Set Epsilon

#01 - Motion

From the gentle sway of her impossibly long hair to the slight muscles in her bow arm, Bathier wondered if all viera were like Fran; she always seemed like she was ready to act on the slightest change in the wind, a bundle of coiled energy kept beneath a placid exterior.

#02 - Cool

Fran was reminded once Vaan began accompanying them of why she had stayed with the Strahl's captain this long-- unlike the Rabanastran, he seemed to have an uncanny ability to think clearly even in the most dire circumstances.

#03 - Young

Though Balthier would never admit it to anyone Fran was actually quite a few years his senior... not that it mattered to him in the slightest.

#04 - Last

They'd seen their share of crewmen come and go but in the end they were always silently comforted by the fact that neither had any intention of stepping off the Strahl for good.

#05 - Wrong

"...I TOLD you we should have gone right once we passed the Giza Plains," Fran stated calmly even as Balthier quadruple-checked the airship's onboard map.

#06 - Gentle

She never had to tell him that she secretly felt something stir in her when he looked at her with those soft eyes he only used in bed, which suited her fine because he never asked.

#07 - One

"...Are you the one who put up the ad for a co-pilot?" Balthier flinched at the calculated yet feminine tone behind his barstool; he was getting ready to drink away another failed day when he turned to find that maybe he was luckier than he thought.

#08 - Thousand

"Oh, come on-- it can't be that hi--" he stopped in midphrase as Fran held out the poster calling for his arrest; he only had a chance to count the first hundred zeroes before she grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt and pulled him to the Aerodome.

#09 - King

"You can rule the skies another day," she whispered in that tone he knew was only reserved for...certain instances, and he followed her beckoning eyes to the spacious sleeping quarters.

#10 - Learn

Balthier had to admit that at first he'd been a little unsettled by her tall rabbit ears, but after all this time he'd gradually come to love them as just another aspect of her flawless anatomy.

#11 - Blur

He wasn't sure if it was the booze or the altitude that had made him lean in and kiss her, but he couldn't be entirely to blame-- she hadn't done much to stop him, either.

#12 - Wait

He tapped the toe of his boot on the deck as he paced back and forth; he knew he should just be patient and trust Fran but she'd been gone too long and in spite of himself, he was starting to worry.

#13 - Change

"A hume and a viera?" the shopkeep whispered to the distracted woman purchasing food as the infamous Sky Pirate duo walked past. "...Not exactly something you see everyday."

#14 - Command

"No," she spoke in an authoritative voice as Bathier reached immediately for the armor that covered her loins, a smile growing on his own lips as he remembered it was Fran's turn to be dominant; "...You first," she said with the slightest ghost of desire in her inscrutable eyes.

#15 - Hold

She didn't want to admit that even among her own species there was no one who'd made her want to stay in a single place more than Balthier did.

#16 - Need

Fran never said a word when the desire became too strong to ignore; the sharp intake of breath her companion made when she brushed her long fingernails on his skin made it abundantly clear.

#17 - Vision

Even though their destination was growing larger on the horizon, Balthier insisted as he held the viera beauty closer to himself that they had hours to spare.

#18 - Attention

Balthier was the sort of man who never let his mind wander once he'd decided on something; it was this aspect of him that Fran found both frustrating and alluring at once.

#19 - Soul

There were plenty who made no attempt to be quiet about their disgust of viera like Fran, insisting that they were little more than animals that looked like humes, but Balthier knew far better from years of bearing witness to her subtle quirks.

#20 - Picture

There is only one thing onboard the Strahl that has absolutely no monetary value; it's also the only portrait of the two when they were younger, long before they began their joint venture into piracy.

#21 - Fool

Sometimes Balthier's reflexive jesting annoyed her, but since she was always serious, Fran supposed that it was also why they complemented each other so well.

#22 - Mad

Fran can identify Balthier's moods simply by his scent, and as much as she loves the warm odor permeating from him normally it seems much more potent when she kisses him after he gets moody over a botched job.

#23 - Child

"Did you just ask if we had a WHAT?" Balthier asked the unassuming Penelo once he'd managed to swallow his stein of beer, but all the same he glanced at Fran as she stoically watched the entrance of the bar, the idea slowly taking root in his mind.

#24 - Now

"We have to get, uh...some things for the Strahl," Balthier muttered quickly to the group as his co-pilot indicated a secluded alley nearby, the look in her eyes sending a crystal-clear message. "...You four go ahead without us."

#25 - Shadow

He filled his lungs pensively as he glanced at the dark, bare shoulder poking out from beneath the sheets beside him; as he let it out he wondered if either of them would manage to get out of this looming war alive.

#26 - Goodbye

Fran thought as she raised the point of her arrow at the fighter hovering over them that for as long as she could remember she and Balthier had done everything together; she'd be damned if the wounded man she was shielding now got selfish and died on his own.

#27 - Hide

Like the fortunes they hunted, both kept their feelings buried deep, to the point where they weren't even sure what was keeping them together sometimes.

#28 - Fortune

Balthier chuckled at the ghost of a smile flitting across Fran's lips as they counted their 'earnings;' it was one of only a pair of instances in which she did so, and as such the completion of a successful job bore another reward for him besides money.

#29 - Safe

The Strahl's captain sighed in defeat as Fran pushed him aside and put her keen ear to the door of the reinforced safe, but a lecture from her later on lockpicking beat having to use his hard-earned explosives on such a target.

#30 - Ghost

She shuddered to the tips of her slender toes as his tongue skimmed the surface of her skin, too caught up in the moment to care that she was actually showing a sign of weakness for her companion's touch.

#31 - Book

Fran didn't enjoy reading particularly, which annoyed Balthier considering that she could skim through the mountain of texts he kept in his quarters faster than he could wrap his brain around a single one.

#32 - Eye

As he stared back into her crimson irises, both of them came to it-- a sudden primal understanding that went deeper than race or age.

#33 - Never

It seemed like he was always talking about settling down in a quiet town somewhere once they'd earned enough, but the size of their wallet wasn't quite capable of matching Balthier's ambitions.

#34 - Sing

As he pressed his lips to her dark neck he heard the sweet aria of the veira woman as she moaned ecstatically, Fran's body aching for his with an intensity only matched in the endless treble of her voice.

#35 - Sudden

She had no time to grieve as she said her final farewell to her companion, but she stepped back onto the Strahl slowly; it was as if she was hoping part of her had been imagining the whole thing.

#36 - Stop

"We can wait for as long as it takes," Balthier said with a smirk as he glanced at the Imperial blockade before them-- it would be the perfect opportunity to show Fran the cloaking device he'd spent so much of their hard-earned money on.

#37 - Time

All he could hear was the ticking of the clock as Fran pulled his lips to hers, and soon enough it was drowned out by their own sounds of pleasure.

#38 - Wash

"What? I think the rusted look works for you," he teased even as Fran cast a cold glare in his direction-- she wasn't sure how many times she'd told him that she was capable of cleaning her armor herself, but he seemed to think mythril wasn't affected by the ship's onboard washing machine.

#39 - Torn

Fran ignored his sarcastic lament for his shirt as she hungrily began to nibble at Balthier's chest; she assured him with the slightest of grins that what she had in mind would be more than worth the 400 Gil he'd spent on the garment.

#40 - History

"Has it really been that long?" Balthier wondered aloud as his co-pilot nonchalantly recalled the first time they'd met, orphans of war meeting by chance; "...I hadn't really thought about it much."

#41 - Power

The slightest of satisfied groans escaped Balthier's lips as he felt Fran's mouth getting dangerously close to the waistline of his pants; there was only one woman in the world who could turn him into putty like this and the slight tickling of her long furry ears on his chin only heightened the extent of her control over him.

#42 - Bother

Fran knew the minute Ashe had mentioned the word "treasure" that Balthier was more than willing to take her through Ogir-Yensa, a concept she found less than enjoyable.

#43 - God

"Well? What do YOU believe, then?" she asked with a slightly raised eyebrow, and for once Balthier had no answer.

#44 - Wall

It hadn't exactly been smooth sailing the first time they tried to fly the Strahl together, but eventually the barrier of indifference between them vanished like fog in the morning sunlight.

#45 - Naked

Balthier had stared the first time he'd seen Fran walking through the empty ship with no clothes on; it seemed that viera had little concern for things like modesty, but after all this time he was starting to think it might be just her.

#46 - Drive

Although she always seemed like the type to be suffering quietly on the inside, Fran enjoyed the freedom of piracy as much as Balthier did-- she was simply less enthusiastic about showing it.

#47 - Harm

Fran had to admit that the fire in Balthier's eyes when she endured even the slightest of injuries both made her happy and frightened her a bit.

#48 - Precious

To be honest, he couldn't say he was worried if anyone ever happened upon the Strahl and robbed it, especially since the only thing of any real value on board had no intention of leaving his side.

#49 - Hunger

"Well, how is it?" he asked with a victorious smirk as the skeptical look on Fran's face melted into surprise at the taste of his cooking; she ended up eating so much of it he never got a straight answer before she finished.

#50 - Believe

Even if he was an unscrupulous individual, Fran had grown up with the strong conviction that Balthier could be trusted more than any 'law-abiding' citizen she'd ever met.