Dear Diary,

This is going to be my last entry. Sokka told everyone about it so it's not a secret anymore and it kind of lost its meaning. I already kicked his butt for it.. and for the fact that he punched Zuko last night after I talked to him. That was uncalled for. So I got the gang together today and we all talked about it after everyone kept asking Zuko about the bruise on his cheek and before he could fry them all to a crisp for it.

I think Toph and Iroh were the only ones who'd taken it okay because they knew, but Sokka flipped out even more than he had last night and Aang just took off. He's been gone all day and I'm worried. I know he loves me, but I can't help that I don't feel the same. I'll try to talk to him when he gets back and explain one-on-one what's going on. Maybe he'll understand a little better when it's coming from just me and not a few different mouths at once.

Zuko and I don't get to spend much time together outside of the tea shop because Sokka's been breathing down my neck since he found out. It's almost like he cares more about my relationships than his own because he hasn't even mentioned Suki since yesterday morning. It makes me worry for her as well. Iroh has tried to talk to him, about both Suki and mine and Zuko's relationship, but he refuses to listen. He's acting the way he did right after Yue died and in a way it's heartbreaking.

We finished planning the Fire Nation invasion today at least. We've heard a lot of commotion coming from the cells below the palace recently, I assume from Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai. We decided they're to stay locked up in the city until after the invasion so they can't warn anyone about it, then we'll send them home. I kind of feel sorry for Azula. I can only imagine what Ozai would do to her for getting captured by the enemy if he scarred Zuko for disagreeing with a war strategy. Poor princess.

I guess it's going to be hard the next couple of months until the invasion. At least I'll be glad to do something other than waterbend tea to customers everyday. It's odd that just yesterday I was writing about how I was tired of fighting, but now I kind of miss it and can't wait to leave. And Zuko will be by my side the whole time. It still seems surreal to me sometimes, but I know I've fallen for him. Hard. Until next time.

Goodbye, Diary.



Today didn't go over so great (like I really expected to). Sokka may have found out last night but he freaked out more today anyway because we admitted to it, and Aang just flew off. I kind of feel bad for the kid. I've never had my heart broken by a girl I loved (apparently I'm the one always doing the heart breaking), but then again he's never lost a mother. Both are painful, that much I know, but I'm not sure which is more.

Since Sokka found Katara's diary, I don't think my journal is safe anymore either. He's been watching Katara day and night making sure she doesn't get too close to me. Who knows what he'd do to my room to find this thing if he knew I had one.. which he may because I was writing in it last night when he came in and punched me. So I guess this will be my last entry. And since it is and I plan on burning it after this, there are a few things I want to get out in writing since I'm afraid to say them out loud.

My father is an idiot. I hate him with all of my being and I hope to the great Agni above that I'll be the one to slaughter him unmercifully. I don't think Aang will progress far enough in his firebending training to defeat him, though he's pretty much got the other 3 elements down. Should he fail, I promise I won't. Then I'll go after Azula. She'll be marked and banished while I laugh in her face as she's done to me for 3 years. She will pay.

On a lighter note, Katara is absolutely amazing. Sokka would kill me for sure, or at least try, if he knew how deep my feelings for her ran. The way she moves with such grace and agility astonishes me and I can't help but stare when she waterbends the tea to our customers.. then I get yelled at by other customers for stopping what I'm doing. I can't help but notice every little thing about her, things I never would've noticed in any other girl. The way her nose crinkles a little when she laughs, the way her eyes light up when she sees something she likes, the way she starts fidgeting with her braid when she's nervous, and most of all the way she finds ways to dodge her brother's view to give me a kiss on the cheek.

I know our courtship would be looked down upon by a lot of the world, especially by her own people, but she has a way of reassuring me it will all be okay in the end. I hope she's right. I wouldn't mind Katara as my Fire Lady; I think she would make for a rather helpful and, at times, intimidating leader. She always seems to know what's best for everyone and can scare most men twice her age (including me sometimes), she would do perfectly in the royal court.. if she would have me, that is. That's what scares me more than anything: her rejection.

I guess this is goodbye, Journal.


I guess I'm going to do a sequel for this! I hope you all enjoyed it and look for the sequel, though I'm unsure as of when I'm going to have it out. I've got a lot going on right now, including my daughter's upcoming 1st birthday next month. To tide you over, check out my other works, preferably CoD: The Plan Unfolds. A preview for that sequel is up in my profile so go check it out! Until next time (LOL), R&R!