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They had been released from the ground not, but a minute ago. Jack lay on the floor smiling up at Angela as she placed a gentle kiss on his lips and smiled at him. Zach sat there watching the two smiling that his friends were alive.

Not too far from that scene another one played. Booth sat on the floor next to Tempe smiling and laughing with her, she was safe, now breathing and alive. His two friends were no longer buried alive and their air supply was no longer limited.

"How you feeling Bones?" Booth asked her cleaning some of the dirt out of her hair.

"I'm feeling fine considering I was just pulled out of the ground." She said laughing.

"good." he mumbled lying on the floor on his back, she copied his move and rested on the dirt ground next to him.

"I love being able to breathe." She said taking in a deep breath to prove her point.

"Yeah it's nice once you have gotten used to it." He joked.

They didn't know why, but after everything that had happened the only way they felt safe was to joke around as if the actual incident was nothing more then a game and the whole time their safety was guaranteed. It seemed that if something went wrong cameras in their life wo0uld stop and everything would be ok, not the actual events that were the exact opposite.

"Where are you taking him?" a female voice pulled them out of their moment and off of the floor.

"He needs to be admitted to the hospital." An EMT spoke to Angela as Hodgins was being lifted onto a stretcher.

"please." Angela begged tears in her eyes.

"Ange, he's been hit by a car, drugged and I cut his leg open, he needs help." Tempe said crawling over to her friend to hold her close.

"I don't want to loose him again." she cried into her friends shoulder.

"I know." Tempe whispered.

A few minutes later Booth was at their sides and spoke.

"The EMT says you can ride with them to the hospital. But you need to be outside as they take him into surgery."

"Really?" she asked smiling. Booth nodded.

Jumping up, Angela embraced Booth and ran off towards the Paramedics smiling as tears ran down her face. As she got in the car Hodgins could be seen taking her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I'm here for you, sweetie." She mumbled as the doors closed.

"Ready to head home?" Booth questioned lending his hand out for Tempe to take.

"sure." She said grabbing it and allowing herself to be pulled up form the ground.

They had been in the car heading for her apartment when she spoke.

"Why won't you take me to church?"

"Not this again." he complained.

"Yes, this again. I want to know."

"Do you really want to go?" he asked knowing there was no sense in arguing with her.


"Ok, I'll take you, but on one condition."


"You don't question anything, you understand? Don't go all scientific on me. Ok?"

"ok." she mumbled and sat back as he drove.

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