Narrator's POV

Five years later…

Sirius Black was comfortingly sitting at his desk in his brand new house, drinking from his coffee and trying to relax. He had a big game the following day, a game that'd decided both his and his friend Erica's life as beaters.

A sudden noise coming from the window startled him, making him spill the coffee all over his clothes. "Damn." He said, cursing against whatever the thing that ruined his peace was, and deciding to ignore it. Whatever it was, it kept making the annoying noise against his window.

"Sirius, dear, just open the window!" his girlfriend, Lindsay Weasley, said as she entered the living room. "It's been there for hours."

"It's ruined my peace." Sirius answered as he smiled at her, "Look at what happened to my clothes." He pouted, pointing to his shirt which now had coffee all over it.

"Sirius, you know I'm making dinner for our friends," she said exasperatedly as she walked to the window and let the owl in, "You could help a little."

Sirius sighed, finally standing up to kiss his girlfriend. "Alright, sorry." He said, "I'm just nervous about tomorrow."

She smiled. "You once said it's no use to be nervous. You'll go there and do your best like always. You just have to think clearly."

Sirius was about to answer when the annoying "tap" started again. He huffed. "Didn't you already leave the damn owl in?"

Lindsay laughed. "It's not the owl. It's the door. I'll go get it."

Sirius nodded and, as his girlfriend walked out of the living room, he took the letter from the owl, still swearing against whoever had sent it. However, when he saw who it was from, a handsome grin took over his face.

"Uncle Pads!" he heard a voice saying. Smiling, he turned and opened his arms to a kid with barely five years.

"Padfoot, put him down." Frank's stern voice was heard. "You are spoiling him."

"In the absence of Prongs, I have to do his work of spoiling his godson!"

However, he put the little red haired boy down. Although the child was named Neville, one thing was to be said: he had nothing to do with his grandfather.

Greetings were heard as more people entered the room. Alice was the first, pulling her child to her lap under Frank's stern gaze. Erica and Chris entered next, Lindsay with them talking about the game the next day. Finally, Bessie and Remus entered, Bessie's belly growing with each day that passed.

"Guys!" Sirius said happily, "You got here just in time."

"Why is that Sirius?" Erica asked as she sat down and started playing with her godson, after rescuing him from Alice "Were you about to open a bottle of firewhiskey?"

They laughed. "No." Sirius said, pouting, "But now I won't tell you."

"Ignore her Padfoot," Chris said, "You know how Mrs. Alban here likes to be sarcastic." He said as he looked at Erica adoringly.

"Tell us, what is it?" Bessie said as she down next to Remus, who put his hand protectively over her belly.

"You better obey her. She's a nasty pregnant when she's mad. Almost like Alice." Remus said.

Even Bessie laughed at that. "What was it after all that you wanted to tell us?" Lindsay asked, "Was it about the letter that arrived?"

Sirius grinned. "Exactly, my dear!"

"Is it from James and Lily?" Erica asked as she turned her attention to him, "Read it!"

Sirius sat down comfortingly on the same chair he had occupied just moments before the letter arrived. Smiling, he opened the letter.

"Lindsay-" he read.

"Hey!" Lindsay said, "The letter is for me! I get to read it!"

She tried to reach for the letter, but Sirius got away. "You didn't let me finish it!" Sirius said as he started reading again.

"Lindsay and Padfoot,


I know you're probably having one more of those get together before a big game, that's why Lily and I decided to send the letter today.

Anyway, how's everything around there? How's the baby, Bess? We're really sorry for not being there when she is supposed to be born. Either way, Lily's ecstatic about her goddaughter.

Speaking of that, how's my godson? Are you spoiling him enough Padfoot? Don't let Frank stop you from doing it, I know pretty well how he can be.

Now, I bet you want to know how things around here are. I've got to give it to you, Erica, this place is simply awesome. Lily is really happy that we came here for our honeymoon.

And I have excellent news for you lot! Guess what? Lily's pregnant!! Can you believe it? My- sorry- our first son!! (Lily keeps saying it'll be a girl but we all know the first kid born to a Potter is always a boy).

She's due next July and- in case you're asking- no, we're not worried about the prophecy at all. We decided to forget all about that since our first baby is about to come.

Lily says she also wrote letters to all the girls- but I'm not sure if she sent them, as she has been a little teary- hormones and all- and she has that little problem you know with owls, so…

Anyway, that was really all we had to say for now! See you lot when we get back.

With a lot of love (Lily made me wrote that, just so you know

Prongs and Flower (otherwise known as James and Lily)"

"Aww!!" Alice said, "Lily's pregnant!"

"I know. Hope I get to be the godfather," Sirius said excitedly, as Lindsay took the letter from him. "I was the best man at the wedding after all."

"Sirius, you forgot the P.S." Lindsay said, as she stared at the letter.

"Read it!" Bessie said excitedly, "Maybe she came out with a nice name for my baby!"

"Hadn't you decided it'd be Emma?" Frank asked confusedly.

"I got tired of that name."

"Again?" Erica asked.

Every chuckled quietly. "Anyway," Bessie said, turning to Sirius. "If you want to be a godfather that much you can be my daughter's." she said.

"Wasn't Lily's brother supposed to be her godfather?"

"Oh right," Bessie said, "I'd forgotten that. I take back the offer."

Sirius pouted, but then his face turned into one of puzzlement. "Hey, does anyone smell something burning too?"

Lindsay eyes widened. "The dinner!" she shrieked as she ran to the kitchen, to everyone else's amusement, taking the letter with her.

"I guess some things will never ever really change." Erica said.

"What do you think I should call Lily and James' kid?" Sirius asked, "He's my godson after all."

Everyone shook their head as Lindsay entered back the kitchen. "Guys, I think we'll have to order pizza."

"Great," Alice said.

"Didn't the letter have a P.S.?" Chris asked, staring at the letter on Lindsay's hands. "You didn't read it."

"Oh, right." Lindsay said, blushing, and looking back at the letter. "I almost forgot that.

"P.S.: Lily made me promise we'd name Remus the godfather. Just in case."


"Bad luck Padfoot. It seems I get to choose the name. Maybe I'll name him Harry…"


"Just kidding!"

The End


Author's note: this is it. This is really it!

I'm sad but happy at the same time. This fic has been such an important part of my life, and I am so sad to let her go. But I guess it had to happen one day!!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who supported me through this fic; to everyone who read this since November of 2006, when I first posted; also to everyone who started reading after, and gave me strengths to keep going.

Hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

With love,


Ps: many of you asked me, so I thought it better to answer. I won't be doing a sequel. This story had one major importance on my life, whenever I wanted to get away from reality, but it had to come to an end. It has been a long journey, and I am very proud of every word of it.