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Chapter 10

Cloud sat languidly on the couch with a cup of cooling white tea in hand. Marlene was in the kitchen making dinner and Vincent was in the bathroom taking a shower.

"Cloud, how is your appetite? You hungry?" shouted Marlene pleasantly from her place at the stove. Cloud looked up at her in the kitchen from his seat.

"A little." He hadn't spoken much since he'd come back. His head was still a mess and his body ached just as painfully as when he had left rehab. He was at the kitchen table eating when Vincent emerged from their bedroom, dressed in a pair of lounge pants and a button up shirt. Marlene sat at the table, setting both hers and Vincent's plates down. Vincent stood behind Cloud for a moment, a hand hovering above the blond's shoulder, debating whether he should say anything. After thier love making three weeks ago, Cloud had quickly boarded himself up again. He tried to think of something to say, but failed horridly. He could only come up with a weak greeting to Malene.

"Dinner looks good Marlene." Sitting down, he started eating, his fork just barely picking at the meal. Marlene did the same before looking at the clock and jumping up in shock, drawing the two men's attention.

"Crap! Cloud, Vincent, I've got to go! I'm late for my date! I'll be home around ten!" she grabbed her purse after putting her plate of stir fry in the fridge. Vincent looked at Cloud, seeing he was almost done eating and stood up.

"Cloud, can I talk to you?" his voice was soft, a wispy air of intimacy floating with it. The blond looked at him, eyes still moody.

"You've never asked permission before." At this, Vincent turned away, turning into the hallway and slamming the bedroom door shut. Minutes later, he silently emerged and walked into the living room, taking a seat on the old blue couch while mumbling sharply under his breath. Cloud continued eating, taking his plate and chopsticks and washing them in the sink.

He walked into the living room, stopping dead for an instant and staring wide eyed at his lover. The man was hunched over the coffee table, his long black hair hanging over his shoulders to veil his profilce. Cloud stared at him until he realized what the older man was doing. He was snorting up right out in the open! After all the shit he had gone through... Rage filled him to the gill. Cloud grabbed the nearest object to him and threw it at him, screaming in hoarse rage. Vincent ducked out of the way and the old tumbler glass shattered against the wall. He looked at Cloud with a mocking, angry glare. Suddenly he started to chuckle softly.

Cloud charged him, ignoring the coffee table as if it wasn't there, aiming his body to the only thing he saw in the room. Vincent dodged him and caught the man's right arm, twisting it painfully behind his back and knocking him to the floor.

"How does it feel Cloud? To see someone you love throw their life away?" his dark whispers held years of pent up rage. "How does it feel? Or are you just mad that I haven't given you any?" he pulled harder on the arm, drawing a pained yelp from the smaller man, "Do you like having your heart tore to pieces and scattered on the floor, only to have to put them back together over time?" Tears broke loose, his voice trembling, "I love you Strife. I'm fucking addicted to you. To see you waste away like that damn near killed me. To waste your life on that shit, to see you waste your life, it made me sick!" His grip loosened on the arm, his mind losing its battle over his emotions. He rolled off the man, broken, and rose, leaving into the hallway, shutting the bedroom door.

Cloud lay where he was for some time, angry and confused. Quietly,Vincent came back out, Death Penalty in hand, his eyes bloodshot from crying as well as cocain.

"So, what do we do? Do we get rid of the addict or the drug?" Vincent's voice shook uncharacteristically as he pondered. Cloud's eyes widened in fear.

"Vincent…stop this…" he kept his voice calm and tried to move away but cut his hand on a shard of glass. He hissed loudly.

"I love you Cloud. I told you I'd never leave you, and I haven't. But now I have an addiction. All it has gotten me is pain. Cloud, only you can help me. Only you can stop my pain." He started shaking, the gun in his hand rising and pointing, mercilessly, towards the blond. Taking a deep breath, he fired the shot, the noise making an explostion in the air, Cloud's body falling over instantly, his life gone within a second of the impact. Vincent blinked several times, startled. Sobbing he looked at the gun in his hand and took in a steadying breath.

"I never left you. I promised I wouldn't." he choked back another sob and turned the gun to his temple, his steady hand shaking almost violently. He half sighed, half sobbed and closed his red eyes. His trigger finger twitched and he fired the gun again, his body falling dead to the floor.


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