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This is just a oneshot that I was thinking of last night while waiting for the wonders of sleep to overcome my body and mind.

I do forewarn you that, I do enjoy doing tragic things to my beloved characters…. It's a morbid fascination. Sorry.

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I was sitting on the couch in Charlie's living room, waiting for twilight to come, so that it would mean I had but a few hours for Edward to return. Since the whole motorcycle incident, I was on strict probation, the only time I could see Edward was when at school, that is, the times that Charlie knew of. Edward still came by every night to watch me sleep and to spend ample time with me. The time at school was hardly enough.

As the clock began to roll around to 5 in the afternoon, I decided it was time for me to start dinner. Tonight, I was in a bit of a lazy mood, so I simply seasoned a few chicken breasts and set them in the oven to bake, while I heated up a can of green beans, and another can of corn. In all, the dinner didn't take me, but a half hour.

A little before 6, Charlie came in from work and was actually happy to see there was such a simple meal. We ate in silence, and just as I was about to get up and do dishes, Charlie told me to sit down again so we could talk for a few minutes. Naturally, I was anxious because I knew that Edward would be in my room soon enough. Reluctantly, I sat down.

"Bella," Charlie said quietly. "You have been very good lately, and seeing as graduation is coming up, I think it is only fair that I take you off of your punishment," Charlie said down to his plate, obviously reluctant to admit that I should be allowed off any sort of punishment.

"Wow. Thanks, Dad. I promise you won't regret letting me off," I said excited; I couldn't wait to tell Edward. I began to tap my foot impatiently as Charlie seemed to sit there in a slight daze. "Is there anything else, Dad?" I asked calmly, not wanting to ruin my chances.

"No. I was just thinking, is all," Charlie said as he stood to go into the living room, undoubtedly to watch a game. Charlie turned suddenly to look at me and said, "Bella, I'm going to be in La Push the whole weekend, so, maybe you should see if Alice can stay over."

"Oh. That would be fun, except the Cullen's will be going on a camping trip this weekend," I said quietly, knowing that they were really just hunting. Charlie looked at me, apprehensively, undoubtedly wondering if he can trust me enough to leave me alone. "Don't worry, Dad, I'll be fine on my own. I have some studying to do and this place looks like it could use a good cleaning. I'll be busy all weekend," I said, trying to persuade my father to go and have some fun. It has been so hard for him ever since Harry died. Besides, I thought to myself, Edward will be coming from the hunting trip early, like always.

"Okay, Bells. As long as you feel that you will be alright. I'll be back on Sunday night," Charlie said as he retreated to the living room.

I quickly gathered the dishes and put them in the sink to soak, before I washed them. Thanks to my klutziness, I dropped a glass on the floor as I tripped. The glass immediately splintered into thousands of shards and of course I would have to fall forward. I stifled a scream as my barefoot came down hard on a big piece of glass. Between the glass shattering and my muffled cry, Charlie stumbled into the kitchen shaking his head as he leaned down to clear a path through the glass so I could walk to the bathroom to clean my mess.

"I'm sorry, Dad, I was just-" I began to say before Charlie simply shooed me up the stairs which I was careful of not pressing my injured foot on. Hopping up the stairs on my left foot, while clutching to the banister, I carefully made it to my room. Upon getting there I realized I was not alone. Cursing my luck, I quickly turned around to rush to the bathroom so I wasn't a temptation. Of course, rushing was always a better thought than actual action seeing as my face and the floor came very close to meeting. Fortunately, I felt the cool arms that I loved grab my arms and practically drag me to the bathroom where Edward promptly sat me on the side of the bathtub.

"Bella, I swear. I'm not with you but for a few hours and you go and make a big mess of yourself," Edward said quietly while looking anywhere but the bloody mess that was my right foot. It was when his eyes began to turn a frightening shade of black and that I noticed his lack of breathing that I realized what was so serious about this situation.

"Oh," I said dumbly, noticing the concentration on Edward's face. "You, got wait in my room, I'll have this 'mess' cleaned up in a few minutes," I said lightly pushing him on the chest. "I may not have a medical degree, but I am quite sure that I can clean a superficial wound," I said jokingly, as I saw the worried look on his face. He flashed the lovely crooked smile and left the room a fluid motion.

I took a deep breath before and held it before I grabbed a towel from under the counter to wrap my foot in to stop the gushing blood. I took another cautious breath and removed the towel to inspect the damage. Luckily, there was only one big piece of glass protruding from the cut. I picked the cut out, and was very thankful that not too much more blood came out of the wound. I wrapped the towel around my foot again and took another breath while I got up to stumble to the medicine cabinet for the alcohol and bandages. I got them both, and I sat back down, becoming dizzy from lack of breath, but knew that it was better than passing out from the smell of my own blood. I quickly doused my foot in alcohol, after another quick breath and wrapped my foot in the bandage.

Having wrapped my foot and put away the alcohol and extra bandages, I clumsily walked to the stairs and began hopping down gripping the banister. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs I saw that all of the glass had been swept up and the floor cleaned so that you could hardly tell that there was any sort of accident. Even the dishes had been done. I suddenly felt very grateful towards my father. I dumped the bloody towel in the laundry room and hobbled to the living room.

"Thanks for cleaning the kitchen, Dad. I'm sorry about the glass and such," I said sheepishly to Charlie, who simply smiled and nodded. "I guess I'll go to bed now. Who knew stepping on glass could take so much out of you," I said quietly, adding a yawn for effect. I turned around and walked to the stairs which I tripped over instantly. I knew walking up and down the stairs 3 times in a row would be too much to as for, I though before being swept up the stairs quickly by Edward before I could do anymore damage to myself.

"Bella, what am I going to do with you?" Edward asked quietly, while he smiled crookedly at me, making my heart beat race. Edward brushed his lips against mine and I lightly kissed him. "Bella, darling, you are so absurd," Edward said after a moment of us staring into the others eyes.

"But you love me," I said, quietly, trying to stifle a yawn so Edward wouldn't notice. Of course, he saw immediately. I smiled and stared into Edward's eyes as he picked me up and carried me to my bed, tucking me under the covers. Edward merely lay beside me as I fought off the sleep that would inevitably take over me. "I love you," I mumbled helplessly as Edward began to hum the lullaby he made me.

"I love you, too, babe," Edward said quietly into my ear. "Sorry, but it seems I will not be here when you wake up tomorrow morning. We are going to be hunting early. I'll be back tomorrow night though," Edward said quietly just as I began to fade into unconsciousness. Edward went back to humming my lullaby as I mumbled an okay.

The next morning I woke to the light grey colouring of the sky that I've come to know as a normal day in Forks. I noticed the time on the clock was 9 in the morning, and began to freak a little, before I realized that it was Saturday. I relaxed, and looked around for my favourite vampire, only to find the room void of all other life signs. I sighed lightly knowing that I wouldn't be able to see my angel until later tonight. I pushed myself off the bed, and stumbled upon feeling a shooting pain in my right foot. Again, I sighed, feeling the long day stretching further out. I gathered the my toiletries and hobbled to the bathroom.

I took the gauze and bandaging off of my foot, while I let the water in the shower heat up, before stepping in. Almost immediately, all tension in my body left as I felt the heat of the water loosen my muscles and caress my skin, softly. I grabbed the strawberry shampoo and scrubbed a palm full into my scalp. Afterwards, I scrubbed my favourite body wash softly, into my skin. Feeling beyond relaxed, I stepped out of the shower and towel dried my hair and brushed all of the tangles from my hair.

It's funny, because today I felt rather 'girly'. I pulled on a soft, black velvet skirt that fell down to just above my ankles which was perfect, since I couldn't kill myself with the length. I pulled on a light blue sweater that was V-neck and three-quarter sleeved. Of course, these clothes were bought by non-other than Alice. I dried my hair some more with the towel, leaving it down, to curl slightly. I also replaced the bandage on my foot, so the cut would not be infected.

I walked down to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and spoon, and sat them on the table. I walked back to the cupboard and picked out some Fruit Loops for my cereal, and grabbed the milk from the refrigerator. I quickly finished my breakfast, and walked into the living room where my backpack was lying next to the couch. I sat on the couch and pulled out the only homework I actually had, which was Calculus, of course. The dreaded class from hell that would be my downfall if I had to endure more than one more week in there.

I finished all 30 math problems by noon, when I promptly put my assignments away and began to straighten the living room. After I 'cleaned' the living room, I walked into the laundry room, and began to separate the colours from the whites. I decided that since there were more clothes in the colour pile, then I would do that load first. After throwing the clothes into the wash and cleaning in the laundry room, I realized I was hungry.

I looked at the clock in the kitchen, only to find that it was 1 in the afternoon. I fixed myself a sandwich with cold cuts and some lettuce and tomato that I found. I ate my sandwich slowly, attempting to kill some time. As I was finishing my sandwich, I heard the buzzer on the washing machine go off. I put all of the now clean clothes, into the dryer, before doing the white load. Just as I was finishing this, I heard the doorbell ring.

I stumbled to the door as the bell rang one more time. When I opened the door, I was surprised to find Mike Newton standing in the doorway. "Hi, Mike. What are you doing here?" I asked suspiciously, trying to feign kindness. Mike pushed his way past me and looked around the house, almost surveying the situation.

"Not a lot, I was bored. I heard you got off of punishment. Charlie came by the shop earlier and happened to mention it. So, you here alone?" Mike said as he walked into the living room, making himself seem quite comfortable in my house. I began to get a nervous feeling in my stomach, I knew that this was not good for Mike to be here, I just couldn't place why.

"Mike, I'm really tired, and I think you should leave. I may be coming down with something, I would hate for you to catch anything," I said, smiling sweetly, trying to get Mike to leave. Mike simply walked over to me and grabbed my wrist, which sent many alarms off in my brain.

"Bella, Bella, Bella. You are so sweet, always more concerned for others that for yourself," Mike said as he pushed himself closer to me. I immediately began to wish that I wasn't alone, this did not seem right. Mike now had both of my wrists in his hands. "Wow, Bella, you look really sexy in that outfit, but you know what? I bet you look a lot better with it off," Mike said just as he began to push me onto the couch. I started to shake and I was attempting to get out of his grasp, but he just held tighter. I began to scream, but it was muffled when Mike put his vile lips on mine. "Now Bella, this can be easy, or this can be hard. I really don't want to hurt you, but I will," Mike said, as he began to unbuckle his belt and pull down his jeans.

It was when I felt Mike's hand run up my leg, that I began to thrash and try my best to kick him off of me. I began to cry and plead for help when he began to pull off my shirt and skirt. I never stopped thrashing about through the whole ordeal. I screamed out in terror as my bra and underwear was removed. As tears ran down my face I knew it was over when I felt the piercing pain in my lower regions. I screamed out, the pain was so horrible and sudden. With hot tears streaming down my red face, I lost all sense as Mike continued to take advantage of me. I'm so sorry I couldn't stop him, Edward, was the only thing that would run through my head.

As Mike was finishing his atrocious deed, I heard the door slam open suddenly. I was far too numb to realize what it was until Mike was pulled off of me and literally thrown out of the door, where he resumed to run to his Suburban and get away. I found that cool hands were lightly holding my face and checking me over for other injuries, other than the obvious. At first I wanted to push the cool hands away, but the feeling was overcome when I clutched onto my angel's shirt and crying into his chest. I could see how much restraint it was taking for Edward not to run after Mike and crush his human skull into dust like I knew how easily Edward could.

"Baby, Bella. I'm so sorry I didn't get here sooner. Alice had a vision and, I couldn't believe it, but. I'm so sorry," Edward kept rambling on, but I was beyond recognition. All I knew was that Edward was there, and I would be alright. "Bella, I'm going to put some of your clothes back on, and I'm taking you to the hospital. We need to get you a rape test, and identify that ass as the one who-. I swear, I want to kill him, I should have, I-," Edward kept mumbling as I tried to dry my eyes and put the clothes on, through the growls and snarls that were coming from Edward.

As soon as my clothes were on properly, without another word, Edward carried me to his car and gingerly strapped me into the car. From what I could notice, Edward was driving extremely slow, he was actually within the speed limit. I suppose he didn't want to startle me, but I was too far gone and numb.

When we got to the hospital, Edward carried me into the ER, and explained the situation to the nurse at the front desk. As the nurse did not act quickly enough for Edward's taste, he became impatient and yelled for someone to help us. Tears were still leaking from my eyes. I felt violated, disgusting, and I was actually wishing for death. Finally, the nurse seemed to cooperate. To my surprise and happiness, Carlisle was the doctor to take care of me.

Carlisle apparently already knew what I was there for, thanks to Alice I suppose, because when Edward carried me to one of the rooms, the rape kit was already there, and ready. First Carlisle took blood, Edward absolutely refused to leave, no matter how much we pleaded. Through the testing, Edward seemed more on edge than I did. I knew that he wanted to kill Mike. I almost wanted to tell Edward to go ahead and kill Mike Newton. Nothing could compare to the embarrassment that was going through at the moment. Undoubtedly the whole town knew about what happened. I began to wonder if Charlie knew, but I didn't want to know.

After the rape test, I was told that I could go home and take a shower now that the most important part was over. Through the whole ride home, again at actual speed limit, Edward didn't say a word. He just glared out the window and I was sure he was clenching his teeth. "Edward, I'm sorry," I said quietly, looking down to my clasped hands that were setting in my lap. What I said snapped Edward out of his thoughts, and he turned his head quickly to look at me and take one of my hands in his right hand, all in one motion.

"Bella, don't you ever apologize for this, ever again," Edward said curtly, he lifted one of my hands to his lips and kissed it gently. "This is not your fault, okay? Please, don't ever blame yourself. If anything this is my fault? I should have gotten here faster, I might have been able to prevent this if I could have gotten here faster," Edward said, and halfway through his voice broke off into a near whisper. I could just hear the pain that was seeping from his heart, beating or not.

"It isn't your fault either, Edward. This is only Mike's fault. God, Edward, do not take this out on yourself, please," I begged him. I know I sounded so sad, and near death, but I could see the near warmth that almost reached Edwards' eyes as I said this to him. It wasn't until I looked out of the window that I realized that we were at my house. I half-smiled to show that I was still oblivious as ever. I looked in the drive-way to see that Charlie's cruiser was there. That, at least, answered the unasked question on whether he knew about what happened.

In a flash Edward was on my side of the car, and I was in his arms the next instant, being carried to the house. The door was being held open my a grave looking Charlie, who seemed to be blaming himself for this whole ordeal. "Bella, we have Mike in custody. He admits to… his crime," Charlie said slowly, and carefully. I merely nodded, and leaned my head against Edwards chest. Edward carried me to the bathroom and brought back my bag of toiletries. He left with a tentative smile on his face that didn't quite reach his eyes.

I took a long shower. I don't even know how long it lasted me. I was scrubbing my fingernails in my scalp, and I used the same method on my skin. I doused my body with the body wash and scratched my skin until I had huge welts all over my body from trying to get the disgusting feeling off of my skin. After I drew blood for the second time, I decided it was time for me to get out from beneath the heat of the shower. I dried off as well as I could and put my pajamas on.

I didn't even bother going down stairs after I was out of my shower. I went straight to bed. I guess Edward has stayed down stairs talking to Charlie, and when I didn't come down from the shower, he figured I came to bed. Not but 5 minutes after I laid down, did Edward crawl in through the window. He gave me a hopeful look, and when I nodded he laid next to me on the bed. I could tell that if my angel had the ability, he would be crying at this moment. I turned around and let my head rest against Edward's cool chest and a let the tears flow lightly. Edward held me and lightly stroked my hair, murmuring things like, "shh" and "it's alright."

Slowly, I drifted off into a restless sleep. Of course I dreamed of the horrible afternoon, but I wouldn't really call it a dream. I ended up screaming myself awake in the morning, having Edward hold me so that I could calm down. Since Edward made no move to let me go, I figured Charlie was gone. I calmed immediately, gripping onto Edward, hoping he would never let me go. As if he were reading my mind he said, "Shh, love, I'm not going to leave you. Don't worry, no one will ever hurt you like this again," Edward whispered into my ear with his velvet-like voice. I calmed relaxed in Edward's arms, and I fell even more in love with him, if that was even possible.

"I love you, and I know you won't leave me," I whispered into Edward's chest. I snuggled closer to him, knowing that he would always be there.

"That monster will never harm you again," Edward said lowly, and I knew I would forever feel safe, no matter what happened, as long as the angel that was mine, was there.

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