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Shikamaru was at a wedding, wondering why he was invited at all. Sure, he and the groom had gone to school together, and even had some missions that they worked on, but they weren't close. Plus, the bride was an ex-girlfriend. If he were the groom, he wouldn't want any ex's at the wedding, she might just change her mind.

The music started, and Shikamaru, like everyone else turned to watch as the procession began. First, there was a cute little girl in a puffy/frilly dress skipping down the isle, throwing rose petals all over the place. If Shikamaru had been in the isle the gently floating projectiles would have hit him.

Next there came a couple. He recognized them as people he had gone to school with. The woman was wearing a blue dress that was just short of being flattering. If it lost the puffy sleeves and sash, it would have looked cute on her. Her dark hair had been pulled up into a bun, with straggles of hair hanging artfully around her face and neck. The man with her was wearing a dark tuxedo that almost matched the grooms, but had a different colored flower in the lapel. The only reason Shikamaru had even recognized him was because of the red stripes that had been tattooed to his cheeks, without his dog he tended to blend in with the crowd.

The second couple was dressed similarly to the first. The woman he again recognized as someone who he went to school with. Her pink hair was kind of a give away. The man escorting her was one of the bride's brothers. He had blondish brown hair.

The third couple walked by. The woman had her hair up in two buns fixed at the top of her head. The man with her was the bride's other brother. He had bright red hair and a tattoo on his forehead. Shikamaru shuddered as he thought about some of the times that he had encountered him.

Finally the bride came out of hiding. She looked like how he supposed every bride looks on her wedding day, glowing. Admittedly this could be because of just how white the dress was against her skin, but Shikamaru didn't think that was it, or at least not all the way. She wore her blond hair down, which barely came past her shoulders. She was smirking as she made her way down the isle.

When she reached the end she and her future husband gently clasped hands and started their vows. Shikamaru must have been lost in thought because the next thing he heard was…

"You may now kiss the bride," And much whooping and hollering followed. "May I be the first to introduce Shino and Temari Aburame," continued the minister when the clapping had died down. This caused the clapping to start up again, as the newly married couple made their way down the isle.

Feeling lazy Shikamaru followed the crowd. The crowd led him to the happy couple, where they were accepting well wishes and congratulations.

"Crybaby," Temari gushed at him. That was the main reason they had never gotten further then they did, she reminded him of his mother, "Glad you could make it." He shrugged. Sure, he could probably come up with a witty repartee that would blow them away, but he didn't feel like it.

Instead he offered the couple his hand, so that he could shake theirs, "Congratulations," he said a little awkwardly. He never really knew what to say at these events.

"Thanks Crybaby," Temari said as she kissed him on the cheek, "Stay for the party." Shikamaru fought against the urge to wipe his cheek off with the palm of his hand, it's not that she was a sloppy kisser, it was just that he could feel the lipstick she was wearing sink into his flesh. He shrugged again, recognizing an order when he heard one.

"Hey free food," he smirked, "there's no way I'm missing that."

"Now you sound like Chouji," Temari smirked.

"He must be rubbing off on me." Eventually the pleasantries ended and Shikamaru moved on. Shino was as usual silent throughout the exchange, the only contribution he made was to acknowledge Shikamaru's existence.

He made his way into the reception hall, found himself an empty chair in the back of the room, and preceded to make himself comfortable. People would come to him if they wanted to mingle.

For the next couple of hours Shikamaru spent most of his time watching people make small talk. It was almost as interesting as cloud watching, except whenever he got hungry he would have to go to the buffet, instead of just reaching over and stealing a chip from Chouji.

In fact Chouji was at the wedding, with a food piled plate in one hand and his other snaking around his wife Ino's waist. He was happy that his friends had gotten together, but annoyed that he was the third wheel now.

"Attention. May I have your attention please!" Kiba shouted to be heard. Everyone ignored him.

Shino pushed him out of the way and cleared his throat. Everyone was silent. "Temari is going to throw her bouquet. All the single women line up."

All three to Temari's bride maids got in line as well as other women at the party and the Hokage.

"Go Sakura chan!" a loud obnoxious voice shouted out. Shikamaru just sighed at Naruto, the owner of the voice.

Temari stood with her back to the group of women and threw the flowers. There was a mad scramble and when the dust cleared, there was a pile of women, but no sign of the bouquet.

One by one the women got up, looking very embarrassed at their actions. Finally the bouquet was revealed. Well actually a body was huddled in the duck and cover position, making sure to protect head and shoulders and inadvertently the flowers. Slowly the figure rose and the flowers dropped to the floor. Before the rabid single women could dive upon the flowers again, she scooped them up and clutched them to her chest.

"Wahoo!" Temari shouted, "Way to go Hinata! I new I chose the right maid of honor!" Everyone clapped politely, then the hubbub died down.

Temari had sat down on a chair, and Shino knelt before her. "All right!" Kiba shouted, "All the single guys line up. Shino's going to throw her garter."

All the single guys got up and trudged to the center of the room, except at first Shikamaru. If it weren't for Ino, he would have sat and watched. But she had caught him, and dragged him in the center of the group of guys, and left him there to fend for himself.

He sighed and stuck his hands in his pockets. Shino removed the garter and turned around. The guys around him tensed, whether to catch the garter or run from it, Shikamaru didn't know.

He watched in a detached fashion as the elastic garment sailed through the air and landed right on his face. He stood there and blinked rapidly as everyone laughed.. He could have stopped it from doing that, but he new it wasn't dangerous, just embarrassing.

"Nice catch Crybaby," Temari shouted. Everyone laughed at her wit.

"That means that the next to get married are Hinata and Shikamaru," Ino explained to those that didn't know the tradition.

"What to each other?" Some smart ass in the audience asked as photos were taken of Hinata and Shikamaru.

"Yeah right," someone else, possibly Naruto, scoffed, "Like Shikamaru could get a great girl like Hinata to even look twice at him. More talk like this was thrown back and forth through out the crowd and the longer it lasted the redder Hinata's cheeks turned. Shikamaru just spent his time trying to ignore the hubbub. It didn't really embarrass him as much as they thought it was embarrassing him.

Eventually everyone else found something more interesting to talk about and they left him alone. He went back to his corner and waited until the happy couple left for their honeymoon.