Summary: AU. At first glance, Kenshin and Kaoru have absolutely nothing in common. Kaoru is the punk who records everything in her journal, and Kenshin is the rich, preppy jock. So when they both end up working the same days and shifts at the local diner, Kaoru is less than enthusiastic. The only thing they manage to have in common is the Converse they wear everyday...

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con-verse1  / verb, -versed, -vers-ing, noun

–verb (used without object)

1. To talk informally with another or others; exchange views, opinions, etc., by talking.

2. Archaic. To maintain a familiar association with (usually fol. by with).


1. Familiar discourse or talk; conversation.

(from wwwdotdictionarydotcom)

2. One of the greatest forms of footwear ever created.


"I don't see why we're going for the entire summer."

"Hush! You've been mumbling that for the past two hours already."

"But mom, all my friends are home this summer! We were planning on doing something cool and you just fuck it up by deciding – on a whim mind you – to go our summer house for the entire summer."

"Language, Kaoru! A lady shouldn't be speaking like that," Kaoru rolled her blue eyes in response, "This will be good for you. I really don't like some of your friends. Especially that Aoshi guy. He's just so…cold."

"He's the only gentleman in my school if you ask me. He's a good guy." Kaoru's mom sighed as she gripped the steering wheel tighter.

"I think this will be good bonding. We haven't done anything together since dad died and I think it's about time we did so." Kaoru looked down at her worn-down black Converses and prevented a sigh from escaping. She didn't like it when her dad was mentioned.

"Why couldn't you let me drive here? Now I won't have my car." Kaoru mumbled after a moment.

"Dad's car is still in the garage. You can drive that." She decided that she talked with her mom enough and put her headphones over her ears and blasted Radiohead.

"Honey! I can hear the music through your earphones!" Kaoru's mom said loudly. Kaoru pretended that she didn't hear her mom and continued looking out the window.

They drove the rest of the way there in silence and didn't speak to each other until they pulled into the gravel driveway.

"I absolutely hate the traffic coming here." Kaoru stated as she slammed the car door.

"It's horrible. This area used to be a well-kept secret. Until those ridiculous Zaggot books came out,"

"Mom, you do realize that you own three of them, right?" Kaoru stifled back a laugh as she saw her mom moved her chin up stubbornly. She definitely got some of her stubbornness from her mom.

"Isn't it such a lovely day out? I'm going to read on the beach as soon as we bring our bags in." Kaoru agreed that it was nice out – the sun was still high in the sky and there was a light breeze rustling the trees. She looked down at her neon multicolored nails and sighed. She still wished that she was with Misao, Aoshi, and the Oniwaban – as Beshimi, Hannya, Hyottoko, Omasu, and Shikijo called themselves.

Kaoru and her mom brought the multiple bags up to their respected rooms and as soon as her mom left, Kaoru collapsed onto the bed.

I don't want to be here…

She took out her beat-up Nokia cell-phone and called Misao.


"Hey, Misao."

"You sound terrible. What's eating you?"

"I wish I was back home!"

"Me too! This summer is going to suck without you!"

"Well…you do have some more alone time with Aoshi." Kaoru heard Misao giggle on the other line.

"True. But I want you here!"

"Maybe you can come up here at one point."


"Misao, there's no room for discussion. You are coming up here." Kaoru stated bluntly, making Misao laugh.

"Don't worry. We'll visit just as soon as the Oniwaban, Aoshi, and I are done with this ninja camp." Kaoru nearly slapped her forehead. Of course, they always go to that ridiculous camp in Japan . So that meant…

"You can't come up for a month?"

"Kaoru, Kaoru…you knew that. Calm down! Just hang in there for a month and we'll come right up! I promise!" Misao said, trying to pacify Kaoru. She took a deep breath before pushing her cell into her ear.

"I'm sorry, I'm being ridiculous."

"Nonsense. I know that you don't want to be there."

"Okay…well…I guess I'll go for a walk then. You should finish packing." Kaoru sighed.

"Oops…yeah I better start packing! We're leaving tomorrow!" Kaoru's jaw dropped.


"What? The sooner I leave, the sooner I'll be back! But thanks for reminding me! I really need to pack!" Only Misao could forget to pack the day before a trip, thought Kaoru.

"Okay…I'll talk to you when you get back."

"Okay! I'll send you a postcard!"

"You do know that I'll never get the postcard until the beginning of school."


Kaoru shook her head in amusement before saying, "Alright, have fun."

"Thanks, and you too. It's summer! Try and have fun! Meet some cute boys! Love ya!" Kaoru laughed.

"Love you too. Bye!" When Kaoru heard her hang up, she kept the phone up to her ear for a second longer before hanging up as well.


The feeling of angst overpowered her as she laid on her bed alone. She eventually took out her worn out journal that said "KAORU'S JOURNAL" in colorful cut-out letters from her bag. She opened it to a blank page and wrote down a couple of lines that just came to mind.

A few minutes later Kaoru decided to take a walk – something to keep her away from the house. Putting her cell-phone into her ripped jeans she ran out of the house and onto the street.

She took a look around the neighborhood and the first thing she noticed was that there was a car in the driveway of the house across from hers. Of all the years her family owned the beach house, Kaoru never met or saw the people who lived in the house across from them. They eventually learned that they would leave right when the Kamiya family was arriving.

"Hm, maybe we'll actually get to meet them." Kaoru thought out loud as she continued down the street.

While walking, approximately eight people stared at her longer than necessary. Of course, she was used to that, given her rebellious way of dressing. Kaoru held her head up just a bit higher and pulled down the hem of her Motion City Soundtrack shirt.

As Kaoru began passing the string of stores and restaurants one stood out in particular: the Akabeko. It was a simple diner and not very interesting at first glance, but what caught Kaoru's attention was the large white and red sign that flashed: Now Hiring!

Thinking that it would be the perfect opportunity to stay out of the house for most of the day, Kaoru crossed the street and entered the diner just as a redhead exited.

"Hello! Welcome to the Akabeko! Will it be just for one?" a cheerful woman asked.

"Uh, well actually I was here for the…" Kaoru trailed off as she pointed behind her toward the sign.

"Oh! Perfect! My name is Sae. Come follow me. Tsubame! Take my place for a bit!" the woman called out. A small girl with short hair came running towards her.

"Okay," She panted, getting behind the desk.

Kaoru followed Sae through the booths and past the counter into a small room with a desk and…Sae writing behind it?

"Huh?" Kaoru said outloud, confused. Sae giggled and put a hand to her mouth.

"The owner of the Akabeko, my twin sister Tae Sekihara! Tae, this is…" Sae trailed off, looking toward Kaoru.

"Kaoru Kamiya, nice to meet you." Kaoru said. Tae stood up from her chair and smiled, holding out a hand.

"Please to meet you." Kaoru shook her hand and took a seat in the chair in front of the desk.

"You're quite in luck Kaoru! We only have one more shift available, it's from six to ten at night. Is this good for you?" Tae explained, sitting in the chair behind the desk.

"Fine, perfect." Kaoru replied cheerfully.

"Excellent. Well just fill out this sheet and then you can start working tomorrow night!" Tae handed Kaoru a sheet and a pen.

As Kaoru filled out the sheet, she thought the summer couldn't be as bad with the job.

What she would soon learn is that it would cause a whole new set of complications that she was certainly not expecting.

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