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Sweet Harmony

by Fallenskii03

A well-known famed band, Heaven's Fire, had things easy by simply being popular until a transfer student stood on their way and disrupted the laid-back life of the four fires, particularly, Sasuke Uchiha. With clashing opinions and differences in personality, they were brought closer to each other having someone's feeling to develop and the other one clouded. But with certain threats along the way, can Sakura discover Sasuke's true feeling for her?

Chapter 14: Their past

"Ne, Erika-san, did you see the article posted on the bulletin board?" A brunette haired girl nattered at the girl she called Erika.

"Mm" the girl nodded, "That was quite unprofessional for someone like an Uchiha" she looked at the girl, with ethical manners shown through her blue eyes.

"Ahh…I see" the girl grinned nervously by the formality the girl is showing, and blindly, she bumped at someone's hard and broad arm.

The girl stopped and looked back at the person she bumped in to, "Oh, I'm sor--," the girl's face flushed upon seeing a pale skinned teen with red disheveled hair and shimmering green eyes.

She immediately bowed down, "A-ano, I-i-I'm Co-co-leen" she looked up finding Erika oddly looking at her, "N-nani?"

"Just who are you talking to?

She pointed her lengthy fingers to the crowd, "T-the guy just now"

Crowds grew bigger as the news quickly spread over the entire building. It was the hottest latest issue the students are really concerned to for as long as it concerns the most popular guy of the school, the Uchiha Sasuke. It was meant to be posted to serve as a rumor, an unconfirmed report, a speculation …that turned out to be a serious piece of information. And along with this news was the girl with pure innocence, and a hero's come back that will turn the peace the other way…

Footsteps are barely heard in a crowded place, but as his slender body moves along with the crowd, it was only his footsteps and the never-ending gossips that could be heard.

"It's really Sasuke's first time to court a girl just like th-that girl…"

"It's either he's used or played with, but neither result that girl as a bitch…"

"Poor Sasuke"


"That pink haired girl?!"

"Hey, come here! Here's the article!!"

His pathway was blocked the minute several students crowded in front of the bulletin board, each of them dying to be updated about the Uchiha they worship. He stopped for a while to confirm by himself the rumors that are annoying him from the very beginning. From where he is, he can clearly see the article with a picture of Sasuke opening a door car for a girl with pink hair.

Cinderella on the Making?

Majority of the population of the school was greatly surprised on the news about our beloved prince, Sasuke Uchiha, courting a new girl in school. This new girl referred to as the modern Cinderella was the new transfer scholar student, Sakura Haruno. Based from our investigations, it has been confirmed that several gifts from Sasuke-sama reached the girl. And most of the people have seen with their own eyes Sasuke-sama and Sakura together to school yesterday morning. Still, the most believes that the girl is just part of Sasuke's time-killers. The next part of this article would be posted soon.

The Sasuke Uchiha Fan Club

His eyes went back to the two words in the article that greatly caught his attention, 'Sakura…Haruno'


"You…saved a girl?!!" the 6-year old Uchiha Sasuke sneered as he walked around with conceit, mocking Gaara in front of the other kids

Gaara stood quietly gritting his teeth and glaring at the conceited kid in front of him.

Sasuke stopped in front of him with only a few inches between them, "That's impossible" he coldly said eyeing him, "and adding to that, you simply made the girl a special person just because you saved her, that's pathetic!" he snorted

He clenched his fists and his short bangs are now covering his eyes

"You can't fool us Gaara, I'm sure enough that that's another made up story, she's just a ghost portraying the main character of your 'awesome' story just for us to look up to you and see you as someone better than us. It's simply impossible for someone like you to do such things"

Gaara's fist flew to Sasuke's cheek making the Uchiha fall down, "That is something that I would not forget for judging her just like that"

End of Flashback

"Gaara" a girl with blonde hair tied up in a ponytail called with her boyish tone of voice, "I got your schedule" the girl named Temari said

"Aa" Gaara replied as he took the schedule from her and started walking to a different direction

"That guy" Temari said irritably, "he didn't even thank me for that" she then shook her head

Sasuke ruffled his hair with his hand as the girls around started squealing early in the morning, especially now that they're walking in group.

Several days passed since he asked her for that date, and the courting plan still continues without any flaws.

The group stopped as Sasuke heard Naruto called, "Gaara!" he looked at the figure he haven't seen for many years now, his so-called 'rival' when they were kids, but that's a long time ago. He put his hands inside his pockets

Gaara raised his heard and boringly looked at them as he slowly came up to them

"Ino-chan!! Ten-chan!! Give that teddy back!!" a familiar voice reached Sasuke's ears as he turned his head seeing Sakura and Hinata running after Ino and Ten-ten who stole the stuff toy he gave Sakura this morning

"So you guys are here"

Sasuke turned back and saw another of his childhood friend

"Long time no see, Kiba!" Naruto greeted

"…Gaara" Sasuke plainly called upon seeing an old friend from his childhood. This, however, gave the awkward and pressuring mood.

"…Ahh…you two really need to talk…" Naruto said and grinned nervously with his eyebrows twitching from the possible dangerous outcome he might experience.

Neji and Sai patted Sasuke's and Gaara's back as the group walked away to give them the time for…a sincere talk.


At the school corridor, there was no single person seen. It's as if, the corridor has been left empty for the two men to have a good conversation and hopefully, have a good outcome from it.

Sasuke leaned on the wall with one leg folded and as usual, his hands are inside his pockets. Gaara sat on the window sill with an arm rested on his knee and his gaze focused outside the window

The rivals from childhood, now thriving teenagers with separate and independent lives. A reunion like this is the most arduous thing to carry out. Knowing the fact that they last saw each other during the day a fight between them broke out.

Sasuke broke the silence, "Gaara, it's been 12 years. The last time we met was the time we had a fight. But that was just a child fight we haven't settled. Let's forget about what happened before"

Gaara did not respond as he continued to gaze outside the window

Sasuke languidly turned his head to look at Gaara, "You've changed…I heard"

"…and you haven't, Sasuke…I'm sure" Gaara replied with a hard tone as if not planning to side him until the last of his breathe

"What does that mean?"

Gaara shot him a look, "Stop playing with that girl"

Sasuke looked at him plainly and absorbed the sudden topic raised by Gaara. He smirked, "I'm not playing with that girl"

Gaara moved from his sitting position as he stood up and began to walk away from Sasuke, "Then I tell you" he stopped on his tracks and looked back at Sasuke over his shouder, "You chose the wrong girl"

Sasuke turned his head to glare at his reply, "What?" he removed his hands inside his pocket as he followed Gaara.

"Oi!" Sasuke was stopped upon seeing Gaara standing still with his eyes directly looking at the pink-haired girl across the corridor, who at the same time stopped.

Sasuke examined Sakura's features carefully and noticed how her eyes softened while staring at an entity at their direction. He was confused of how the situation quickly changed…he…simply has no idea of what's going on, until…

"Ga-gaara-kun?" the girl he looked upon audibly whispered

Gaara looked at the girl impassively as Sakura ran up to his direction, her eyes glimmering, and her footsteps echoing throughout the corridor. It seemed like forever when she was nearing Gaara and finally snaking her small arms on Gaara's waist.

It was a drastic turn of events for the clueless Sasuke. He wanted to speak, he wanted to ask but there's a pain all over his body that hinders him from speaking, from doing something. He can just watch and stand.

Gaara and Sakura broke their hug as Sakura looked closely at Gaara, "You've grown a lot taller and now, you have a tattoo" she smiled and giggled filled with happiness upon seeing someone she haven't seen for a long time.

After witnessing what recently happened, after feeling a sudden blank and painful feeling, and after losing his strength to find out the truth between the two persons in front of him, "So you knew each other?" Sasuke asked in a serious manner. It's a matter he must not miss out; it's something important he needs to know.

Sakura looked at Sasuke, "Mm" she smiled and nodded, "Gaara-kun is my childhood friend"

"More importantly" Gaara said as he smirked at looked at Sasuke, "She is the 'ghost' you are referring to, Sasuke"

". . . Huh?" Sakura said responding to the random statement she heard from Gaara.

Sasuke's eyes widened. Living his life full of tranquility, the time has come when he has to break a sweat over something that threatens him from completely getting what he wanted. He never expected things to turn out like this…all of a sudden. Now he knew, the real thing has arrived to disrupt the peace he believed he was living in

"The person Gaara saved before…was Sakura"

Extra: Gaara and Sakura's childhood

"What are we doing here, Okaa-san?" 6 year-old Gaara turned his head on all sides getting himself familiarized to the place. At the moment he entered the place, all he sees are patients lying immobile on their beds.

"We are going to take care of the sick" Mrs. Suzaku smiled brightly, "You're not doing anything at home anyway, so helping here would make you move around" she grinned and murmured, "and besides, this is such a rare moment~ Having my cute little son come with me for once"

"Ah…you mean we're doing charity here right?" He sighed and looked at the basket he's carrying.

Mrs. Subaku stopped and ruffled her son's hair, "Gaara-kun, helping others doesn't mean you have to force yourself into it" She bent down and smiled, "But if you experience it, you'll consider it enjoyable to do than having to stay in your room for a whole day"

Gaara stared at her. Her mother never changed, always having that gentle smile to lift up the spirits of anyone.

She stood up, "Let's go. The patients are waiting for us" she then proceeded inside a room.


Gaara entered a big room with four patients. He saw his mom talking to a child wearing the hospital clothes. The child's almost hairless, 'Cancer?' he thought. He must be lucky to not suffer any disease by a young age, 'How can they even consider living?'

Living on Earth for a short time, only to find out that their lives will end immediately, it's like a given experience to see the world…but there's not a chance for them to enjoy living in it for a long time.

"Ne, can you come with me? Let's go visit mom!"

He turned his head to the direction of the voice and saw a pink haired girl sitting on a hospital bed holding a puppy up high.

At this moment, seeing a child talking to a puppy will make everyone think of the child as a patient with a brain disease but Gaara just watched the girl in silence.

"Ikuso!" she smiled, stood up and ran outside the room

"O-oi!" Gaara tried to call the girl but he lost sight of her right away 'What kind of patient runs around the hospital? Tsk!' he followed the girl with an objective set inside on his head: To make sure that she gets her back to bed.

He reached the exit and saw the girl crossing the street crying out "Okaa-san!" Gaara twitched seeing the stupid child in the middle of the street with no knowledge of crossing the street 'The doctor should tie her up next ti-' his eyes widened as a car is fast approaching and in a whim will hit the girl

"Watch out!!" he run as fast as he could as the girl stood still on her place showing a frightened look.

She closed her eyes and all of a sudden, she was thrown at the side of the street with a body weighing down upon hers.

"Are you okay?"

The girl opened her eyes and saw a red haired child panting and looking down at her.

"That was close" he sat up still panting from the sudden act he did to save her

The girl rubbed her teary eyes and nodded in response to his first question

He sighed after getting a reaction from the girl "I-I'm Gaara" he looked at her with worry and said, "You should go back immediately"


Gaara stood up and put his hands inside his pocket, "It's okay, but don't be reckless next time"

"I-I'm Sakura…Ha-haruno" Sakura said with a nervous tone

Gaara turned his head to see her, he then noticed her green eyes still soggy from wailing earlier "Let's go" he walked away but was stopped by the small hands holding his arm

"Do-Don't go!" she looked at him with teary eyes, "I'm going to Okaa-san!" And there she goes again, crying shamelessly at the sidewalk

Gaara twitched his eyebrows, irritated; First, because of the annoying cry he is bearing to hear; Second, because Sakura's display of idiotism gained too much attention, "Baka!"

Sakura stopped crying as he saw Gaara leaning down offering her a piggyback ride, "Do you think your mother would be happy seeing you like this?"

Sakura's eyes widened. Realizing that she's doing something that her mother would not be happy for, she only disappointed herself and her mother.

Without hesitation, Sakura accepted Gaara's ride back to the hospital, "Arigatou…for saving me"

Gaara sighed, "What were you planning anyway? You're supposed to stay in bed"

"I keep on getting injections…all the time…everyday" Sakura protested and pouted, "I think I'm really going to die if they keep on getting blood from me"

"But you need them to heal your sickness…so, why did you suddenly run out of the hospital?"

"My mom said that whenever someone or something hurts me, I'll just go to her" she tightened her hold to Gaara's arm.

"Sorede, where's your mom?"

Sakura lowered her head, "She's dead"

Gaara stopped walking.

"…Gaara-kun?" Sakura asked worried if she said anything that might have disturbed him

He turned his head to face her, "You want some ice cream? I'll treat you" And with the smallest of the smiles he can make, he smiled at her, thinking of easing the pain that she is suffering.

"Are?" she blinked twice as he looked at Gaara

"What's wrong?"

"Mm" she shook her head and beamed at him, "You look distant at first but you know" she moved closer to his face, "you really are the best healing character person I've met" she smiled brightly that caught Gaara off guard.

Thinking of the days he had spent with her at the hospital, it wasn't she who was getting treatment but the guy who yearned for the cozy and sincere feeling from a person who gave him warmth in the world he's living in.

With all the despair that he had gone through, he held on to that warm smile.

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