The sun shone with all its brilliance on that summer day. Hermione watched the rows of houses and buildings pass by as the horse-drawn carriage she rode in approached closer and closer to the church. The day had finally arrived; she was getting married. She felt Ginny take her hand.

"You look gorgeous 'Mione" she said softly to her. Hermione smiled at her. She wore a simple, yet elegant spaghetti-strap white gown that was adorned with flowers and pearls. Somehow, her hair stylist managed to tame her hair (with magic of course) and style it neatly into an elegant messy bun adorned with small blue flowers. The wedding colours were baby blue, but with Ginny being the maid of honour, wore a midnight blue gown. The gown brought out Ginny's jade eyes, which stood out more than her fiery bush of red hair.

Everything was prefect. The day was glorious, not a cloud in the sky. The birds seemed to sing with the beauty and joy that Hermione felt deep inside her heart. The dance of the butterflies perfectly resembled the flutter of butterflies she was experiencing in her stomach. She looked back at the road and once again was lost deep in her thoughts.

Graduation from Hogwarts seemed like it had been an eternity ago when in fact it had only been three years. As predicted, Hermione graduated with the top grades of the class. She felt a little twinge of jealously that Malfoy, of all people, lingered closely behind her in achieving the best grades. At the same time, although he was her mortal enemy, he switched sides at the last minute to fight against the Dark Lord. She heard that his father practically disowned him after that little fiasco, but that's beside the point.

After graduation, she decided to take up Auror studies and one day work for the ministry. Malfoy followed. She wondered where he was now, perhaps on a mission? She was grateful that Malfoy decided to help the Order in defeating Voldemort but that was the last thing on her mind. The only thing she could really concentrate on was the fact that, within the hour, she would be the new Mrs. Ronald Weasley.

She felt the carriage come to a stop. The horses neighed. "We're here!" Ginny exclaimed with such glee that Hermione feared that if she weren't careful, she would have a little accident and ruin her dress. The butterflies in Hermione's stomach fluttered even more. She stepped outside the carriage and waited for Ginny to come around. Ginny embraced her tightly and whispered in her ear, "I'm so happy for you 'Mione. We're going to be sisters. Makes sense really, I love you as if you were my sister." They smiled at each other and Ginny, somehow, managed to run towards the church in 9" heels without falling over. It was quite the sight really; Hermione couldn't help but laugh out loud. It reminded her of a half chicken, half flamingo prancing about like a loon. Ginny disappeared into the church. Hermione looked up at the sky, a single grey cloud was starting to form, but that wasn't going to ruin her prefect day. She took a deep breath and started to walk towards the church.

The doors opened. The organ started to play the infamous and completely cliché, Wedding March. Ron insisted on it. She made her inside the church and could hear the rustle of two hundred guests standing up, awaiting for the bride. A toothy smile came across Hermione's face. She no longer had the ugly buckteeth she did in school, she hated them and did a little spell to give her the prefect smile. The dress appeared yellow compared to her teeth.

She held her head up straight in the air, and made her way, elegantly to the alter where the nervous-wreck of Ron was waiting for her. She chuckled inwardly at his state. If he didn't calm down, he would have a nervous breakdown and end up wetting himself and looking like a complete prat. Maybe it was a family trait. "Maybe his knickers are itchy" Hermione thought and giggled at the idea. She felt that all eyes were on her, looking at her from head to toe, but she was looking at Ron. He seemed to have calmed down a bit, at least to the point where he would be able to stop himself if he was about to wet his pants. She smiled at him. "Halfway there" she thought. She noticed a shadow move some ten feet away somewhere beyond the alter, hidden in the darkness. Since when did shadows move on their own?

A hooded figure emerged with a wand pointed directly at Ron. Hermione tried to cry out but a lump in her throat suddenly developed. Her eyes widened, and all she could do was watch. A flash of green light, and it was over. Hermione fell to her knees; everyone around her was in panic, several hexing the hooded figure but missing their target.

She laid her eyes upon Ron's crumpled body that lay lifeless at the alter. She felt a strong pain in her chest, she clutched at her heart, so this was a broken heart. The hood of Ron's murder finally gave away, revealing long, sleek, bleach blond hair that was covered in greys. A sneer look, a hysterical laugh of a maniac. Lucius Malfoy.

She saw Harry throw a hex at Lucius, and at an instance, stiffened his entire body, locked his arms to his side and he fell to the ground with a thud. Everything had gotten blurry. She looked towards the ceiling. She and Ron had decided on this church because it had a glass ceiling. Several clouds had gathered in a short period of time. The heavens thundered and the rain started to fall. She looked back at Ron. Molly lay next to her son, cradling his lifeless body and crying out towards the heavens. Harry came running towards her, everything was getting dark. The last thing she was Harry's shocking emerald eyes looking into hers and then all was black.