#101 - Comfort

Somehow, her worries and concerns always seemed to disappear with the wind when they were on the Strahl together.

#102 - Kiss

Balthier had always been told, even as a child, that viera were ferocious, cold beasts who would sooner kill you than speak to you; it was quite a surprise when Fran caught him off guard and planted her lips on his, the gentleness and subtlety of the act leaving him speechless.

#103 - Soft

Sometimes he'd get the urge to stroke her ears while she slept, the almost suede fur tickling his fingertips and making her sigh contently in her dreams.

#104 - Pain

"What an annoyance," Balthier complained as they walked past the endless teasing between Vaan and Penelo, and even the normally patient viera gave the slightest of nods in agreement.

#105 - Potatoes

"Don't complain-- it's all we have for now," Fran sighed as she placed another bag of the tubers on the small table in front of Balthier that served as Strahl's 'dining room.'

#106 - Rain

Sometimes it's seeing her wet, her flowing platinum hair weighed down from the precipitation, that makes her irresistible to the pirate.

#107 - Chocolate

Fran gave a rare giggle as he wrapped his lips around her still-messy fingers, making her grateful she'd decided to try the cake he'd suggested to her earlier.

#108 - Happiness

Balthier had belived that the secret to being content in life was freedom, riches, and women, but over the last few years he'd stricken the last entry in that list for a more specific example of the opposite sex.

#109 - Telephone

The viera gave a slight huff as Balthier pulled away, reluctantly deciding that he had to answer the hail coming over the ship's computer sometime.

#110 - Ears

"Yours are not well-suited for hearing as mine are," the viera said frankly, grinning when the only argument Balthier could put up was a slight grumble.

#111 - Name

"...Fran," she answered in the quiet, melodic voice that had enchanted him in the first place, and as she walked off he did his best to avoid pumping his fist at the air in victory.

#112 - Sensual

She might not have had an advantage over other women in terms of age, but it was her effortless, almost erotic confidence that kept Balthier returning to her embrace.

#113 - Death

"Not likely," Balthier answered with a wry grin as he pulled the weakened viera's arm over his neck, ignoring her plea that he go without her.

#114 - Sex

Every time someone mentioned how cold Fran seemed, Balthier was half-tempted to lift up the back of his shirt and display the claw marks that were a testament to her 'coldness' in bed.

#115 - Touch

He flinched as she ran a clawed finger over his bare chest, though it was more the gentleness of the contact than fear of being scratched that made him behave thusly.

#116 - Weakness

It was simply because she cared so deeply for him that she refrained from displaying it; the last thing she wanted was for either of them to be used as bait for the other.

#117 - Tears

Though he didn't make a sound, the light scent of saltwater in the room made it clear to her that he must be having a nightmare about his father.

#118 - Speed

It was only when the Strahl went so fast that towns and forests became blurs that either of them truly felt free.

#119 - Wind

Even though she had long ago lost the ability to hear the voice of the forest, she had found, thanks to him, that the song of the breeze could be equally melodic.

#120 - Freedom

It was such an ethereal concept, especially since Fran knew that for all its glamour and rebelliousness, piracy could be a prison in and of itself.

#121 - Life

Before she'd joined him her eyes had grown dull and distant, and even though the average person wouldn't think she seemed any different the slight glimmer to her irises testified otherwise.

#122 - Jealousy

It didn't bother Fran much when she noticed Balthier flirting with Ashe on occasion; as a pirate it was practically in his job description to be charming.

#123 - Hands

Hers may have been nearly in inch bigger than his appendages, a rarity for a woman as far as he knew, but somehow it suited her.

#124 - Taste

He loved the flavor her skin left in his mouth; it was indescribable as much as it was wonderfully distinct.

#125 - Devotion

There were times when they felt like an old married couple-- their knowledge of each other's thoughts was as intimate as their unspoken affection.

#126 - Forever

Despite his whispered promises in bed and his cocksure grins when they faced danger, Fran could never forget entirely that he was merely a hume, and one day their time together would end.

#127 - Blood

He could almost feel his heart beating louder from the look in her eyes, and it took every last ounce of charm within him to brush the sensation off and feign indifference.

#128 - Sickness

Even though Balthier assured her that a cold was nothing to be worried about, Fran still felt embarrassed that a child of the Wood could succumb to something so trivial.

#129 - Melody

"Well then," Balthier teased as the third-rate band filled the bar with another ear-damaging tune, "...From now on, this'll be our song, Fran."

#130 - Star

He knew that he should be paying attention to the twinkling lights above that his viera companion was fixated on, but somehow his attention always seemed to shift to another heavenly body.

#131 - Home

While it was true that they didn't necessarily need to recapture the Strahl, that ANY airship would have done just as well, it held too much sentimental value to the both of them to leave it to rust in some Dalmascan aerodome.

#132 - Confusion

It was unnatural, she decided, the warmth she felt when they were together, but that didn't stop her from welcoming it.

#133 - Fear

Fran knew that Balthier was a coward at heart, always running from his past and his father, but even so she resolved to help him for as long as it took him to stop running.

#134 - Lightning/Thunder

Even though the gigantic flashes of electricity threatened to reduce their tiny ship to ashes, Balthier only grinned wider, the thrill of adrenaline eventually getting to even the stoic Fran as well.

#135 - Bonds

Even though they were the product of two different worlds, ages and races, they understood that the connection between them was far beyond superficial.

#136 - Market

Despite his teasing insistance, he did feel a little disappointed when Fran ignored the necklace he suggested in exchange for the high-quality armor in the nearby stall.

#137 - Technology

It surprised him to no end just how much better she was at keeping the Strahl alfoat than him-- of course, he had once been among those who readily believed that viera were too ignorant of 'civilized society' to handle such things.

#138 - Gift

Sometimes it felt like even the merest glimmer of a smile on Fran's lips was more than reward enough for Balthier.

#139 - Smile

The veira had to admit it was a little strange to see her companion so explicit in his emotions-- her people had always found stoicism to be a greater discipline than simple expression.

#140 - Innocence

He never asked her exactly how many she'd had before they met, but she seemed utterly above such urges that he, of all people, never had the confidence to make a move.

#141 - Completion

"What do we do now," Fran asked facetiously once the Strahl was safely back in their hands, and to her silent delight Balthier only responded with a knowing chuckle.

#142 - Clouds

Their vague shapes become meaningless once the Strahl cuts through the hanging bundles of water and ice, leaving only whisps of cloud as evidence of the prescence of the infamous pirate duo.

#143 - Sky

The boundless horizon is their home, their livelihood, a paradise and a prison all at once.

#144 - Heaven

It was the days he spent with her, just flying from one town to another without a care in the world, that felt like his own bit of paradise in his chaotic life.

#145 - Hell

Balthier was especially grateful to Fran for sticking by him, with a look of glee in her eyes, when they brought chaos upon whoever they chose for a target; she truly was the Bonnie to his Clyde.

#146 - Sun

In the sanctuary of the wood, she had never seen the burning orb in the sky shine clearly through the trees; when Balthier took her up in the Strahl it was as though in exchange for losing the ability to hear the Wood she had become one with the whole world.

#147 - Moon

It's only when she sleeps, her lids shut peacefully over ruby orbs while the moonlight illuminates her dark skin, that he dares to besmirch her beauty by staring at her.

#148 - Waves

The hum of machinery aboard the Strahl is sometimes the only thing that helps Fran get to sleep anymore, its rhythm even more reliable than the coming and going of the ocean tides.

#149 - Hair

It wasn't that he hadn't seen viera and their shimmering locks of platinum before, it was more that they had never caught his attention the way Fran's flawless silver curls did.

#150 - Supernova

It's definitely not the first one of the exquisite stellar phenomena she's seen in her long life, but somehow seeing Balthier's uncharacteristic fascination with it made her appreciation for the event renew.