapon. And Kyoko just got the full blast of such a dreaded attack. "Okay, Naomi-chan. But afterwards, you'll go straight to bed, alright."

"Yey!" Naomi cheered as the nice nurse help her walk towards her older brother's room. But when they got there, both girls got the surprise of their lives. The young blond boy, who was said to never recover from his coma, was sitting by the window ledge, looking at the night stars. "Onni-chan!" Naomi squealed happily upon seeing her brother up and about.

Kyoko almost took a step back when the blond boy finally turned towards them. She had never seen such intensity in those blue eyes of his before, which was solely directed at the happy little girl. It is as if the nurse got caught in a blast of silent emotion radiating from the young boy.

Kazama Naruto walk slowly towards them, his eyes never leaving his sister's face. There seems to be so much emotion dancing in his eyes at the moment. And all of them directed at his sister.

Naomi, on the other hand, who doesn't even seems to notice the conflicting emotions on his brother's eyes, merely smiled at him happily and put her arms forward, silently telling his brother to carry her, like he did before father died.

Kyoko pitied the little girl even more for her actions. For years now, Naomi would always do this gesture to her brother only to be neglected as if she was nothing. Her brother Naruto had never indulged Naomi in anything ever since their father died. He always said it would make him look like a sissy. But Naomi never faltered. She would do this despite getting nothing in return.

Kyoko was about to reprimand the little girl when the most unexpected thing happened. The boy had given his sister a genuine smile and picked her up gently in his arms, hugging her close to him as if he had just met her for the first time in his life. "Tadaima, Naomi-imouto-chan." (I'm home, my dear sister Naomi)

Naomi squealed in delight, she knew that if she keeps on trying, she would be rewarded one day. Naruto, on the other hand, savored the feeling of having a true blood relative in his arms. He never had the chance to have any true family so it wasn't a surprised to him when tears of joy started flowing down his face. Both siblings were just too happy to have each other, one after years of neglect while the other throughout his entire life, that they didn't even noticed when Kyoko started running heading towards the nearest telephone to contact some people.


Kazama Akane, a 29 years old chunin teacher at the Shinobi Academy was leaving behind a huge dust cloud as she dash towards the ninja hospital with speed that would put her late husband's Body Flicker Technique to shame. The 5'7" slim, brown haired, blue eyed kunoichi had, barely fifteen minutes ago, received a call from her friend at the hospital. If it weren't for the huge stock of paper works she had from the academy, she would have been at the hospital hours ago. And now, it seems like her son had miraculously reawakened from a coma everyone thought he would never wake from and that he seems to be bonding with his sister.

She really want to get her hopes up but it had been five years since Naruto had done any type of bonding with his sister Naomi. She had to make sure that it would be just a spur of the moment thing or it might break poor Naomi's heart.

She reached the hospital five minutes later and quickly run up towards her son's room at the third floor. She barely gave her friend Kyoko a wave before she rushed towards the door. When she got there, she heard something she haven't heard for a few years now. Laughter. She could see Naomi sitting on Naruto's lap, laughing as her brother was making goofy faces at her while telling her some kind of funny story. Her son was laughing too, and seems to be genuinely enjoying himself with Naomi's company, like they used to before her husband died from that chakra disease.

"Naruto-kun?" Akane said, her voice so soft that it was almost a whisper. She just stood there, praying to all the Kami out there that this wasn't a dream.

Both children turned to her. Naomi squealed like she always does and waved at her happily. Naruto, on the other hand, seems to have a shock look on his face as he stared at her. If she didn't know any better, she would have told herself that her son had just saw her for the very first time in his entire life and was trying to imprint every little thing about her into his mind.

Then, finally, he smiled at her, a truly genuine smile, and said, "Hi there, okaa-san. Tadaima."

She couldn't stop herself anymore. She immediately went towards her children and gave her son a very tight hug that almost broke his ribs. "Oh, my darling Naruto. You're awake! Thank Kami you're back!"

"O-okaa-s-san. . . a-air." Akane immediately loosen her hold, allowing Naruto to breathe once more. When he returned the hug, he gave her a smile.

"Family Hug!" Naomi shouted cheerfully as she joined her mom and brother in another bouts of hugs.

Kyoko, who was watching from the door, couldn't help but smile at the touching scene. She gave the family one last smile before quietly closing the door so they could have some privacy.