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Sighing, the dark-haired Oujou quarterback found himself standing directly in front of the door to the room belonging to the football team's pretty, petite manager- Wakana Koharu.

It wasn't her room, persay, but it really had become her room, so to speak. Although Takami himself often used the computer in the small space for projects and such, it was her computer. Even when she was not around, whenever the young man entered the room, he would take a deep breath, and just revel in the essence of the girl.

She was small, and often went unnoticed, but all the White Knights did recognize her efforts, although they did not acknowledge her work much. Especially Shin. At least Sakuraba and Ootawara would drop some small hints of appreciation, while the tough what position is Shin? would only grunt, or say nothing when she treated him kindly. It didn't seem like Koharu really minded, though.

The former-idol would often respond with "thank you's," as well as other normal signs of gratitude, while the strong, tall lineman would chuckle, often praising the small girl's hard working personality. But, Shin… Why wouldn't he ever say anything? Well, he was Shin, of course. There wasn't really anything to say beyond that.

Turning the doorknob, Takami almost uttered a gasp, but he stifled it for obvious reasons. His tiny manager had fallen asleep, her head rested atop her notebook. The quarterback could even hear her breathing, and her overall appearance made him feel quite relaxed.

"Mm, I really do have to be quiet," he thought to himself. "Wakana-kun looks like she's been working really hard." Ichirou blinked.

"Wakana-kun this, Wakana-kun that… You really do like her, don't you?" Sakuraba's teasing echoed in the serious boy's head.

"Oh-ho-ho!" Ootawara's laugh chimed in. "Haven't you noticed the way she always runs up to you after practice? No… Any chance she gets, she runs straight to you, and starts chatting."

"And, that look in her eyes!" the wide receiver's words were quite irritating. "She always looks up to you, and Wakana-kun always goes ga-ga after you do something in practice. It's always you, mm?"

"She really does like you, Takami." In addition to making Takami blush, his two friends had even made Shin comment on the situation. Shin saying something that wasn't related to football was a miracle in itself.

All their comments did arouse some questions in Takami's mind. Was she really interested in him? Well… Maybe. The studious young man always thought that if she did harbor feelings for anyone on the team, it would be Sakuraba, the typical choice. But then again, Wakana wasn't just any typical girl… And she was cute.

Yet again, Takami blinked. Where'd that last comment come from? Anyways, he really needed to retrieve his history paper from Koharu's desk, and the quarterback picked up the assignment quietly. After exiting the room, while humming a familiar tune, he realized something… The notebook Wakana was sleeping on had his name on it, Ichirou-kun to be more precise, doodled in oh-so-feminine handwriting, surrounded by hearts.