The richly furnished room was silent but for the harsh breathing and soft thumping of the mattress against the box-spring. Flesh rocked against flesh, a conversation where words were not only uneccessary, but unwanted. The phone at the bedside rang. The rhythm paused and jade eyes narrowed in irritation, but the other was already answering.


The motion resumed, Trowa grinding into his lover, smiling slightly when Heero narrowed his own cobalt eyes in warning. Then the eyes fluttered shut and Heero's head fell back when Trowa rubbed against that spot. Trowa watched in amusement as his lover tried to concentrate on what the voice on the other end of the line was saying.

"Hn," Heero finally grunted in affirmation before hanging up. Then he glared at Trowa. Trowa gazed back unconcerned.

"We agreed that our time was ours," he reprimanded quietly.

Heero's eyes dropped. "Gomen," he replied quietly.

Trowa just shook his head and dipped his head down to kiss him. "So what did they want?"

"We're being moved back to active Duty. Noin's taking over Releena."

Trowa nodded.

Almost-silence fell over the room once more.

The alley was dark, and a single yellow streetlight flickered on and off at one end. A dark mercedes benz was parked at the other end. A hunched figure darted to the car and got in.

"It didn't work," a low female voice said. The voice reflected the calm of an irritated cat right before it lashed out.

"Chang somehow convinced them to be his bodyguards," the man huffed.

"You made sure they thought you were working on your own?"

The man nodded as if affronted that she suggested otherwise. "I still don't know why Mueller and I couldn't just go off him ourselves."

The woman sighed. "No, you wouldn't, Alex. For this to succeed, the Changs have to make the first move, or Trieze won't let it happen. None of this must actually point to OZ. Now, go make sure that your tracks are covered."

Sullenly, Alex got out of the car. Silencers aren't perfect and the shot still echoed faintly in the alley and his body slumped forward onto the ground. The woman calmly placed the gun down on the passenger seat, reached over and closed the door before starting the benz and casually rolling down the street.

"And that, my dear Alex, is how you cover your tracks."

The morning air was still cool and crisp despite the fact that the sun was already up. The yard was neat and green, the sounds of the city held at bay by the tall hedges. A fountain, truly elegent in its simplicity, burbled in a sedate pond. Three large koi, golden, black and calico in turn, drifted lazily in the water.

Wufei let the serenity wash through him as he went through his morning exercises. Each movement was fluid, yet controlled; the steps to a dance that would cave in your kneecap or dislocate your sternum if they happened to be in the way.

After the last move, Wufei drew back into himself, standing straight, but relaxed in the grass. He turned to face the eyes that had been watching him for the past ten minutes. To his surprise, it was Duo, not Quatre who stood on the back porch silently. If one thing Wufei had learned in the past three days, it was that Duo was not, by nature, a quiet person. Not that he was loud, but he seemed to be allregic to silence and did his best to fill it in any way possible.

Duo smiled at him, a real smile, not the grin he was wanten to flash and get his way. "Coffee's brewing, and I popped some frozen waffles into the toaster. They're probably done by now."

"-thank you," Wufei replied, heading up into the house. Duo followed him in and fished the waffles onto two plates. Quatre was not a morning person and wouldn't be up until ten.

"You loked really good out there. How long have you been training?" Duo asked, slathering his waffles in butter and then drowning them in syrup.

"Since I was three. Every member of the clan learns," Wufei replied, sprinkling cinnamon onto his own waffles.

"Doesn't sound like you enjoy it much," Duo noted before jamming almost half a waffle into his mouth. Wufei shrugged.

"I've always prefered reading. Meilan is the one in love with the martial arts."

Duo cocked his head to the side. "Meffan?" he asked through waffle.

Wufei looked down his nose at his companion. "Really Duo, is it too much to ask that you swallow before you talk?"

The other youth seemed unrepentant, but swallowed anyway before he tried again. "Who's Meilan?"

Wufei sighed. "My fiancé."

Duo snorted and wagged his finger at him. "Try to sound a little more enthusiastic about your true love."

Wufei sniffed. "She is not my 'true love'. It is an arranged marriage to ensure solidarity among the clans."

Duo put his chin in his hands. "How 14th century of you. In my experience, loveless marriages are bad ideas."

Wufei prodded his waffle with a scowl. "We'll see if either of us survive each other long enough to regret it."

"She's that bad hunh?"

"She's an absolute terror," Wufei insisted. But instead the chuckle he was expecting, Duo suddenly shot up from his chair, shouting, "Duck!"

Wufei threw himself sideways and rolled into a crouch. Duo was grappling with a small form dressed all in white, traditional chinese clothing. The lower part of thier face was covered in a white balaclava. In their hand was a short chinese cleaver.

The assassin suddenly became dead weight, pulling Duo down after them. They used the the momentum to fling Duo over them into the wall, knocking down Wufei's favorite calligraphy scroll. They flipped themselves back onto their feet and pulled the balaclava down.

Wufei growled low in his throat, but before he could say anything, Duo was back on his feet, ensaring the assassin in a headlock, gun pressed to thier temple.

"Woman, what do you think you're doing!?" Wufei shouted, striding over to the intruder. She sniffed disdainfully, unconcerned about the cold metal pressing into her skin.

"I hope you don't think you can get away with calling me that once we're married, airen." The last was said scornfully, and Wufei straightened in stung pride.

"Married?" Duo asked, plainly startled, though he kept his hold firm on her.

Wufei ignored him. "I'll call you whatever I want as long as you're pulling stupid stunts like this. What were you thinking?"

Her black eyes glittered fiercely at him. "I had heard rumours that my husband to be had hired bodyguards off the street. I was testing them, to insure that you hadn't made a fatal descision. And how dare you call me a terror!?" Meilan broke free of Duo's dumbfounded hold and stalked up to Wufei, prodding him in the chest.

Wufei glared back. "I call anything that interferes regularly with my calm life a terror."

She 'hmphed' and tossed her head to the side. "Well I think you're an obstinate stick in the mud, but I don't call you that."

"You just did," Duo pointed out helpfully. "Waffle?"