Message for all Pottergirl101 stories

I know, right? You're probably wondering a million things. All the reasons why I haven't updated in what I can probably estimate to be around a year, or even more. Well, there are actually only several reasons to why I've temporarily stopped writing.

1. School. I'm a sophmore in high school now, and I put EVERYTHING that has to do with my college record before anything else. That means hours of homework, hours of studying, volunteer work, and school sports

2. After reading the last Harry Potter book I was kind of like, "Okay, what now?" To be completely honest I really didn't LOVE how it ended. To me it sounded like JK Rowling was just trying to scrape it all out, just to be done with the series. Thousands of questions that I wanted answered were left hanging, and that put me off for a while.

3. My old computer crashed, taking with it at least ten chapters of BTR 2: Meet the Potters, twelve chapters of Marauder and Marauderette, seven chapters of Catch me (my attempt at redoing You can't turn back time), and five chapters of Bachelor. This REALLy upset me, because I basically lost at least 50 hours of my life.

4. When I finally got back in the mind set to write, I hadn't set foot in the Potter scene for so long that it was completely foreign. Not to mention the fact that when I went back and re-read my writing, I thought it sucked compared to what I write now as a sophmore.

I'm sorry if these reasons seem completely stupid to you and if you're thinking, "What? She abandoned us for THAT?" And I really understand if I've lost you guys as my faitful reviewers. However, I seem to recall that I have always said I will never totally abandon my stories. I plan on being true to that, but only to an extent. You guys are going to do me a favor: I am setting up a poll to see which story you guys want me to start up again the most, because as of right now I can only handle one story instead of my old five. Send me a PM, a review on the story of your choice, etc.


Breaking the Rules 2: meet the Potters!

Catch Me

The Bachelor

Marauders and Marauderette

Now, don't be upset if the winning story is not the one you wanted. I will at some point get back to the stories, just as I promised. But as of right now, the poll is open!

Thanks for all your help and support, pottergirl101