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Chapter 4 : Hearts


The exams were over!!

The whole school erupted in cheers when the final bell had rung. The hallways were crowded with students as they ran to their lockers, papers flying through the air and landing on the floor as they upended all of their papers. Some of the teachers had joined in the celebrations by standing by their doors and smiling at the antics being presented.

Sakura stood from her seat when most of the students on her class had finished cheering and running around the room. She picked her bag from the floor as Tomoyo and Syaoran said their good byes to their classmates and joined her.

They were all going to celebrate this night. They were free from exams or heavy study sessions for a while. That was enough cause for all of them to get together.

Syaoran took Sakura's hand in his and with Tomoyo by her other side, they went to scrounge up their friends as the ruckus on the hallways numbed to a pleasant buzz.

Her body tingled. He was doing it again. He was touching her in public without his usual embarrassed features. It had been a week since the radical change, and all she could say was that it was a welcome part to their relationship.

They stood by their teacher on the doorway, as he shook his head and went back to get his papers ready to leave the classroom in order.

Tomoyo waved to one of their friends and went to join their group, probably to get the final details on their plans. The group had actually spanned to more than 10 students as more had joined in by word of mouth.

Syaoran placed his arm over her shoulder, as she slipped her arm around his waist. This closure just brought to mind the intimacies that they had shared almost a week before. They hadn't had the chance nor the time to be able to repeat the performance. It was kind of hard to do anything that would attract someone's attention in the house when her brother still breathed fire when he was mentioned and her father had a study on the same floor.

He nuzzled her ear making her giggle. She recalled what he had told her five days ago. That had made her count the days, anticipation clearly growing within her as the days had planned. She had something to look forward to after her exams. That was enough to lift her spirits at the most stressed part of the year for her.

"Remember last week?" He inquired softly as a group of boys walked by the doorway and engaged him in conversation. They were from another class but part of the many sport teams that Syaoran played after school.

They all greeted her, but immediately returned to their conversation with him. They were probably trying to set up a timetable that they could meet together to play their games.

That was alright with me. Syaoran had his activities and male friends while I had my own activities and my own friends. Although, if everything went according to plan, then she would be spending a lot of time in his company. Especially those little hours of the day when there was nothing to occupy the time. She was smiling at the thought.

"You must be happy about something," Syaoran brought her attention back to them. "You're beaming."

That only resulted on her smile to widen. "Of course I am."

"And what's the reason?" He asked as she buried her nose in the nape of his neck and placed a kiss when she retreated.

"Wouldn't you like to know," with the cryptic answer, she disengaged her limbs from his and walked toward her friends.

His eyes glued to her backside, he completely captured the sway of her hips and the way her skirt hugged her ass. She had certainly put a bit of dedication to the movement of her body.

They were going to be busy this night with their friends, and Sakura's father was definitely expecting her to be home for the night. There was also the stress for the finals to finally release.

But, tomorrow she was his.

Everything was in order in his house. She'd already devised a way to spend the weekend in his house while they were alone. And he was prepared for every eventuality. He was also primed with the sly looks and innuendo she had thrown at him in the past few days.

He smiled, a feral smile covering his features. She would be his prey and he would be her hunter. There was a reason that he had been named 'wolf' so many years ago. It truly fit his needs at the moment.

He went after what he wanted with all guns flaring. At this moment all he wanted was her.

Sakura placed her bag over her shoulders as she closed the door. She had told Kero to behave while she was gone over the weekend, earning a sneer as if Kero truly knew what was going to happen. Maybe he did in a way.

Touya was still scowling by the door as she kissed her father good-bye and went towards the door. She returned his glares with a glorious smile, not helping herself to goad him a bit more. He disdainfully sniffed, like a pet that tried to show no interest in its food.

"I'll see you all on Monday," with that pronouncement Sakura opened the door and left her house.

It was a wonderful Saturday in midday. The sun was shining, the sky as blue as a clear ocean and the wind chiming softly on her ears.

Today was the day. Syaoran had told her not to be too early as he needed to get some things done. She couldn't help but wander what those preparations were. Everything could be so simple as what had happened the week before, just a step further than what they had done. Still, she loved it that he was going to extra efforts to increase the mood.

But then she wasn't sure as to what he was doing, so she would just have to wonder over what he was preparing for their 'date'.

She'd told her father that since she'd finished her classes and tests, that she was going to spend the weekend with her friends and at their houses. Her father, the trusting soul that he was where she was concerned, had agreed as he had seen the strain she had felt under the past month. What he hadn't known was that she had also been under a lot of sexual strain.

She'd been inundated by dreams of the sexual nature with Syaoran for the past three months that she'd been ready to explode the week before. Those dreams had truly opened her eyes to what she was looking for in their advancing relationship. With the way he had responded to her touch the last time that she had been overnight at his house, she was sure that Syaoran had been under the same strain as well.

She glanced at her watch, seeing that it was a bit after 12. They'd gone home pretty late the night before. The time had slipped by as the group had gone from place to place trying to forget the onslaught of exams that they had just been put under. It was a success in the end.

What she had wanted the most last night though, was that Syaoran had been alone with her so that she could run her hands over his shoulders and press her yearning body to his. She'd shivered the past week as she'd recalled the things that they had done in his house the last Saturday. Her body revved in anticipation as snippets of the memory coursed through her head.

She would have though that it had all been one of her most vivid dreams if it wasn't for the fact that Syaoran himself acted differently about it. They'd mentioned risqué comments all throughout the week, leaving each other in a blush in the end. But, their secret smiles now held a different aspect that she didn't need to decipher.

She stopped by the gate to his house, momentarily frozen as the continued anticipation of the whole week spiraled through her body in just that instance. She could feel a pull in her lower body, a drumming sensation beating with her heart as she pressed her legs together. She bit her lip as it only intensified the beats.

Taking a deep breath to compose herself, she placed a smile on her face, straitened her dress and knocked on the door.

She heard the footsteps nearing the door. She held her breath as it opened, revealing what she most wanted in the world.

Her eyes widened as she took in his whole picture. Syaoran was smiling a rogue smile that she had glimpsed at the whole week. His face was smooth, clearly shaved which made his features clearer in the light. He was also wearing a pair of black pants that were elegantly pressed, with a simple white shirt and a jacket over it.

His attire, though simple, screamed of distinguished and regal upbringing. He seemed ready to take girl to a formal dance.

"Come in," he opened the door fully, his hands motioning for her to come in.

Sakura stepped into the house, changing her shoes for the slippers that had garnered a permanent spot in his house.

She turned to him, her bag on the floor, and found herself assaulted by his kiss. He took her mouth roughly at first, his tongue demanding entrance inside. She immediately acceded, pulling him closer to her.

The momentum brought them to the walls. There he pressed her as his tongue mimicked many of the things he had planned to do to her body throughout the day. But then, he was in no hurry. Not really.

His kiss softened, his hands pulling her away from the walls and his hands roaming over her uncovered shoulders. Her dress was simple, with two spaghetti straps on both sides of her shoulders. Her hands gripped the material of his shirt, as his jacket was opened. Her legs had started to loose power and control over themselves, this was the only way that she could make sure not to fall to the floor like a puddle of water.

Her skin flushed as he ran his hands over her back, pressing her sex to his. She felt him hardening and moving underneath his clothes. Wander flowed through her as she realized that she had so much power over him that this contact alone was enough to set him on fire.

Then, as soon as it had started, he ended it. He pulled away from her, his mouth still running over her creamy shoulders but easing on their assault as his hands imprisoned hers between his own.

"That dress is crippling my plans," he told her as he pulled away from her. Their faces were right in each other's vision, letting them see what the little exchange of greetings had brought to their wound up bodies.

"That was the idea," she answered, one of her hands moving toward his jaw and tracing the cleanly shaven features. "You shaved."

He blushed at her comment. Syaoran knew that she had a thing about his stubble, but he had decided to shave for the day. "I didn't want you to have any whisker burns." He coughed a bit as his eyes came toward a pinkish spot in the valley between her breasts. It was almost the color of her skin, but there were still bit of impressions that if you didn't look hard enough, you wouldn't be able to find.

"Not today," he pulled her from the room toward the kitchen. "Today's a special day."

"You can say that again," Sakura let him pull her through the doorways as they entered the kitchen, walking by his side, their hands clasped.

She stopped in the doorway, her mouth dropped open at the sight over the table. It was filled with a feast. There was so much food on it in plates, each decorated in some way, that she wondered how the legs hadn't broken under the strain.

"I prepared some food for us," he coughed into his palm as he saw her reaction. "You know, for lunch and dinner."

"That was so sweet of you," her astonishment left her just as fast as it had appeared. Syaoran was a great guy who liked to take care of her in simple ways. She'd been expecting this, but he had truly outdone himself. A devilish impulse made her mind turn toward a different thought. "You just want me full of energy for your nefarious plans."

He chuckled, no trace of doubt in his actions as he pulled her closer in how she had made the comment. "That's one of the reasons." Her hands wrapped themselves over his neck, her fingers running under his hair, tracing his scalp.

"Really," she bit his lower lip, her teeth scrapping over it as her tongue reached outwards and placed a kiss under his right ear. She felt him shiver under her kiss, the hair on her arms bristling with the anticipation that was going through her body. "You didn't have to go to so much trouble."

"No trouble," he placed a finger in the middle of her throat and let it slide down toward her breast. His hand traced over her revealed cleavage and felt her nipple harden beneath her dress. "I was just going to ply you with food, spend a few hours kissing and petting each other over the rug by the fireplace while some soft melodies played in the background, and then..." he trailed off as she brought her lips to his for a kiss.

"And then what?" She tried to make him keep going with the previous thought when he stopped.

"And then I was going to have my way with you," he hitched the bottom of her skirt, his hand sliding beneath it to run over her thigh. He cupped her ass, groaning when she grinded herself against him. "And maybe let you have your way with me as well."

"I certainly hope so," she said as she walked away from his embrace and laughed at his expression. "I don't want to spoil this romantic afternoon you have planned for us," she walked to the table and grabbed one of the sweet confections he had prepared.

She heard him growl under his breath and turned just to see him pounce like a wolf for a piece of red-blood-tinted steak. She couldn't help the grin that broke over her face when he pulled her to his side once again. "Those plans were ruined when you walked in with this dress on."

She looked down, deciding to play innocence. "What's wrong with it?" She asked as she grabbed for the table and placed one of his pastries into his opened mouth. He chewed it quickly, wanting to tell her the answer as soon as possible. She merely reached for another plate, grabbing a mix of grapes with bits of strawberries and bananas.

She placed them into her mouth, her taste buds clamoring over their taste. She took the chance he presented when his mouth opened again to retort the answer and took his mouth in hers again. The tastes of the pastries and the fruits commingled with the taste they found so fascinating with each other when they kissed.

Their breathing ran ragged as they separated. Syaoran placed his tongue over the corner of her parted lips and licked the corner, as if taking away a piece of the food that they had just shared with one another.

"We should go to your room," she whispered to his ear, her eyes closed as his hands kept wandering over her lower backside. She already felt so primed and aroused that her body just wanted a relief from the fire that had been set burning inside of her. "I want you to do to me those things we did last Saturday."

She bit him over his neck, her hands sliding his coat off of his shoulders. His hands left her body, temporarily leaving her burning with the imprints of his palm still over her skin, and he let the jacket fall softly toward the floor. Her fingers already going to the buttons on his shirt. Sakura wanted to see his uncovered chest once again. She wanted to see if she had recalled every little nuance of his body right from memory.

"Yes," he brought his arms under her and carried her with one hand supporting her shoulders, and the other under her legs. She took advantage of the new position to place kisses over the exposed side she had gotten free. Her sight drank every corner that was revealed. She marveled at every muscle and tick that worked in his frame as he climbed the stairs toward his room.

He threw the door open with his feet, shutting it just as swiftly when he walked a few paces. Sakura was otherwise distracted with his chest and his pectorals to notice the subtle changes that had occurred in his room. There were candles, lit and dancing, littering every little corner of the darkened room. He had placed a darker curtain over the window to somehow muffle the illumination it always offered.

The bed was neatly made with a cover that he had selected for the special occasion.

What was less noticeable for the teenagers was the single red rose that he had placed over the bedspread on the middle of the bed while she had knocked on the door. There were other flowers as well, but not a lot to truly stifle the atmosphere and turn it into a travesty.

Impatient, Sakura jumped out of his arms and slipped her arms out of the straps that were over her shoulders. The dress still remained over her body as the zipper along the back remained in its place. She opened the last button on his shirt and slipped it over his shoulders.

He was beautiful. And just how she had recalled him for the past few days when her mind had been unable to process anything but the fact that she wanted to touch his beautiful body once again. Her hands gripped his exposed chest, running all over the place as his own hands went over to her back and slowly unzipped her dress.

She saw him chuckle as she tried to get him to hurry. She wanted out of the dress and into the bed where he would touch her intimately and she could truly feel his once again.

"You shouldn't be in such a hurry," he teased her as his palms ran under her dress over her back slipped under her panties to grab both of her butt cheeks and gripped them.

"I feel so impatient," she whispered to his ear, letting purrs of satisfaction over his touch leave her lips and grace his ears. "I want to have your naked body over mine again."

Syaoran felt his arousal get harder with her words. It had gotten to that point that her very words just brought him closer to the edge. It was now a full on hard on as it had been the last time. His pants felt too tight, as if cutting his body in half. A wince left his features as he hissed over the discomfort.

Sakura pulled him toward the bed. The separation of their bodies let the dress fall to the ground as it slid over her curves. She stepped out of it, careful to guide him over it without tripping as his gaze was intent on her uncovered breasts.

Syaoran's mind went blank while it tried to process the fact that Sakura had wore no bra underneath her very revealing dress. What he had seen that had to have been the padding of the dress itself that accommodated her so well. His eyes feasted on the sight, while his hands itched to touch them. The only thing he could process was that he had two hands and she had two very delectable morsels that he should be touching.

A wolfish smile appeared over his face as she fell over the bed, her arms spread to the side. With an outstretched hand, she invited him to join her. He crouched to her side, part of his body over hers. He ran his hand over one of her whole sides. From her ribs to her knee. Her soft skin beckoned his mouth.

Letting his desire course through, he placed his mouth over one of her breasts, the nipple hardening beneath his tongue. He remembered what little places and maneuvers had earned her groans and pants before and yearning to hear her again, he proceeded to make her body catch on fire as his was feeling.

He was straining in his pants, his breath harsh as one of her hands settled in the middle of her back at the sit of his pants. The other was clutching his head, pressing it in eagerness against her breast.

His tongue circled her areole, softly biting her nipple and the skin that surrounded it. She bucked to his arousal as he turned to her other breast to repeat the caress. She grounded her hips against his, intensifying the connection, while their clothing rustled against each other.

Sakura's vision disappeared for a bit as sparkles filled her retinas and her open eyes couldn't discern her surroundings. That's how she had felt when she had been able to release some of her tension while she had been alone. Today though, it was just a preview of things to come. She wanted the feeling of wholeness and total freedom from this world and her body that he had driven her to, those days ago.

She reached for his touch, gripping one of his hands that was wrapped over her breast and brought it down to cup her sex. The imprint of his fingers over the fabric of her panties left her breathless. Taking the message, Syaoran pulled the fabric from her skin and with a bit of assistance from her, he threw it over his head to pile on the floor with the rest of their clothing.

Stretching for a better position, Sakura opened her legs further, giving him better access to herself. She felt his fingers probe her opening, merely tracing the outer lips. He stopped over her clitoris, rubbing it continuously as his mouth continued to feast on her breasts.

Sakura found it difficult to breathe at the moment. There seemed to be something stuck on her throat as her gasps tried to bring in enough oxygen for the blood flow that was straining her heart. It thudded madly on her ears, its sound the only thing she could hear as Syaoran slipped two fingers inside of her. She didn't feel the burn as she had the first time he had done it. His fingers stretched her, they stroked her and filled her.

"Oh, God," she said in response to his mouth. He wandered from her breast, which was red and complacent with his treatment, and traveled to her stomach. He was slipping from her arms, leaving them to trash and grab for the linens as his mouth settled over sex. He placed kisses everywhere. Each corner, each part of her skin, stopping to completely explore her opening.

Sakura cried out as he let his tongue play with the hard nub that was increasing in size. The blood rushed out of her brain, rushing downwards, flushing her skin. Warmth spread throughout her skin, literally feeling her skin glowing as her body continued to be ran amok with spasms. As her mind tried to grasp life once again, Syaoran continued to stroke her with his tongue. Her inside muscles kept contracting, preparing for a second release that literally dropped her dead on the bed.

It was better than it had been before. His breathing hard and pressured against her navel. The side of his face was spread over her stomach as he himself tried to catch his breath. He brought his hand to his face, coated a bit with the substance she had secreted with her orgasm. He licked his coated fingers, the aroma of her release dominating his senses.

"I think I just came in my pants," he didn't know where the thought had come from, but he felt a pain he had never felt before in his life. She had pulled him to the edge as well, but not throughouly over. Still, he needed to find a release soon, or he would burst in his own boxers.

Sakura remained boneless on the bed. Her body beginning to cool, but the spasm remained in parts of her body as she tried to move her arms and relax them from their position.

She blinked several times, her arms flinging to the sides of the bed so that the muscles could find a comfortable place to rest as her body tried to recoup control. As her fingers wandered over the bedspread, she traced a stem with the otherwise smooth coverlet of that side of the bed.

She grabbed it, willing for her arm to return to her face. The flower came into view. It was a fully bloomed red rose. Syaoran had placed a red rose over the bedspread when he had been preparing. Tears filled her eyes suddenly. A sob escaped her throat as she brought the rose to her lips and kissed the petals.

Syaoran opened his eyes, a bit of control back into his body when her abdomen contracted with her sob. She was crying. Had he done something wrong in the end after all? He pulled himself to her side, bringing a hand to her face, the rose rubbing against his palm.

"Why are you crying?" He asked, afraid of the answer she could give him.

Sakura let her tear-filled eyes fall on the rose once again and back toward his honestly concerned eyes. Her heart hurt inside of her chest, sure that it would seize to beat if her love for this person could grow any more. "I love you so much Syaoran." She tried to smile as another sob escaped her parted lips. "It hurts so much to know how much I love you."

Syaoran felt as if the world had seized to exist beneath him and he was falling. She brought the rose to her lips, placed a kiss to the petals and raised it to his so that it came in contact in the same place.

He recalled the rose then. He had left a red rose over the middle of the bed so that when they finally adjourned to the room for intimacy, she would see a symbol of his passion through the rose. She brought him to her, sharing with him one of the sweetest most memorable kisses that he would recall for the rest of his life.

There was no urgency. There was passion underneath, but not merely lust. Therein lay love, desire, and a bond that would never break. "I love you," she repeated as her kisses broke from his mouth to his whole face. "I love you." She whispered as she let her hand go from his chest to his navel. The hairs covering his navel bristled under her touch, the muscles shuddering beneath her fingers while he hissed as his erection once again came into his mind.

She unbuttoned the pair of pants which were now as wrinkled as the sheets they lay over. She unzipped him, slipping her hand in between the opening of his boxers and taking him in her hand. She stroked him thoroughly, recalling his responses the last time that she had wrapped her hands around him.

"Sakura," he yelped as she cupped his testicles forcefully, bringing both a pleasure and pain so intertwined that his brain didn't know how to process the information.

"Take your pants off," she ordered, the flame that had been extinguished inside her body a few moment before, was coming back to life. She somehow knew that when he entered her and filled her, like it had been intended when the man and the woman had been intended, that she would truly know what true pleasure was.

"I love it when you're forceful," he responded, a commiserating smile hovering his lips. He was so hard and so high strung that he would enter her at the moment if he could regain control of his body from its contractions. He was sure that he would be able to breath again when his clothing stopped to restrict his fully erected penis.

With a bit of effort and concentration, Syaoran slipped out of his pants and his boxers. The fresh air that was thrown over the bed by the fan truly bringing some peace to his painful erection.

Sakura just stayed on the bed, her arms outstretched as she parted her legs. He could see the shining coating that already covered her opening, telling him that she needed him inside of her so that they could finally be whole.

"Protection," this sprung into his mind just as quickly. The reason why he hadn't fully made love to her the last time. His hands reached blindly for the nightstand that was by the bed. He had gone to a store away from the usual places that he frequented to stock on the things. He had bought enough for the clerk to think that he was going to an orgy and wanted to be invited. Syaoran just wanted to be prepared for the future.

He finally reached what he was looking for. He broke the package with his teeth, careful not to touch the material inside. He tried to recall how the books, and how he was shown in how it worked. He'd practiced on himself in the past few days so that he wouldn't seem inexperienced or did it wrong in the end. Still, he fumbled it a bit as Sakura seemed engrossed with the process.

She pulled him with her hands to her, kissing his insecurities away. Leading his hand to her opening again, she thought of how much she loved this person who was now going to change her life.

She felt the head of his erection press against her opening, the feeling a bit different from before. He was a bit bigger than his two fingers, and the feel of the latex material was also new. He pressed forward, watching her face intently, wanting to memorize each of her reactions. He also wanted to see if it hurt her too much to continue. He would be damming himself for eternity if he had to stop, but she was the love of his life.

Sakura felt the discomfort, but it wasn't as bad as she had expected. She knew she had some virgin jitters, who wouldn't in her position? Her hands reached for his back, grabbing by his waist.

"This might hurt," Syaoran didn't know what had possessed him to say it, but he needed to warn her. He entered her fully, burying himself completely. She cried out a bit over his shoulder when he broke over her hymen which hadn't seemed to be completely there. She seemed to be more astounded by the feeling of him inside of her than of pain.

"Are you alright?" Syaoran remained frozen, even though his whole body protested. His hips wanted to move, his erection wanted to rub itself against her opening, his muscles wanted to move all over his body. Still, she was wrapped all around him, her muscles moving slowly over him, adapting to the intrusion.

"Yeah," she answered, a slight smile over her face. He knew that she was a bit uncomfortable as well, but she didn't want to stop either.

Not knowing what to say, Syaoran simply slid out of her opening and entered her fully again. This time he felt the warm glove that completely secured him. It was the most pleasurable experience of his life. No wonder men always thought about sex. He increased the rhythm subtly each time. He didn't want to rush her, but at the same time couldn't help himself.

Sakura gasped, she had moved her hips slightly, and found an angle that had given away to pleasure from the slight discomfort. Still, maintaining it was straining her hips and legs.

"Wrap your legs around me," Syaoran told her, and she immediately complied. His thrusts increased in tempo and pleasure for them both. With each thrust, she fell careening over the hill.

She shouted his name suddenly, the muscles inside of her contracting and expanding under his invasion. She was still feeling the aftershocks of her release when she felt him stiffen, his member in spasms inside of her. He felt over her abruptly, knocking the breath from her lungs momentarily.

A few moments passed, his breath still deep and harsh to her ears before he moved to the side. She heard him move to the other side of the bed and throw something to the wastebasket by the bed, she supposed he was getting rid of the condom.

She reached for him, wanting the closeness of his body to hers as her eyes fought with her slipping concentration to close. He brought her to his arms, settling her in his embrace. Their eyes remained opened for a while, simply shining and transmitting thoughts of love, satisfaction, and much needed rest.

"You were wonderful," she told him as their hands came together. They softly traced each other's palm, a sense of peace and completion bringing their bodies to sleep.

Sakura's hands swatted the thing that was currently tracing circles on her stomach. As it persisted, she was forced to come out of slumber to find the subject of her affections smiling beside her.

In his hand were three roses, in different colors from the one she had placed in the nightstand the night before. "Morning," she said as he continued to slide the petal of the flowers over her figure.

He handed her the white rose first, murmuring into her ear as he rolled her over her back and placed a knee in between her legs. "Truth and Innocence," he said to her as he placed it over her chest and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He placed a coral rose over her chest to accompany the other. "Desire," he explained as her skin flushed against his contact.

Sakura's eyes remained on the last rose as he flicked his tongue over her breasts, her body reacting to his actions. It was coming back from slumber. "And this," he brushed the budding lilac rose over her lips, caressing her face. He placed all four roses together by the nightstand as he gathered her into his arms and shifted their positions. She rested comfortably over his chest, the roses in her line of vision as he caressed her body, like the knowledgeable lover that he already was.

"I fell for you at first sight, even though it took me a while to realize it. Just how it hurts for you every time you think your love cannot expand, so does mine for you." He let his feelings shine through his eyes. "I love you Sakura," he caressed the side of her face. "Thank you for loving me."

She smiled. There was no other way to express what she was feeling. She had discovered a new part of herself, and found a lover who received as much pleasure from her smiles as with her body.

Letting her hands wander over his chest, her mind went over all of the possibilities and of the days to come in which she could wake up like this.

And then her mind went over the fact that he was aroused again, and she was on top this time.

This opened many new possibilities for other discoveries.



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Moonlight Lullaby - Persecution brought Sakura to the Lee family's doorstep when she has a newborn. Under a promise, she's been reared up as the fifth daughter of the main clan. Still, years of hiding could not hide her from those who want to find her. Her brother Syaoran though can't be in the same room with her, as both develop forbidden feelings between siblings. Secrets are revealed and traditions are forsaken as death follows the clan. AU and much more.

Underneath this Smile - Syaoran has just transfered to a new city, the new rookie of its police force. He is somehow put in the middle between two ribling gangs and in a spiral with the sister of one of its bosses. Sakura is a girl who has always followed her brother as he is the only family she has left. But, glimpses of Syaoran's smile and care, she comes to despise the power struggle that is destroying the city. AU, and more to come.

Next Floor - Sakura always finds herself thrown into the arms of one of the building neighbors while they ride the elevators to their respective floors. Syaoran has come to dread the rides, finding himself completely entranced with the klutzy woman. A power outtage while alone and trapped might help to reveal several things about each other.

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