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Destroy or Be Destroyed

Chapter 1 - Smoke

Danny floated high above the city of Amity Park. The resident hero was on patrol a nightly event that had been going on since he was fourteen years old. Now twenty one Danny had matured from the short skinny freshman into a tall muscular man. Danny was now in this third year of college at Amity Park University. Much to his dad's surprise Danny was getting a degree in paranormal study. Living with world renowned ghost hunters and being half ghost made his classes a breeze. Finally Danny had a great GPA and he didn't even have to study for it. Both Sam and Tucker had decided to stay here in Amity Park as well. Sam was currently getting her degree in Art History while Tucker was doing a joint study with MIT in nanotech theory and application.

Danny gazed down at the house of his best friend, Samantha Manson. A smile graced his features at the thought of the Gothic beauty. Over the years Sam had blossomed into a striking woman. Sam's hair had grown down past her shoulders she still had the milky white complexion that made her look like an angel on Earth. Her wardrobe had changed little over the years. She still wore her trademark combat boots, but instead of her plaid skirt she had switched to black pants that complimented her curves. She was now very fond of her short sleeved shirt that stopped just above her stomach. Danny continued to smile at the mental image of his best friend who had matured into a beautiful woman.

Danny's smile slowly faded away to be replaced by a frown. For years he has wanted to be more than just her best friend. For years he has watched her date other guys; guys that he was extremely jealous of. He was just too afraid of ruining their friendship over these feelings. He used to just shrug them off as teenage hormones, but as they grew older he began to realize that what he was feeling was more than just teenage hormones talking. He was in love with his best friend and not just your normal love but head over heals in love with Sam.

Danny looked down at the watch Sam had given him for Christmas last year: 8:45. "Damn," he thought to himself. He was supposed to meet Sam and Tucker at the Nasty Burger at 8:30. He was late again and this time he didn't have a ghost fight as an excuse to fall back on. Sam was going to skin him alive and here he was late because he had been day dreaming about her again. Flying as fast as he could Danny headed towards the alley behind the Nasty Burger. Danny changed back into Fenton and walked through the door to be met with double glares from Tucker and Sam.

"Hey guys sorry I'm late," Danny said as he took a seat next to Tucker.

"You do know we ordered fifteen minutes ago," Sam asked shooting him another dirty glare.

"Ya dude, why were you late this time," Tucker asked munching down on his burger.

A blush crept across Danny's face at the thought of what had preoccupied his time and the object of his obsession was sitting across from him frowning at him. A blush forming on his cheeks at the thought of Sam "Damn", I wish I knew what she was thinking," Danny thought to himself.

Sam saw the blush take form on Danny's face as he suddenly broke eye contact with them. "Bet he was day dreaming about Paulina again," Sam thought her smile being replaced by a small frown.

Taking a chance Danny brought his eyes up to meet Sam's face only to see her beautiful face contorted in a sad frown. Danny was about to ask her what was wrong when a voice broke through his thoughts.

"Fenton, why do you continue to sit there when you know damn well that I want to sit by Tucker," Valerie's voice brought him out of his thoughts. Danny stared up at Valerie with a blank look. The next thing Danny knew he was face first on the floor of the Nasty Burger.

"What was that for," Danny said indigently as he glared at Tucker. Danny took the seat next to Sam and brushed her hand with his eliciting a blush from both of them. The two made eye contact for a brief second before looking in opposite directions.

"I just want to sit next to my girl," Tucker said giving Valerie a squeeze.

"So," Valerie asked looking and Danny and Sam then over to Tucker, "How are clueless and denial doing today?"

Tucker just laughed at Valerie's little comment while Danny and Sam stared on with blank looks on their faces. "So, what are we going to do today," Tucker asked bringing the conversation back to life.

"I don't know what ever you guys feel like," Danny said finally picking up his cold food and eating.

"How about we all go over to Sam's house and watch movies," Valerie suggested looking over at Sam to see if the idea was okay. Sam gave a noncommittal shoulder shrug; she was too busy watching Danny. Valerie just smiled as she watched Sam watch Danny. "These two are just sad," she thought to herself, "I would have thought they would have admitted their feelings for each other a long time ago."

While Valerie was busy talking with Tucker a blue mist escaped from Danny's lips. Sam saw it and looked over at Tucker cluing him in on the issue. Danny groaned to himself as he went to stand up from the table. "So are you guys going to be over at Sam's house," Danny asked trying to give himself an out.

"Yeah, we'll be over there," Sam chimed in nodding to Danny.

"Well, I have something I need to take care of real quick and I'll be right over there," Danny said heading towards the back door. The three watched as Danny headed out the back door leaving a good portion of his food still on the table. Tucker reached over with expert hands and grabbed what was left of Danny's food.

After Tucker had finished eating Sam looked over at the couple, "So are you guys ready to head over towards my house?" Tucker and Valerie stood up and followed Sam over to her car that she had bought when she turned eighteen. Sam had bought a black Nissan Altma with all black interior to complete her Gothic image.

Once Danny had cleared the back door of the Nasty Burger Fenton was replaced with Phantom. Shooting high into the sky Danny scanned the horizon looking for any sigh of the ghost that had set off his ghost sense. Suddenly a magenta blast caught Danny right between the shoulder blades sending him spiraling down towards the ground. Danny caught himself before he hit the ground. Looking up Danny spotted the silhouette of Plasimus high above the roof tops. Danny shot a death glare towards Vlad followed by a quick succession of ecto-blasts.

Vlad watched with amusement as his shot had hit its target with precision sending him falling towards the ground. Watching the younger halfa fire a quick series of blast in his direction he tossed up an impromptu ecto-shield successfully stopping the blasts. "You have to be quicker than that, Daniel," Vlad spat down towards the younger halfa.

"Sure thing," was all Vlad heard before something hit him from behind with enough force to send him slamming into the rough concrete below. Danny floated above where Vlad was moments before with a proud smirk on his face. "How was that, Vlad? You didn't even catch the after image this time. I the being a deranged fruit loop is starting to affect your fighting abilities."

Vlad visibly tensed at the nickname given to him by Danny. Vlad cursed himself for allowing such a simple trick to get the better of him. Vlad stood up brushing the dirt off his outfit before floating up to meet Danny face to face. "I have a proposition for you Daniel," Vlad spoke with his oily slick voice that did nothing to grate on Danny's nerves.

"What could you possibly have to say that I would care about," Danny said with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Vlad smiled to himself, "Well, I have come to offer you the chance to join me. Now before you open your mouth and say anything understand Daniel this will be the last time I ask you in a civil manner. After this it will mean war Daniel and war is very dirty," Vlad said the words left unsaid ringing clearer than those said aloud.

"I told you before and I'll tell you again. I have now intention of joining now or ever," Danny said ecto-energy flowing into his hands forming brightly glowing green balls.

Vlad raised his hands in an act of surrender, "Your choice Daniel, but remember what I said. War is a dirty business." With that a mist enveloped Plasimus and he disappeared from sight.

Danny allowed the energy gathering in his hands to absorb back into his body. Taking one last look around to make sure that Vlad was know where in sight Danny headed in the direction of Sam's house. Danny arrived at Sam's house just to see her shutting the front door. Danny dropped into the alley next to her house and walked to the front door as Fenton once again.

Knock, Knock

Sam turned around looking at the door that she had closed only a few moments before. With a confused look on her face Sam headed over and opened the door to find a smiling Danny. "How was it," Sam asked the concern evident in her voice.

"Just Plasimus," Danny answered stepping through the doorway, "just a little scratch on my back." Danny headed in the direction of the theater only to be stopped by Sam's hand on his shoulder. "What," he asked turning around to face her again.

Sam held up her hand with blood on it and gave him a stern glare. "I thought you said it was just a little scratch," she said before grabbing him by the arm and dragging him up the stairs to her bedroom. "Here sit," Sam commanded pointing towards her bed as she headed in the direction on her bathroom to get some bandages. Danny watched as she walked towards her bathroom he was lost in thought when she started pulling at the hem of his shirt trying to get it off.

"Will you take it off already? How else am I supposed to clean this burn you have on your back," Sam asked again pulling on his shirt. "Ouch," Sam said as she rubbed her sore bottom and back. Looking up she saw Danny laughing at her. "How the hell did that happen," Sam asked glaring at Danny hands on her hips.

"I just phased out of it," Danny stated as if it was obvious. Danny reached a hand down to help Sam up a blush forcing its way onto his cheeks as their hands touched.

"You could have warned me you know," Sam said getting started on the burn left from Plasmius's attack. Sam made quick work of the burn having had several years' worth of practicing under her belt.

After Sam finished Danny looked at his shirt the entire back was covered in blood. "Guess I am going to have to go home and change first," he said looking at the shirt.

"Or not," Sam said opening another door on her closet and revealing several shirts and pants all matching Danny's style and size. "I thought I should be prepared," Sam said looking at the ground. Suddenly she was engulfed in a hug by Danny Sam smiled and hugged him back.

"You're the best Sammy. You know that," Danny said as he grabbed a clean shirt and put it on throwing the other in Sam's dirty clothes.

"Yeah, I know," Sam said closing the door behind her, "we should get down there before they start wondering where we are."

"You're probably right," Danny replied following Sam out of the room and down the stairs towards the theater.

They found Valerie and Tucker making out of one of the love seats in the theater. Sam coughed loudly to announce her and Danny's presence. The two looked up and then went straight back to what they had been doing only moments ago. Sam walked over and turned on a movie and dimmed the lights. She and Danny took a seat on the opposite side of the theater from Val and Tucker. "At least we won't have to see or hear them," Sam whispered into Danny's ear as Serenity began. The scene where Wash is bringing in Serenity for a hard landing got the attention of the two in the corner and the four friends set and watched the movie. Valerie fell asleep on Tuckers shoulder about half way through the movie.

As the reavers were attacking in the movie Danny's ghost sense went off for the second time that day. Sighing he stood up and looked over at Valerie who was fast asleep on Tucker's shoulder. Tucker nodded giving Danny the go ahead as once again Fenton became Phantom. Danny phased through the roof of the Manson's mansion. Danny scanned the sky looking for the ghost and expecting Vlad to jump out behind him. Danny spotted Skulker heading in the direction of Casper High. Danny flew after him the ecto-blasts already charging in his hands.

Skulker turned his head around to make sure that the whelp had taken the bait and sure enough the whelp was in fast pursuit. Skulker turned and fired a series of missiles towards Danny's position. Danny maneuvered quickly to avoid being struck by the projectiles. Skulker hovered above the roof of Casper High carefully aiming his various weapons at Danny's quickly approaching form.

Noticing Skulker preparing to fire again Danny turned invisible and intangible flying straight through Skulker and letting loose the ecto-blasts that he had formed straight into his back. Skulker was slammed into the roof of the school. "Good thing I don't attend this place any more," Danny said to himself as Skulker picked himself off the ground. Danny and Skulker continued to exchange blasts between each other resulting in a fair amount of damage to Casper High and the surrounding area. Danny finally got the upper hand body slammed Skulker in to the faculty parking lot. Slowly Skulker picked himself off the ground for the second time during this fight. Firing his jets Skulker came up to meet Danny flying high above the school. "What do you want this time; my pelt on your wall? You do know that is getting really old," Danny said once again charging two ecto-blasts in his hands.

"Just here to distract you," Skulker said as he flew off away from Amity Park.

Danny's brow furrowed in confusion as he watched the retreating form of Skulker getting smaller and smaller in the distance. Slowly it donned on him; the only thing worth distracting him from was his friends. Danny quickly looked over in the direction of Sam's house. Smoke was billowing into the air. Flying as fast as he could Danny was confronted with the entire house on fire.


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