Ryella (once upon a dream, one time thing, stay with you)
Rypay (king and queen, we should be lovers)
Relsi (i'd lie)

Troyella (karma, I knew I loved you)
Troypay (good help)

Chadpay (unconventional, you know you love me, 4eva)
Chaylor (never had a dream come true)

Zepay (us against the world)

Jelsi (do you believe in magic)

Tryan (troy bolton and noise, kissing santa)
Ryson (sexy mouth)

Tayella (pretty girls play night kisses all day long. oh baby!)

I know we're not supposed to have lists as chapters. Big deal- I have one. I'm going to post drabbles I have written on HSM here, so er, those I have written so far have been placed right up there (the titles next to the pairing). So for those of you who hate certain pairings, you can just select the ones you read from the chapter selection thingy on your top right hand corner.

This list will be updated regularly when I post new drabbles. ALSO! I will very definitely be wishing to see some of you reviewing and posting me challenges, okay?

NEW ADDITION AS OF 16th July: (My favourites are in italics )

I Knew I Loved You- Troyella
Once Upon a Dream- Implied Troyella, Hints of Ryella

I'd Lie- One-sided Ryelsi
We Should Be Lovers- Rypay (implied)

Not Falling Apart- Troypay
Us Against The World- Zepay (implied)4eva- Chadpay (Implied/ not clear)
Do You Believe in Magic- Jelsi

Never Had a Dream Come True- Chaylor
Stay With You – Ryella (Implied)

I wrote these for a self iPod challenge because I was feeling rather dry (in writing) these few days, so I put my iPod on shuffle and churned out these ten songs. XD

Enjoy! Review! Maybe I'll do another ten sometime!(:

Challenges are always accepted!(:

PS: I know some of the drabbles seem long, and some are like, just nicely 100 words. I was too lazy to rewrite or shorten some of them, yeah.

Love, dwilivia.