Disclaimer: All characters are from the game Harvest Moon: Magical Melody by Natsume and are not by any means created or owned by me. (I'm just a crazy game-addict!)

Chapter One: Baited

When I moved to Flower Bud Village, I didn't even think about marriage. I was just a struggling city girl looking for a fresh new start as a farmer. But marriage was all anyone talked about, really. Ann, Ellen, Gwen: They all liked someone. So when Ellen asked me, "Who are you crushing on, Harley?" I was silent. That's when I got worried.

'What if no one ever likes me? What if I end up an old maid in this small village? What if everyone's taken, like Blue and Carl and Bob?' So I did what any desperate girl would do—flirt my pigtails off!

That's how Dan and I started dating. Sure, the guy was a bit proud, but he was an easy-going cutie from the south! Give a girl a break! Too bad for me, Dan was an avid gambler, and I was running out of cash faster than you can say "Desperate Farmgirl." Little did I know about his other problem: girls. As in more than one girl. It's a bit of a surprise when you walk into the Moonlight Café to see your boyfriend hitting it off with the gorgeous barmaid.

"Dan!" I cried in shock. He spun around quickly and faced me with a prize-winning smile.

"Hey, Harley! Eve was just giving me a Soda recipe. Right, baby?" he added to a giggling Eve. I willed myself not to cry.

"Oh, I get what you're doing all right," I replied through the impending sobs as I snatched up Hank's Veggie Juice and poured it on the handsome moron. Eve gasped and started to clean him off with a napkin. "And I hope that stains!" I shouted as I slammed the door. Now that I was alone, the tears started to flow down my cheeks.

"And the Full Moon Festival's tomorrow," I muttered. "Just perfect. Now I'm dateless again." Lifelessly, I pulled out my fishing pole and headed to Sunny Lake. Fishing calms the nerves sometimes. And that's where I met him. Ray.

The angler had perfect form as he landed a pretty sweet Amago. His hair was longer than most of the village men's and as brown as my own. His eyes weren't as fiery as Dan's but were gentle and shy. All in all, he was decently cute.

"42 centimeters," he breathed in satisfaction. "That's an Amago record." He turned in surprise to see me clapping. "You were watching?" he asked incredulously.

"Heck, yeah!" I exclaimed. "What are you, a fishing legend?" He looked uncomfortable.

"Nah, I'm just Ray. You?"

"Harley," I replied, "the new farmgirl. I live by Duck Bridge. There's good fishing there," I added.

"Then I'll definitely visit," he said with a smile. He glanced at my rod. "You fish?"

I laughed.

"Who doesn't fish?"