Shaman Phantom

Chapter 6: Shaman phantom.

Written by Jlargent

Me: sorry for the delay but here it is the grand finale of this story so sit back and enjoy. Oh typical disclaimers apply.

Danny and Yoh stood there in a mixture of awe and fear as Zeke wielded the awesome Reality gauntlet with surprising grace as though he was meant to control it.

"Now the world shall be a true paradise for all shamans!" Zeke said in an almost blissful tone. Danny took the opportunity to hit the gauntlet with a well aimed ecto-blast knocking it to the ground. The gauntlet flew and landed on the edge of the forge just landing short of the lava pit below.

"Not if I can help it, you will not win ever Zeke. Even if you succeed other shamans will rise up to fight you and defeat you." Danny declared getting into a fighting position, Yoh withdrew Harusame and summoned Amidamaru and both side looked at each other almost an unheard signal started an epic clash.

The battle raged to an epic scale with neither side scoring any hits, Danny and Yoh were exhausted sweat pouring from their foreheads while Zeke looked as though he could do this all day and not break a sweat.

"This isn't working he's too strong. There must be a way to stop him." Danny said "How about a spirit unity with Amidamaru from what I can tell you're half shaman anyway maybe that would be enough" Yoh suggested. Danny took in a deep breath and yelled "SPIRIT UNITY!" And he and Amidamaru became one when the light faded there stood Danny looked as though he was wearing Amidamaru's clothing right down to the two swords to which Danny withdrew to a familiar stance "Here's a new spin on an old classic. Buddha Giri!" Danny launched the attack and let loose a Ghostly Wail thus increasing the already devastating attack.

The attack hit Zeke hard and the force of the impact sent him careening into the lava pit below. Thus Zeke Asakura was defeated yet again. Danny released Amidamaru and walked to the discarded Reality Gauntlet looking at it. Yoh picked it up examining it as though it was nothing special "I almost feel pity towards my brother he was doing what he felt was right. Too bad, maybe if he spent a lifetime as a regular human maybe he would've seen things differently." Yoh said as he was about to throw the gauntlet into the lava Danny stopped him "Wait I have a better idea."

"So you brought Zeke back but you made him human and erased his memories of being a shaman?" Ren asked "Yup it was easy. Afterward we destroyed the gauntlet." Danny explained "Who knows maybe Zeke can actually make a decent human being." Yoh said confidently as he and his friends were packing their things to return on their road trip to the shaman fight... "Hey Danny you sure you don't wanna cone with us?" Rio asked Danny shook his head "Nah I'm needed here but if you need any help from me just call."

The group departed hoping to see each other again someday.

The end

Finally it's over I wanted the ending to be rather unique in its own way. That's all folks now to work on Shadow Phantom until next time HOODY HOO!