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Italic are thoughts

"Ok, Henry!" Bella yells, and runs out the door.

Still shaken after the death of her parents, she and her twin brother moved to a city outside NYC. A few tears run down my face as I get on the bus to NYC. Why did they leave us alone?

"A medium coffee please," I ask. It had only been a month since the accident. And me brother and I had to get jobs to pay for the tiny apartment. Deep in my thoughts, I didn't look at where I was going and I ran into a marble like chest. My coffee falls. Damn!

"I'm so sorry!" a deep voice tells me.

"It's ok! I'm sorry I wasn't looking at where I was going!" I reply as I look up. I back away. Amazed, I rudely stare at a very tall, handsome guy. With huge muscles! Must work out a lot. Whoa don't want to mess with him! He's also pale, like transparent! His eyes were topaz. Creepy!

"Here I'll buy you another one." He offers me, startling me and interrupting me from my thoughts.

"Oh no I'm fine it's ok." I reply.

"No I insist." he says.

Well if he insists… I start walking back to the coffee shop. I look back to see him right beside me. I should make this quick I don't want to be late for work.

"What's your name?" he asks.

"Isabella Swan, call me Bella," I tell him.

"Emmett Cullen, nice to meet you Bella." he says back

Emmett, what a weird name. We got to the coffee shop. He grabs my coffee and he leads me to a table.

"So what are you doing in New York City Bella?

"I have a job here." I say and explain my…situation.

"Wow I'm sorry Bella."

"Please don't say sorry. I get that a lot. I know my parents are in a good place now." I hate people feeling sorry for me. So my parents are dead. I barely knew them. That's why you're so sad another part of me says. Shut up I reply. Wow I'm paranoid. Talking to myself… I haven't gotten over them.

"Oh ok" He replies. Then we took an awkward moment.

I break through the silence and change the subject, "So what are you doing in NYC?"

"Oh I live outside here. My girlfriend and sister are shopping. I'm in my senior year at Fair Hills High School."

"Really?! I'm going there, junior year, starting tomorrow."

And we just kept talking. Then I finished my coffee.

"Oh I have to go! I'm gonna be late!" I say.

"Ok well here is my phone number. Call me if you need anything. I'll see you tomorrow maybe."

"Thanks. I'll see you." With that we walked out and went our separate ways.

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