Here is the begining of another... they aren't mine, i wish they were though!


I couldn't help myself, even though I had just got done making love to my girlfriend, I still needed more. Sure I loved her... she was everything a woman could want, yet I still she didn't do it for me. I needed you and that's why I'm standing outside your front door. I know I should knock or better yet I should've called first, but I still have my spare key and I'm not in the mood to hear you try to convince me that you don't want me as much as I want you. And I'm glad I still talk to Linds to know she's with your sister tonight.

I unlock your front door, knowing right away you're in the kitchen from the sounds of the dishes being put away. I slowly make my way over to you and come up behind you, I know you'll be startled and pissed as soon as you feel me touch you. So, I slowly put my hands on your hips and feel you take a sharp intake of breath and then I forcefully turn you around to face me.

As soon as you see me you try to pull away and I tighten my grip on you. You start to go into a long rant about how you're not doing this, how we aren't together. I shut you up by forcing my lips to yours, slowly snaking my tongue out to lick your lips, while slowly grinding my hips into yours and with that you moan, granting me access into your mouth.

I pull away and you start your protests again, I move grabbing your hips and start to move you away from the sink and over to the door way, slamming my hips into yours and biting down on your neck. You try to push me away while pulling me further into you. I grin and trace my hands over your body, down to your hips, up to your breasts, up to your neck, pulling you into another forceful passionate kiss, while letting my hands go down to find your arms.

I still have you up against the doorway as I take your wrists and pin them above your head, I dip my head down to kiss and suck on your neck as you tilt your head back enjoying the feeling of my mouth on your neck.

Reality must of hit you because you push me off of you and walked into the living room, anger in your eyes... how I love when you get mad. I lean against the doorway watching you pace back and forth telling me that I'm not what you want, that you won't do this anymore, that you hate me.

I simply ask you if she can do the things to you that I can do. I see that pushed a button as you come at me with anger in your eyes you push me up against the door frame telling me that's none of my business that, I was the one who called it off. Even though you're yelling at me I love this aggressive side of you... it's what I miss, what I need, someone who doesn't hold back.

I grab a hold of your hips again pulling you hard against me... you're taken back a bit because you've stopped yelling and try to push me away, but I've got a steady hold on you and move you over till your legs are against the side of the couch. You tell me no, not to do this, just to go, it's not worth the pain it will bring in the morning. As you're speaking I ease my hold on you moving my hands up to the hem of your shirt and lightly rub my thumbs in circles on your stomach.

I know once I take my hand off of you and tell you fine you'll change your mind. So, with that thought... I say fine, you're right, I shouldn't be here. Slightly raising my voice I keep going on and say that I didn't hear that moan you made when I grinded into you, that you didn't kiss me back, that you don't want this as much as I do, that you don't need this.

I can see the look in your eyes and you push me back against the wall undoing my pants button and I flip us around so your against the wall as I pull your shirt up over your head and dip my head down to kiss in between your breasts. I move so I can put one of my legs between yours, taking away your breath. You don't want me to be the one in control so you move us again, but I won't allow it and you get mad.

You start telling me that this was the problem, that I always had to be in control that you hated it... all the while I strip you of your pants and am kissing my way back up your thighs. This is what I love, how you can hate me while I'm fucking you.

I make my way all the way back up to your mouth and shut you up by kissing you and start moving you back to your bedroom. I take my time as I slam you up against the walls and you fight right back pushing me harder into the walls. We'll both have bruises in the morning, your neck will be marked with my bite from earlier, but at this moment neither one of us care.


I have more to comeā€¦ should they continue or should they be interrupted?