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Sometimes I don't sleep…

I lay awake after the tedious day of everlasting work from the medical environment, that which can only come from Konoha's hospital, the random mini assignments assigned to Team Kakashi, which included Naruto, Kakashi, Sai and myself. And last but not least the sad feeling that looms about my household as I crawl back home and say 'I'm home' to myself knowing no one will answer.

The nights are cold now, and it's been a good 5 years since he's left…a picture still hangs on the inside of my closet door. I sometimes hate the fact that I don't have the will to throw it out, I managed to throw away…(okay not throw away more so cover up and place it deep within the mess of my room so as to not find so easily again) the other objects that emitted the pained memories I get from looking at them.

But not this one picture…why? I constantly ask myself.

Because you're a hopeless fool.

Oh yeah, that's why.

Thanks Inner voice once again you've solved a thousand years of mystery with one simple explanation.

Sarcastic bit-

Okay that's enough of that.

"…it's windy today." I look out towards the window after hearing the tapping of a tree against the pane periodically and after the declaration of my ninja skills at confirming the breezy night, I note to myself 'I'm good.' A pathetic grin on my face falters.

Sigh. I'm pathetic.

Sometimes I just don't goddamn sleep, and for the life me I really don't know why.

I get up to walk around the darken room, the moon being the only thing that provides light and guidance for my little 'adventure'. I close my eyes and stand in the middle of my room, just for a brief moment recalling a funny all too familiar scene today.

"Kakashi! That's no fair!! It hurts-it hurts it-hurts!"

"Naruto…" exasperated the pink haired kunoichi turned Tsunade's apprentice drawled out. "You're annoy-Um…" She paused and chose her words carefully. " You're pissing me off!" She clunked his head and stalked off to sit under a tree.

Kakashi grinned and held his hands up in defense. "Well this time I didn't hurt you."

"It's not called a 'thousand years of pain' for nothing Kakashi!" Sai just merely laughed as he looked over to Sakura questioning, she merely smiled slightly in response and faked a cooling off technique with her hand by fanning herself as an excuse for breaking into the shade, away from the group.

Naruto had clutched his fist and threatened to pound Kakashi in and Kakashi merely laughed and patted Naruto on the head saying he'd treat him to ramen if he blocked the next attack. "Yes Oh boy Oh boy! It better be anytype of ramen, I'm feeling spicy today!"

At this the other three ninja just stared at his obliviously 'begging to make fun of' statement. "So…should I take this one or?" Sai questioned Kakashi and Sakura.

"Be my guess."

"Like I care"

"Yeah Naruto I'm sure you're feeling mighty spicy today, you going to put on a little dance for us?"

"huh?" Kakashi and Sakura chuckled slightly, not one of Sai's best but it sufficed. Sakura decided she was accustomed to this, and she liked it. She also was, however very accustomed to her new friend, now Kazekage of the Sand village, Gaara, sneaking up on her during training or hospital hours as well.

"You call this training?" his drawl, lapsed voice came from above the hidden leaves of the tree. Sakura didn't bother looking up as her eyes were still fixated on the scene in front of , Kakashi now disappearing telling Naruto to find him, Sai sighing mouthing to Sakura 'help' and Naruto running off like the goofball he is.

"Yup. I'm definitely honing my skills from this here spot. Care to join me Panda-chan?" He growled at the response and she merely giggled. When her eyes reopened, mainly due to a soft growl now, she came face to face with a smiling Naruto. Uh-oh Gaara is being protective again.

"Where's Kakashi? Who were you talking to huh Sakura-chan huh?"


"Ah-ha!" Looking up and throwing a kunai into the tree Naruto watched as it fell back down wordlessly with a trail of broken sand following after. "huh…?"

"Oh…um well you see Ga-"

"Naruto Uzamaki."

"Gaara!" Naruto jumped around happily as his friend appeared before Sakura and Naruto with a swirl of sand. He grunted a response of returned acknowledgement. "What'cha doing here? Came to pay me a visit?"

"no." Naruto's face deflated and before Gaara could say more Sakura cut in. " Naruto aren't you suppose to be looking for Kakashi? You want that ramen right-" At this Naruto bobbed his head up and down furiously "Well he's probably asleep by now from waiting or reading a Make out Paradise book that he won't notice you if you act quickly... and spot him out fast" Sakura ending words fell on deaf ears as the blonde hair, blue eyed boy with that glorious smile of his ran off.

"Let's go home" His gruff voice rang out. She nodded and did not protest as Gaara wrapped his sand around the both of them taking them to their destination.

Sometimes I don't sleep…but.

I open my door cautiously and peek out- "Go to sleep." I pouted and cracked the door open wider to present my full frame to the dark rimmed eyes. " I can't."

"I've rubbed off on you."

"Pfft. Please." Slowly and mellifluously I sat down next to him, my back against the wall, my head on his shoulders as he instantaneously wrapped his arm around my shoulder. It was still somewhat detached, I mean come on, he might be my panda-chan, but he's always going to be Gaara. And I'm okay with that.

Maybe it's my history with detached people that allows me to be...

"What's wrong?" his question surprises me, for every other night, bar the first night this routine started, he never questioned why I was up. "Nothing." He nudges me slightly, and his breathing is calming, I breathe in slowly, making sure to intake all that is Gaara. His scent becomes all the more wondrous at night when he as least allows his guard down, even by a small measurement, around me.

Maybe that just means he thinks you don't pose a threat.

Shut up.

"Sakura." I sit up and look at his stare and sigh. " I don't know."

"Hn." the infamous 'Hn'…bastards.

"Hey! You don't sleep either, and Shukaku is gone…" I pause because the memory of the whole ordeal was too painful to relive.

He shifted slightly and cupped his hand underneath my chin to rise my line of vision slightly, meeting his gaze, I could tell he knew instantly what I was feeling. He then gave me a butterfly kiss, it was chaste, like Gaara normally would be with these affiliated affections. With him it was either, basically nothing, or over the top extreme…

Sometimes I like the extreme part of him, if you know what I mean. hehe…

"You were crying."

"Huh? No…I don't think so." self consciously I bring a hand to my cheek to check for anything moist. " Not today." I give him a quizzical look and he continues. " When I opened my eyes you were the first one I saw. Crying,"

Oh. That's what he was talking about. "Was it…for me?"

Sometimes I don't sleep….but

"For both. For Chiyo and for you. I was so terribly sad that she had…passed away, but." I looked at him tears surfacing the edges of my eyes, he quickly took hold of me, detached? I wasn't sure now, and gently rocked me a little. " but…I was happy, that you were alright Gaara…" for added effect I smirked and pulled back, pointing a finger into his chest. " Besides who else is going to fit my panda-chan role as perfectly as you do!" He growled and lunged at me, but I was too quick as I sprawled across the floor, shifting away.

"Haha nice catch Panda-Oaf!" He had tackled me, damn him and his tackles that first have me immobilized by his sand without my realization and then pinned down immediately after.

"Ow…" He grins and looks down on me, His hair brushed across my eyelashes as his nose is touched with mine, his possessive low growl heard just above a whisper, that whisper of 'Gaara' I uncontrollably let loose.

Sometimes I don't sleep…but I can get kinda use to this.

After all…

"Sleep. Now." It's a command I know more to keep his sanity than for my well being, but comply either way as he shuffled off of me, avoiding my distant gaze towards him. I gently walk back to my room and while leaving the door open slightly ajar, plop down on my bed for no real purpose as I know I'm not going to succumb to sleep anytime soon.

Gaara pops in every now and then to visit Naruto and I whenever he's bored being Kazekage, residing in my home for a night or two. Of course Naruto doesn't know this…heh. I think back to Gaara just now, and his intense stare burning into my own, I know why he didn't take the kiss, and I don't blame him. He wants me to himself, and only to him. And even though there's no physical form here in Konoha who threatens that want, The Uchiha still stands in his way.

After all, He and I both know I'm not over him yet.

I sigh once more and look at the picture now at my bedside table, Its of Gaara and I, Naruto is trying to get in the picture, I chuckle at this, for Gaara's sand is keeping him away from being fully in the picture, the focus on just him and I, me smiling like a bumbling idiot, him scowling at the flash to come and Naruto's incessant whining, but if you look closer. You can tell he's happy. His eyes always give it away.

"My little panda-chan…" A growl is heard from just before the door, abnormally loud so as, I'm guessing, to make sure I heard him. I laugh softly.

After all, I know he's always going to be there awake, just like me.

So even though Sometimes I don't sleep…It's not necessarily a bad thing but more so a blessing in disguise. It's a reason to cuddle up to him, and place my head on his shoulders, a reason to allow him to hold me comfortingly, or just hold me. It's another chance for him to kiss me, and another reminder that I'm still not ready. But most of all It's another reminder that he's always going to be there, waiting till I'm ready, and until then, for those times when I don't sleep, be a pillow and a blanket allowing me the peace of mind, to finally drift away, thoughts only of him, dreams only of him.


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