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Kyubbi Talking (Yes Kyubbi can talk, he's sort of merged with Naruto)

Poem (sorry if my poem sucks but yeah it was the best I could do)

Naruto talking to Kyubbi

POV Change

Hugs and Kisses


The Letter that Starts It All

It was early; the sun hadn't even reached the village of Konohagakure making it chilly to anyone not snuggled up in there warm beds, and seriously who in there right mind would be out of bed at four thirty in the morning? Well there is someone, the only person oblivious enough in the village to do such a thing. He didn't notice the cold or the time he was completely focused on the envelope that he held in his hands….that and the mansion door in front of him. What can this blonde boy be doing you may wonder.

Naruto's POV

Bending down with the letter clutched tightly in my hand I took a few shaky breaths. After a few seconds of trying to calm down and failing I came to a decision I can't do this. There was a sound of annoyance in the back of my mind before an annoyed Kyubbi said Kit, you spent three hours writing that you are going to do it.

I shook my head violently, I was almost surprised it didn't come flying off. I can't, what if he finds out it's me? Kyubbi sighed You gave no indication it was you and besides everyone thinks you are the stupid, emotionally blind person you act as during the day. I pouted, Yeah, yeah, yeah; you know I think Sakura-Chan would have a heart attack if I came to a meeting without my 'normal' Naruto persona.

I could feel Kyubbi's evil grin Can we do that? Maybe then she'd stop hitting us and squealing. Shaking my head at the thoughts he sent me I smiled. That would be funny but I can't risk Sasuke finding out it's me that wrote the letter. Looking back down at it I gave a loud sigh. Back to my problem, should I or shouldn't I?

Kit, just do it, if he finds out and hates you, which I doubt then we can go away with the perverted frog man, leave ourselves or ignore him. Besides, you never know he may even like you back. Running a hand through my hair, even further messing up my blonde locks I muttered out "He won't like me that's for sure, he's as straight as a god damn board." Plucking up my courage I bent down and pushed the letter under the door.

I could feel Kyubbi give me a mental pat on the back You're doing the best thing kit and since when is he straight? He's never indicated it. I shrugged my shoulders Trust me he's straight and with my luck he's probably in love with Sakura-Chan. You thought Iruka was straight but it turned out he was with Kakashi. Besides, he has always hated the fangirls but liked you that's something. Not to mention I think Gaara likes Neji……but I'm not sure it's just something about his smell.

I gave a dry chuckle True they were surprising and I was wrong, but I doubt that if Sasuke was gay or bi he'd like me, I'm Naruto remember. Kyubbi frowned Your a lot better then what you give yourself credit for, trust me I know. This coming from a nine tail fox demon who is sealed inside my stomach after destroying half my village and its population?

No this is coming from a friend who has lived inside you for your entire life making him know all your memories, thoughts and dreams. I blinked Point taken. Now let's get out of here before anyone notices us. Why are you telling me? ……..Shut up I did the hand signs needed all the while grumbling about stupid Kyubbi, which he had the nerve to laugh about. When I finished and appeared in my apartment I found a broken window and a rock on the floor. "This is a bad morning." I murmured while heading towards my kitchen.

Sasuke's POV

Beep, Beep, Beep. My eyes furrowed as I was pulled into the basic sate of consciousness. What the hell is that noise? Beep, Beep, Beep it continued making my eye twitch. Letting out a growl I lifted up my left hand. Beep, Beep, Beep, SMASH!

Ignoring the slight pain in my hand I opened my eyes and rolled over so I was facing my bedside table where on top of it was the remains of my alarm clock. I scowled before pushing myself out of bed, grabbing some clean clothes and heading for the shower, this would be a bad day.

After a nice 15 minute shower I came out with my usual outfit on. My eyes automatically being drawn to my broken clock. Another scowl appeared on my face, I would now have to go out and get a new one, I had wanted to avoid the fangirls today. I rubbed a hand over my eyes I hoped to stop the oncoming headache; just thinking about there squealing hurt my head. You'd have think I could have built up an immunity over the years.

Walking down stairs I avoiding the kitchen, having breakfast could wait, I wasn't in the mood and to quote Shikamaru 'It was to Troublesome'. When I reached the door I felt something under my foot. Taking a few steps back I looked down. "What the?" I muttered while bending down to pick up an envelope. It had my name written on the front written in blue pen. I was instantly intrigued, who would be giving me a letter? It couldn't have been from a fangirl or it would have been in pink or some other ghastly girl colour. Shrugging I opened it; I had nothing pressing to do anyway.

Pulling out a letter I unfolded it, eyebrows knitting together as it revealed a hand written letter. The ink used was black and calligraphy was very fancy and not a single ink smudge, but what was written was even more surprising.


When I talk to you, you listen but you do not want to hear

When I watch you, you frown for you do not want me there

If I ask you a question you grumble or ignore

If asked for a favour you'd need to even the score

My world is worth your smile which is rarely ever seen

Do you realise that one look from you is all I ever need

One sigh from you is torment for I can not ask you why

I wish that you could open up and let your sadness fly

You may try to hide it but I see through your disguise

Everyone else is clueless to your web of lies

To them you're just a pretty face no matter what you say

It's sad that they will love you while you don't care either way

When you left I thought that I would just as surely die

You didn't even tell us nor even say goodbye

But then when you returned the light came back to day

Only to be shadowed for what you did not say

I thought you might be burdened by all that had been done

But when I went to talk to you I felt that I should run

No matter what I try to say it just is like before

Everything is in its place just as if it was a law

But looking at your annoyance when ever we're alone

Makes my feelings hesitate in ever being shown

Yet when I am around your form, a kiss I wish to share

But if I were to give my heart would it make you care?

If heartbreak is my option, then why do I still try?

If only to be broken and left to sit and cry

Because we can not choose the ones we want to hold

Even if the ones we love act superior and cold

Even if I cannot tell you who I really am

For how could you ever love me when I'm another man?

But know that I will watch you and help you with your goals

For I love ever part of you but mainly just your soul

Now you may be wondering who I am but I'm afraid that will have to remain hidden. So until we meet again remember I'll see you even if you don't see me.


I blinked my eyes widening by the end. Re-reading it again I waited for something more to happen but when nothing did I carefully folded it and put it in my pocket. A small evil smirk slowly spread across my face "This morning has just become interesting." Opening the door and heading into the village I only had one thought on my mind; let's find out who you are.

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