Full summary: Lily was a normal girl until the day she discovered she was a witch. That's when it all got really weird. She found out that there used to be another Lily Evans, also muggle-born, that was exactly like her! And what about this James Potter? Arrogant jerk. What's so good about being the son of the Harry Potter?

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Chapter one: How weird

"The war is over,

The land is free.

The Evil was defeated.

But many died,

Lost their lives

That's why the story should be repeated."

The little boy looked at his mother, eyes turned and voice serious, a little bit scared. "What was that?"

His father smiled, trying to ease his son's heart. "That, my boy, was a prophecy."

Lily's P.O.V.

"Come play with us Lily!"

That was my older sister, Petunia. You'd love my sister if you knew her. I know I do. She has the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen. And her hair! God, she is lucky enough to have that stunning blonde colour! Honestly, how can two sisters be so different? Seriously, red is not my colour, neither is green.

Okay, it doesn't help that she is sixteen and I'm only eleven. Yup, she is that much older than me. But it's just because my birthday is in December! In a few months the difference will be reduced yet again!

"Don't you get tired of always reading? School just ended! What's the point of studding now?" And that was Henry, my wonderful (please take notice of the sarcasm), wonderful brother. God, that boy is just stupid, I swear. Then again, at fourteen all guys are, right?

Well, I suppose having him and Petunia as siblings isn't that bad. If they're together, I mean. It's like the good cop, bad cop thing; they balance each other.

"Come on bookworm!"

Or not. If only my parents weren't ignoring me just to watch T.V., they would definitely shut him up.

"Henry, be nice to Lily!" Petunia, the saviour! "Not her fault that you lack a brain."

"Not funny!" Henry pouted and took a seat next to me on grassed where I was reading. "Just like her book, not funny at all. Boooooring!"

I sighed. "Fine, I'll play stupid football or whatever with you, happy?" He smiled. "Can I just put my book in the safety of my room?"

What? I can't just leave my book on the grass, waiting for it to be ruined, can I?

I could save you the troublesome and long description of my room but, as it is, I feel like bragging. Everything in my room is either pink or violet. Yes, I managed to be the younger sister and keep the pink colour instead of the blue, orange and all those other colours younger sisters normally have to get!

And when I say everything, I mean everything. My king size bed, my bookshelves (yes, plural, I'm preparing for the rest of my life), my walk-in closet and the door to my bathroom (yup, private. That happens when your parents have to build a whole new bedroom in the attic because they weren't expecting to have a third child and the older girl reaches an age where she wants her own room).

And of course, the best thing about having a room in the attic: the roof. And when I say roof, I mean more like a huge balcony that I call my own "tower". The perks of being the younger, all here.

Having effectively left my book in its rightful place, I decided to go to my balcony and try to drop water on Henry from here. I know, childish. Then again, I'm eleven.

With the jar of water I normally have on my night stand, I cautiously and silently went outside, trying to find the best spot to drop it.

I must have been really concentrating on that, I'm sure. So much that I didn't notice the most horrible bird I had EVER seen coming right to me.

I screamed. Loud. I'm sure I did. That's the last thing I remember before everything went black.

"Lily? Lily? LILY!"

I sat up, startled. The first eyes I found were my mother's and the my sister's, both full of concern for some reason.

"Are you alright?"

I smiled. "Of course I am, mother. Although, I'm happy you woke me up, I was kinda dreaming about this horrible and disgusting bird flying straight to me. God, it was scaring, I swear!"

"Is she up already?" Henry being loud as always, even when one was just sleeping.

Wait… I was sleeping? I distinctly remember being outside, trying to drop water on Henry, and then—

"Is she? I want her to read the letter that came with the owl! I swear, that's the most awesome thing ever! Owl's mail!"


Right, I wasn't sleeping. There was really a freaking owl! An owl! An OWL!

Okay, this may seem like irrational fear to you, but I swear it's not. I was attacked by a crazy owl in the middle of the park when I was six years-old, without doing anything! OK, so maybe it wasn't anything. I kinda bet with Henry who could catch her first. My brother always was the crazy man about owls.


My mother sighed deeply. "Be quiet Henry. Just give me the letter."

After having said letter in hand, she turned back to me. "It came for you, honey."

"Ewww! I'm not touching that! It was in an owl's mouth!"

"Actually leg." Henry kindly informed me.

"Henry!" My older sister was quite stern with him. I'm glad she's here to defend me. "Just give it. I'll read it."

She opened it quickly. "Headmistress: Minerva MacGonagall. – I don't think what comes after mather much. Let's see… let's see… oh, okay.

"Dear Ms. Lily Anna Evans,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find inclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.
Yours Sincerely,
Joana Slughorn
Deputy Headmistress.

There was a few minutes of silence before I started laughing histerically.

"Well done Henry! Well done! You almost got me this time!"

My mother sighed and smiled. "Really, how did I ever raise a son that's so cunning? Henry, you shouldn't do this to your sister, you know she hates owls."

"Mum, I didn't do anything. I swear! Not this time!"

I stop laughing, but kept smiling. "It's okay, I admit defeat this time, just come out with it! It was a very good prank!"

For some reason my brother was still dead serious. Normally, he cracks after I tell him he won.

"Lily, it wasn't me."

Everyone went back to be dead serious.

"Do you think this is for real?" My sister seemed sceptical that anyone actually believed that letter.

"Well…", my father started, "Lily does tend to have strange things happen around her…"

"Joseph, do you think…?"

I looked at them dead serious. "Are you two crazy? Hello! Lily-bookworm-Evans here!"

"Well, it's not like you never did anything weird," Henry says, smiling, "Like that time my hair mysteriously turned a blondish-pink after I said your room looked stupid in pink."

"Or when your homework was mysteriously glued to your professor's hair after you said he didn't correct it right."

"And that time you picked that dead flower up and it was suddenly back in full bloom?"

"What about—"

"Okay! I get it! Weird things happen around me! Does not mean I'm a… a…"

"A true witch, Lily!" Henry seemed rather excited about it. Urgh, he just wanted one more reason to call me weird.

"How about we write back?" the suggestion, incredibly, came from my sister.

"Petunia? Even you!"

"Well! It's not like we can't give it a try!"

I think that was the first moment I actually started thinking about it as something that might actually be true. Magic? It's not like I never believed in it. It's true, weird things happen around me, but I just never thought that that could ever mean I was… I was… a witch. A real, magical, witch. That was accepted at a real, really real, magic school.

God help me, 'cause we wrote back.

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