I don't know where this poem came from – it seems a bit too downbeat to come from my muse, Roland. Must be the product of too many chemistry lessons on the fly. Can you guess who's point of view it's from?


I think of those days in bittersweet December,

The paths we'd walk and I remember

The way you smiled and laughed with me,

Your crimson eyes were all I'd see.

With me, no frown creased your brow,

But today I wonder where those days are now.

One day, you changed, I don't know why,

As if I repulsed you, that we'd been living a lie.

I thought it was me, my fault it wasn't to be,

I tried to talk to you and tried to see,

But you wouldn't listen no matter how hard I tried.

Now you look at me and I die inside.

We used to be happy, used to smile and sing,

But now you've ruined everything.

You walked away, you left me alone,

Now it's he who talks when I pick up the phone.

Because he's not me, the one who smiles despite it,

The mask I wear, because inside I'm frightened

That you'll come back one day and I won't know what to do,

Because, deep down, I know I'm still in love with you.

Everyone says I shouldn't,

That you never cared, and couldn't,

But I know you did and hope you do still

Even though I know you never will.

They say it's just a faze, that my mind's caught in a maze,

That it's just denial and I'll see better days.

But they know nothing, they haven't been through this too,

They've never had to remember the things you do.

The things that hurt and made me cry,

But they never saw, they just thought me shy.

They pretended I was okay, that I was fine,

Pretended I wasn't losing my mind

And I let them do it, just like then,

When you'd hurt me, way back when.

So do you laugh now, when you've seen what I've become?

Now a manic depressive, your work is done.


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