Dream Walkers, FF7

Dream Walkers
By DJ Carter

Pain that flows through my soul.
Do you feel it?

Anger that pierces the darkness of my mind.
Do you see it?

The world I tried so hard to save.
Was it worth my time?

The prayer that from my lips was uttered.
Was it heard?
The pain that flowed freely through your soul, I felt it.

The anger that pierces the darkest depths, I saw it.

The world you tried so hard to save, it was worth every second you

The sweet prayer that from your lips was uttered, it was heard.
My life as a sacrifice to this planet.
Will it remember?

My hopes and dreams.
Will you remember?

I left so quickly.
Will you forgive me?
Your life as a sacrifice. It could never forget.

Your priceless hopes and dreams, are forever embedded in my soul.

You left so quickly, but I could have never blamed you.
My time has passed.
Will you let me go?
Your death has left a hole in my heart that can never be filled
again. But, I will let you go.
Thank you... my knight.
I love you, and good-bye
Authors Notes: This is supposed to be Aeris and Cloud having a conversation
after she dies. How did I do? Aeris and Cloud are property of Squaresoft.

2001 DJ Carter