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Chapter 16 In The End It Doesn't Even Matter

Sasuke's POV

I felt something tickling my face lightly; scrunching my nose I waited for it to go away, when it didn't I slowly opened my eyes. I was met by orange fur that was practically in my mouth. Pulling my head back I got a better view of what now actually looked like one of the foxes. Turning its head from where it had been curled under its tail it turned to look at me with lazy eyes.

I blinked trying to remember which fox it was but not getting anywhere. Giving a small yawn it stood up and walked a few steps before flopping down and curling up next to my neck. Without moving me head I looked down at the ball of fluff a small smile played on my lips. Looking away from it I searched for Naruto when I saw him I almost laughed. He was sprawled on his back, one arm over his eyes the other hugging one of the foxes to his side, the final fox was curled on his stomach, breathing as he breathed.

"So cute" The whispered words escaped my lips as I looked at the scene. The fox curled at Naruto's side lifted its head, its face more alert then the one now sleeping at my neck. When it saw me awake it seem to smile, standing up it bounded over Naruto's arm running towards me, before I could react it was jumping on the other fox and licking my face.

Quickly grabbing the fox I pulled it away from my face. Sitting up I used my free hand to wipe away and slobber. I glared at the fox I was holding. It gave a small yip and wagged its busy tail. I was wondering what I would do to it in punishment when I heard a small growl. Looking down I saw the fox that had been at my neck, he seemed pissed. Gaining a small smirk I picked up the other fox and placed them both on the ground, where within seconds a small fight had begun.

Grinning I watched the battle a small chuckle would occasionally escape as at raged on. After a few minutes I felt something fluffy rest on my hand. Looking down I found the other fox watching the battle his head on my hand. Looking behind me I smiled to see Naruto still asleep. Looking back at the fox, I pulled my hand out from under it and instead started scratching its head, something I was rewarded with a purr for.

Looking back at the battling foxes I noticed something I hadn't before, one of the fighting foxes had much darker rimmed eyes then the others. Concentrating I noticed that the other fox's left ear had a small permanent slump to it. Looking at the one on the bed I picked him up and looked him over for something that made it stand out. I found it in its tail, it had a black tip where as the other's didn't. Putting it back down on the bed I turned back to the other foxes who had stopped fighting, the fox with the slumped ear lying on top of the other one, obviously the victor.

Smiling I went to grab them when I felt arms wrap around my waist. Turning my head around I gave a small smile as I looked into Naruto's face. Leaning down I placed a light kiss on his lips pulling back I whispered. "Morning." Giving a small yawn combined with a smile he leaned his head against my shoulder before saying. "Morning Sasu-Koi." Ruffling his hair lightly I gave him a warm smile.

Naruto's POV

My eyes scrunched up lightly as he ruffled my hair. When he removed his hand I caught his smile causing me to grin back as well. He opened his mouth to speak but stopped when yipping commenced. Looking down I saw Akane and Toshi on the ground, they were both looking between me and the door, obviously wanting their breakfast. Pulling back from Sasuke I started crawling towards the edge of the bed when I felt hands run down my sides causing me to shiver.

Turning to look at Sasuke I saw him smirk as he looked over my body, it was only then that I realised we were both still naked. Giving him a small glare I spoke. "Sasuke, as much as I would love to pounce on you right now I have to take the foxes outside." With his hands still on my sides I was having a hard time not spinning around and kissing him. After a few moments he simple frowned and let me go. Continuing I crawled until I was at the edge of the bed, getting off I heading for my closet, to find something to change into.

As I walked across the room I could feel Sasuke's eyes on me, I was tempted to rock my hips but I didn't want him to jump me, I wouldn't resist if he did. When I reached my closet I opened it revealing a few racks of clothes as well as two sets of draws. Pulling out a long sleeved navy shirt, some light blue cargos and sushi boxers I threw them to Sasuke. He gave a grunt of acknowledgement before the rustling of fabric could be heard.

Grabbing a black fishnet shirt, black leather pants with chains, black fingerless gloves and black boxers I quickly started changing. When I was done I turned to look at a fully clothed Sasuke who was looking at my outfit with raised eyebrows. Smirking I spoke. "Gotta keep up appearances don't I?" He gave a 'hn' in reply making me roll my eyes. Walking up to him I let stopped inches away from his face. "You know you love it." I murmured before closing the distance between us and kissing him lightly on the lips.

He responded instantly, wrapping his arms around me and deepening the kiss. I smiled, my arms finding their way around his neck, he swiped his tongue across my bottom lip, I was about to grant him access when I felt a sharp pain in my foot. Pulling back I swore under my breath as I looked down at Toshi whose teeth were lightly imbedded in my left foot.

Glaring I shook my foot dislodging him. Observing it lightly I was annoyed to find Toshi had left indentation marks. Turning to look at the fox I saw the closest thing to a glare he could make on his face. Sighing in annoyance I unwrapped myself from Sasuke giving him an apologetic as I did. "I got to let them out; I can't disrupt the schedule this forest is use to." He gave me an unreadable look before nodding.

Smiling in thanks I went to move forward when a hand linked with my own. Looking at Sasuke I smiled before lightly pulling him with me as we walked towards the door, the foxes running around our feet. When we reached the doorway I bent down and grabbed the mask of the Visu. Sasuke looked at it. "You going to put it on?" He asked. I shook my head before throwing it onto the bed. "Nah, I'm only filling in."

Shikamaru's POV

Sighing I took my eyes away from Neji and Shino who were high up in the trees. Turning to Gaara I observed him. He was leaning against the tree, his arms crossed and eyes locked on Neji. Deciding to ask the question that had been on my mind all night I spoke. "You don't think we have a chance at finding them do you?" Gaara slowly turned his head to look at me. "No. They will be found when they want to be, no sooner."

I nodded slowly. "Where do you think they are then?" Before he could answer Shino and Neji dropped down into the clearing. Turning out attention to them I felt my eyes widen at the looks on their faces. "What is it?" Gaara asked. Neji answered. "Shino's bugs came back; they found a bunch of dead bodies and chakra residue." Gaara looked at me and with in an instant we were following the directions of Shino, heading for what would hopefully be a clue to their whereabouts.

Sasuke's POV

"What do you mean filling in? I thought you were…him!?" Naruto gave me a mischievous smirk, continuing to lead me through the hosue he spoke. "Well technically I am 'him'. The last one was maybe three hundred years old, but hadn't aged a day it's the gift and curse of a Visu." Pausing he opened the door that lead us outside.

I was taken aback slightly by the beauty, it was a clearing, surrounded by trees and flowers, with various animals moving throughout it. He smiled slightly as the foxes ran into the trees, disappearing from sight. Turning back to me he continued, his smile dying as he spoke. "He was….tired of his life; he had decided to give away his title. Isamu was his name." A smile broke out on his face. "He was such a kid at heart, you wouldn't believe he was three hundred and sixty five, even if he had looked it."

Walking further into the clearing he sat down under a tree, following close behind I joined him. "About four months ago I came to visit him. The look he gave me…..I'll never forget it. He looked so broken, so lost. He had been planning to for a year to give up his title. That was to be the day; I was there to make sure everything ran smoothly. He had found a boy to take his place, a real lover of animals, the perfect kid."

Pausing he looked at me with sad eyes. "The kid was our age, an orphan and was ready to give his life up to become a Visu but…when he was out looking after a wounded dear just outside the compound he was attacked and killed by bandits. Isamu couldn't stop it he was to far away; he told me what had happened. I knew he was ready to leave, that staying would kill a part of him. So I became the new Visu vessel, absorbed the knowledge of three thousand years but since this job is not meant for me. I need to find a new vessel and hand them the gift because before to long, I'll be consumed by it."

Again he stopped but this time continued with a question. "Do you know the story of the first Visu Sasuke?" Something in the air told me not to speak, so I simple shook my head. He gave a faint nod. "Well thousands of years ago there was a man, a woodsmen, someone who was consumed by greed, would chop down any tree, kill any animal if the price was right. His name was Visu and he was the forest's enemy. He had no chakra, was not a fighter but knew how to hold his own. Would slaughter his own wife if he like the benefits of the deed. It was his greed that sent him from his home. His family tried to stop him from destroying the forest but the damage was done and he left in a fit of anger." Naruto paused to take a breath, his eyes far away as if he was telling his own memory.

"He walked deep into the forest not stopping until he reached a small clearing. He sat there for only mere moments, he was ready to leave when he saw a fox, he didn't know why but he followed it, drawn to it. He was lead deeper into the trees until you could not see your own hand in front of you, yet somehow he knew where the fox was and was able to follow it. After much time he was lead into a moonlight clearing where a brook ran. Sitting beside it were two women, each with jet black hair and both wearing silk Kimono's. Walking over to them he sat down and listened as they told him of all the horrid things he had down in his life, each sin causing a web of chakra to be infused with his soul."

"When the women finally finished he was crying and his body was filled with the power of the damned. He was enslaved by them to watch over the forest he had happily chopped down, to protect the animals he had hunted and to help any human who need it when they entered his domain. In return his sins what be taken, his life increased and his home created. The women disappeared and in their place stood a small hut. As the years passed and his sins were repaid he noticed the world change, until it was unfit for the forest to be without a protector and so he was allowed to choose another. But he was warned; only someone of pure heart could take the title. If they were not pure they would be unable to take the role, they would need to pass on the gift, or die in the forest they had failed to watch over."

His eyes cleared as he finished the tale shaking his head he gave me a small smile. "Visu's have a lot more fine print then you'd think." I nodded slowly before speaking. "Naruto...what will happen to you?" He grinned. "That's easy; I'll pass on the job." I gave him a sceptical look trying to quell the panic beginning to form inside me. "But you just said if you don't pass it on you'll die." He shook his head, his usually demeanour coming back. "That's easy the Visu has helped a lot of people and has a lot of friends, so I'll just ask one of them to come and help me out. It's simple."

I gave him a sceptical look. "That will work?" He nodded before standing up and stretching. Following his example I stood up saying "Good, I don't want my dobe dying." He laughed before giving me a tender smile "It's nice to see you worry." I gave him a 'hn' in reply.

Looking around the clearing I couldn't help but notice all the places and enemy could hide, I instantly tensed, neither of us were armed. Turning to Naruto I asked. "How safe is this place?" Turning to me he blinked and gave me a confused look before clearing as realization hit. "Don't worry Sasuke, this place is completely protected, no one can get in or out without me okaying it." I gave a small nod and had just relaxed when a poof sound was heard to our left. "Honey I'm home." Turning to my left I found myself looking at a heavily armed and powerful ninja.

Neji's POV

Skidding to a stop at the edge of the clearing I grimaced as five bodies came into view. I didn't have to check for chakra signs to know they were dead, the way there body parts were positioned was evidence enough. I felt Gaara and Shikamaru catch up to Shino and myself. "Someone was pissed." Shino said blankly. I nodded before slowly stepping closer to the bodies.

When I reached the first one I looked at his ninja band. "Lightning." I called out before standing back up. Gaara moved into the centre of the clearing. "The tendrils of chakra aren't masked. Both Sasuke and Naruto were here….they must have left in a hurry to leave there tracks as perceptible as they have." Shikamaru gave Shino a worried look. "Do you know which way they went?" I asked . Closing his eyes Gaara concentrated further, after a few seconds he opened his eyes and pointed back the way we had come. "That way."

Naruto's POV

My eyes widened at the voice. Turning to the left I looked him up and down. He had changed since the last time I had seen him. His hair was long enough to be tied back in a ponytail; he had used what looked like bandages to do it. The right side of his fringe still covered half his face only letting one of his black eyeliner and eye shadow rimmed green eyes show. Continuing down his body I noticed he was wearing a black t-shirt that was clinging to his skin as well as black cargos.

Flicking my eyes to his wrists I wasn't sure whether I was thankfully or annoyed to see his metal braces were still covering them. Looking back up to his face I noticed his curious look at Sasuke. Ignoring it I spoke. "What are you doing here?" He turned to look at me his eyes laughing. "What not happy to see me Naruto-Kun…or is it Visu-San now?" My eyes narrowed. "Answer the damn question." He sighed. "Don't worry I'm not here on business. You can stop acting so agitated."

Letting the tension drop from my shoulders I let my hand rub my eyes. "So why are you hear then Katsu?" Giving a grim smile he spoke. "Heard about you getting the job, thought I'd come give you a hand." Removing my hand I went to speak but before I could Sasuke interrupted. "Who the fuck is this guy?"

Sasuke's POV

Who the hell was this guy? He appears out of nowhere and Naruto's all buddy, buddy with him? Walking over to Naruto I wrapped my arm around his waist, feeling automatically possessive when around this guy. Katsu raised his eyebrows at the gesture making me smirk. The guy laughed making my smirk falter. "So this is your boyfriend….fuck buddy what exactly?" He paused looking me up and down. "He's cute though I'll give you that…..reminds me off…." But he stopped before finishing the sentence making me both annoyed and curious.

Seeming to ignore what had just happened Naruto said "How do you plan to help me? You got a new vessel packed in you pocket?" He gave a small laugh. "No, Ayane's getting the guy he's about eighteen. Perfect for the job, got all the qualifications." I was starting to feel left out of the loop as the conversation continued. "You two found someone? Hard to imagine with the people you know." Katsu smirked. "But it can happen and it did, so stop being suspicious and take it for what it is. Good fortune."

I felt Naruto shake his head. "I make that decision when I meet the guy. When you going to bring him?" Katsu shrugged. "Whenever you want." Naruto nodded before turning to me. "How long do you want to stay here? Or do you want to go straight back….I really don't mind either way." I ran over all the possible situations in my head. "We have two weeks to find you before a new team is sent, so I'd say we could stay here a week." He smiled. "A week of sex, sun, no obligations and cuddling with your boyfriend? Now this is going to be fun!"

I smirked at his answer, Katsu gave a small laugh. "So one week then?" He asked. We both nodded he went to leave but stopped. "Hey, just thought I should mention you got four ninja's looking for ya." My eyebrows furrowed before realization struck. Shit, I had forgotten. "What? Who could be looking for us?" Naruto asked confused. "Gaara, Shikamaru, Shino and Neji all got the same mission as me." I answer for him. Turning to me with annoyed eyes he said "And you only tell me now?"

I went to reply but Katsu spoke. "I'm guessing this is a private argument so, I'm going to bail." I flicked my eyes to look at him, not really caring if he lived or died at the moment. "Bye." Naruto said absentmindedly to busy focused on glaring at me. From the corner of my eye I saw him start to preform a teleportation jutsu when he stopped "Hey duck's butt what's you name?" My eye twitched, turning to look at him I glared before saying "What make you think I would tell you?" He laughed a smirk playing on his lips. "Yep, definitely a Uchiha." He said before disappearing in a puff of smoke, making feel even more confused and annoyed about him.

Naruto's POV

When I felt Katsu leave my tension slowly started to drain away and with it my anger at Sasuke. Sighing I dropped down into a sitting position on the grass. "I hate him." I muttered. "I don't blame you." Sasuke muttered. Feeling him sit down next to me I leaned my head on his shoulder. "Him and Ayane….they're a good alliance…and even though the Visu isn't' suppose to hurt anybody…man I hate that guy."

I felt Sasuke's arm snake around my waist. "Why?" I shrugged. "I really don't know. I didn't mind him before I was the Visu, I'm guessing he did something to make Isamu hate him, but I'm not meant to be the Visu so I can't access his memoires, only a true Visu can get memories past the first." I felt Sasuke nod lightly. Sighing I lifted my head off Sasuke and stood up.

He gave me a confused look. "A Visu's work is never I done." Holding out my hand a pulled him up and into a hug. Leaning my head on his chest I whispered. "Can you take me far away, to place where I won't die, a place where life is cared for, and where in your arms I fly." I felt him stroking my hair lightly as he said "That's beautiful….how long have you been this good with words?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, forever I guess. I always loved reading and writing." I felt the movement on my head stop. Looking up I gave him a confused look. "Why didn't you ever show it?" Pulling back I looked at him and gave a sheepish smile. "I did once, but I was accused of lying, got in a lot of trouble so I just got use to not showing anyone." I shrugged. "I don't mind."

He nodded. "Still, I'd be interested to hear it." My face broke out into a grin. "You serious?" He nodded making my grin widen. Leaning up I kissed on the lips. Pulling back I continued. "Well when I get back I'll be glad to read you some, and then you can tell me about how wonderfully talented I am." He chuckled lightly. "Tch, yeah right dobe." Sobering he continued. "Where are you going?" Unwrapping myself from his arms I answered "I'm going to tell the others not to worry, and that they've got a week of relaxing to look forward to."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "And what am I suppose to do?" I shrugged. "Hang out with the foxes? Don't worry I'll be back soon. Love ya." Before he could respond I had teleported to where I had sensed their presence. Appearing in front of them I smiled and said happily. "Hey guys, what's up?"

Sasuke's POV

When Naruto disappeared I glared at the spot he had vacated. Turning I stalked back into the house hoping to find myself something to eat. Naruto was confusing me….but in a good way. He was intriguing, funny, smart and sexy and fuck I didn't want to let him go. Ever, I wanted to be by him ever second. Shaking my head I stopped the thoughts before they became an obsessive rant. Opening the door I headed to the kitchen hoping to be able to make something before Naruto got back.

Gaara's POV

We had been following the trail when all of a sudden a surge of chakra had formed and within seconds Naruto was standing right in front of us. My eyes widened and I stopped moving. "Hey guys, what's up?" His words snapped me out of my stupor. "Where the fuck have you been Uzumaki!!" Naruto blinked at my outburst. Looking me up and down his grin widened. "Haha, you got some didn't you?" Turning to look at Neji he said "He really need the stress relief, trust me."

"What the hell Naruto?" Turning to look at Shikamaru he smiled "Hey Shika, I didn't see you and Shino. Well anyways just to tell you all I'm fine, Sauske's fine and we'll becoming back to the village in a week's time…..so until then you got a week to relax. I meet you back here with Sasuke one week to this very second. Also I know this is rushed and you're probably confused but I have a boyfriend who I really don't want to leave alone for to long. So bye guys I'll see you later." Before any of us could respond he had teleported away again.

After a few seconds of stunned silence Neji asked "Did that just happen?" Turning to him I answered. "Apparently so." Neji nodded. "So now what do we do?" He shrugged not knowing what to say. "Tch. Life is too troublesome." Turning to Shikamaru I saw him lying underneath a tree and looking at the clouds. From the corner of my eye I saw Neji smile walking over to him I wrapped my arm around his waist and whispered into his ear "Why are you smiling." He shivered before saying. "Because even though things are weird, they're going to be okay." I just gave him a small smile in answer, there was nothing else to say.

Naruto's POV

Appearing in the clearing I felt around fro Sasuke's chakra. When I felt it in the kitchen I practically ran inside. Flinging the door open I stalked over to him. Sensing my presence he turned around, a small part of me giggled at the apron he was wearing the rest of me wanted to rip it off. Continuing I walked closer pushing him against the counter and hungrily kissed his lips. Muttering against them I said "You look so fucking hot in that apron. Remind me to buy one for our house cause when one of us come home from a mission it will be the perfect thing for bondage."

I felt him shiver at my words before flipping our positions. "Good idea Naru-Koi, only this time it's my turn, you had the fun last time only I'm going to be a bit more original." Smirking I kissed his neck and said "We've got a lifetime to be creative Sasuke, right now I just want us to be joined together body, heart and soul. I've had you twice that's one million to little." He smirked. "Let's start correcting that than shall we?" As he started licking my neck I moaned. Oh yes, this was the perfect way to spend the day….or more correctly eternity.


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