This one is going to be so much fun. Anyway, these are Katara and Zuko's private entries in their diary and journal. No one knows about them (yet), so their feelings are safe in them. The first one will always be Katara and the second, Zuko.

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Dear Diary,

I just realized I hadn't written in here since I bought it in Gaoling. Well, might as well start now.

He found us again today. I'm not exactly sure how, we hadn't seen him since the North Pole and we'd figured he'd either given up or died during the siege, but he was there none-the-less. He was with the old man that helped us in the oasis. It must be his uncle or something. I couldn't see anyone other than family traveling with that brat.

His eyes. Something about them has changed. I couldn't begin to describe the furiousity of them before, but now.. now they seemed broken, as if he'd come through some dramatic change in his life. Well, that would certainly explain his appearance. He was decked out in Earth Kingdom green, a color that actually suited him. His ponytail had been cut off and he was, La forgive me, surprisingly quite handsome. Not that he wasn't before, but now he actually looked older and more his age. I'd better make sure Sokka doesn't find this.

Why am I noticing these things in my enemy? I bet he'd never do that. Is it wrong to notice things like that? Or am I simply making a rather detailed observation? Oh, how I wish for Gran Gran to be here and explain these things to me.

I noticed Toph almost in tears when the older man, Iroh I believe is what Zhao called him, was hit by the crazy girl's blue fire. Did she know him? Why would it upset her that much? I offered to help, but Zuko screamed at us to go away. Something was wrong with that picture. I had an idea and helped anyway. Sure, I risked getting burnt, but that was a risk I had to take to possibly save the life of the man that meant so much to Zuko.

Toph sunk Zuko into the ground so he couldn't protest anymore than he already had and I ripped open the burnt part of the robe. It looked pretty bad, but it healed fine. Zuko looked on, desperately trying to cover up the look of astonishment on his face once I noticed. I gave him a weak smile as Toph released him and we ran off to join the boys.

I'm not sure what came over me right then, and I sure heard about it later from Sokka, but I felt it was my job as a waterbender and a healer to help him, enemy or not. Besides, I owed the man for attacking Zhao after he killed the moon spirit. Sokka knew that too, more than anyone, but "he's still the enemy!" he would say.

I hope after that, they'll give up on the chase.



I finally found the Avatar again! I've been tracking my sister, which isn't exactly hard to do in the vehicle she's in, and she led me right to him. I knew I couldn't beat Azula, she was much too strong, but at least I handled her better than before. I'd been training a lot since I left Uncle behind. I still feel guilty about that, but I didn't want him to get hurt because of me. I would never forgive myself.

It was strange to me to end up fighting alongside of my enemies, but we now had a common enemy. My wack-job sister. I saw the Water Tribe siblings, I assumed that's what they were anyway, and the Avatar wasn't hard to spot, but there was a new girl with them. A girl in green, an earthbender judging by her lack of shoes. Her bangs fell in front of her eyes and I had to wonder if she could see through them.

But, even though I'd never seen her, she looked as if she were going to cry when Azula hit Uncle Iroh with her crazy blue flames. Did they meet sometime in between when I left him and now? It seemed quite possible, but she's traveling with the Avatar's crew. Was he traveling with the Avatar? If he made it through this, I'd be sure to scold him for it.

That Water Tribe girl, I couldn't think of her name for the life of me, offered to help. If I hadn't been so distraught at the moment, I may have accepted it. Instead, I yelled at them to leave and threw a harmless burst of fire at them. For a second, I thought they were going to leave, but they didn't. Instead, I was sunk into the ground up to my chin while that stupid waterbender kneeled beside my uncle. I struggled to get out to no avail, yelling didn't help, breathing fire wasn't an option with my uncle that close to me, so I watched on as her hands started glowing an ethereal blue.

She looked back at me and I couldn't help but feel stupid for gawking like an idiot at her healing powers. I thought back to when I was burned. Could she have healed it when it was new? Could she heal it now? I longed to be rid of the mark of shame on my face, cutting the last of my ties to my home land. I was jolted from my thoughts when I was thrust from the ground and the two girls ran off.

My uncle's chest was exposed and I looked on in surprise. The only remaining evidence of Azula's attack was the singed part of his robe. I turned back to watch the girl in blue being helping onto the giant bison. I wanted to properly thank her, but she was still the enemy.

Why did she care about my uncle anyway? Did she know him too? I felt I was being left out of some big secret and it made me furious. I didn't want to be furious at my recently injured uncle, so I diverted it to the Avatar's group. With them flying away once again and my uncle still unconcious, I couldn't do anything but try to get him somewhere safe.

I have to stop writing for now, he's finally waking up.


I know I changed some, but it all fits into the juicy plot that will be Zutara. These will always be about this short, but I had 4 chapters written in one day so don't complain unless you don't like quick updates. :D