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It's a good thing.

Chapter 1.

Raven Roth was one of the happiest 21 year old girls around. If you had known her two years ago you would have thought her incapable of happiness, but now since bringing a certain guy into her life made her happy. Garfield Mark Logan AKA. Changeling, he long since dropped the Beast Boy name for something more mature. Except the public stilled called him such. They've been dating for about two months. Tonight is their date night. Well it'll be a date night is 'she' doesn't interfere. She being Kory. The alien girl needed some other friends. Sure Raven liked hanging out with her. But when she's out with her man she wants to be out with him. Not him and her. She finished getting dressed and headed out of the room.

Garfield on the other hand was only half dressed. He stood in his room holding two shirts. Raven walked in and starred at her boyfriend, her shirtless boyfriend, her tasty looking shirtless boyfriend. "You're not ready yet?" She said in a playful tone.

"I can't decide between the silk shirt or just a t-shirt." Said Garfield.

"All right, I'm here to help you. Ennie Meanie Miny Moe," Said Raven as she moved her finger between the two shirts. "That's the one." She said as her finger landed on the t-shirt.

"Thank you for helping." Said Garfield as he was getting the shirt on. Afterwards he kissed her.

Garfield then sprayed a bit of Axe Lab on his neck and they were good to go.


Kory was deep into a conversation with Richard and Victor. "You mean if you install NOS to a standard engine not equipped to handle it. It'll explode?" She said.

"But to mod a engine is a easy task." Said Victor.

"Wanna come with us tonight to our car club?" Said Richard.

"Yes!!!" Said Kory as she headed out with Richard and Victor.

Well that solves the Kory issue. Thought Raven with a smile

"So Raven, where are we going tonight?" Asked Garfield.

"I'm thinking something dark, somewhat private, and plenty of popcorn." Said Raven.

"The movies?" Asked Garfield with a slight naive tone.

"Yup. But what to see?" Said Raven.

"The Wickerman, or Eragon, or how about, wait wait, I know. Let's head down town and go see that showing of the first three Harry Potter movies." Said Garfield knowing that only he was privy to the fact that she secretly loved the books and movies.

"Cool!" Said Raven as she grabbed her coat.


They arrived at a old theater. The line outside looked like a cross between a D&D convention and the Rocky Horror Picture show. People were dressed at their favorite characters just for the movies. Raven noticed a very familiar girl. That girl was one that they used to fight on a regular occurrence until she turned good. "Hey Garfield, isn't that Jinx over there?" She asked knowing full and well that girl over there was her.

"Hey it is. Jinx! How are you tonight?" Asked Garfield as the pink eyed girl turned around.

"Now here's two people that I never thought I'd see here." Said Jinx as she gave Raven a hug.

"We thought you moved to be with Kid Flash." Said Raven.

"We broke up. I moved back here about a week ago. I've been looking for a place." Said Jinx as the line slowly moved to the ticket booth. "What's up with you two? Oh god you're dating. Bout time."

"Yeah. We've been together for two months now. If you don't have a place to stay. How about you stay at the tower?" Said Garfield.

"No. Not right now. I'm going to college. I'm not in the hero biz right now." Said Jinx.

"Wow college. What are you majoring in?" Said Raven.

"Film." Said Jinx.

"Like directing or scripts?" Asked Garfield.

"I'll show you my student film once it gets finished. I'm trying just about every field I can think of in film." Said Jinx.

They got to the ticket booth. Garfield decided to be nice and order for all three of them. Jinx spoke up.

"Thanks for the ticket Gar."

"No problem, You're kinda cool when you're not trying to kill us." He said with a goofy grin.

Raven spoke with a bit too much venom. "Garfield, remember we're on a date." That Jinx better not be going after my man. Wait! I'm jealous. He's just trying to be nice. Ok time to fix this before I come off looking like a stone cold bitch.

"Sorry about that tone. Just thought I'd remind you that we haven't really had any private time together in a while." Said Raven with her best puppy dog pout.

"I'm sorry Rea. Jinx it's been nice seeing you. How about we all hang out later on in the week." Said Garfield.

"Sure thing." Said Jinx as she headed towards the theater.


eight hours later they left the theater. "Now that was a marathon movie session." Said Garfield as he took Raven's hand. Throughout most of the movies Raven sat looking at Garfield. She felt bad for the way she acted in line and wanted to tell him about it. "Garfield can we talk?"

"Sure thing Raven." Said Garfield as he fished his car keys out of his pocket.

"I'm sorry for the way I snapped at you while you were talking to Jinx. I guess that I'm still new at the whole relationship thing. I'm afraid of losing you."

"That guy was just using you. Rae, there is no way that you're going to lose me. Nor am I going to dump you for the next woman that comes along." to prove this he took her into his arms and kissed her.

That satisfied Raven's doubt filled mind for the evening.


On the third floor of a small apartment complex, there stood a girl with shocking pink hair. She unlocked the door to her place and went in. she placed her keys on a table next to the door. As she went into the living room she hit a small button on a remote. The room filled with music as she headed to the kitchen. Here body was on auto pilot as her mind wandered to a certain green skinned male. I didn't think that boy would grow into such a hottie. Wow!! With a grand amount of mischief in her eyes she came up with a plan to get her a little green man.

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