Stay With You

Pairing: Ryella (Implied)

Word Count: I don't care.

A/N: I took some liberties with this because it's another Ryella, and I love Ryella so.. (: (PS: For Dramione fans, I'd like to think Draco and Hermione could have this little moment as well!)


The night was cool, windy. Almost frightfully so.

He didn't notice, and neither did she.

The only thing that stood between them was the barrier of clothing, and that too was soon gone in the heat of passion that enveloped them.

Quickly, suddenly.


Gasps aloud.

She presses,

He feels.

Holding on….

Shards of breath,

Falling sheets to the floor.

She twists and he turns, they awake to a new world.

In the splendour of darkness, with only each other as comfort, they feel the storm brew outside that seems to coincide with their inner storm that brews with each kiss and touch.

Breathless they fall to the floor. Sated, they touch each other.

Feeling walls crumble before them, around them, feeling a need to run to each other just simply be, they stay.

I'll stay. He mumbles into her dark hair, while she smiles into his pale broad chest. She draws circles around his heart, then places her palm over it as if to say, too,

I'll stay with you.

-stay with you, goo goo dolls