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It took a few days for the fact that Edward was a vampire to really sink in. But I really wasn't scared the least bit. I was shocked. Wow, I mean it's not everyday that a girl has a vampire for a boyfriend.

That's right, Edward is now my boyfriend. On the first night I knew he was watching me sleep, I was just very nervous. I was home the Tuesday night after the Monday that he told me everything. And I went to the bathroom hoping that when I got to my bedroom he wouldn't be there. But he was. He looked like a god in my bedroom, and lit it up.

"E-Edward! Oh, God you scared me." And he just smiled and sat in my old rocking chair.

"Sorry, Bella." But he smiled widely and I knew he really wasn't sorry, for scaring me. After that I lay on bed and patted the spot next to me. He came and laid down next to me. Then he said "So you're not mad at me anymore?"

"Well…." I paused to think about that. I really couldn't stay mad at him for very long. So I told him that. His response was just a crooked little smile.

"Go to sleep Bella you need it."

"Ok." But I wasn't about to go to sleep very soon. How could I? The guy of my dreams, my first love and most, very likely the only man I'd love, was lying next to me! So I just closed my eyes and turned to the side. He followed suit and put his arm around me, drawing me closer.

To me this was heaven. It was just so blissful, the feeling of him next to me. And the fact that he was here to protect me tonight and possibly tomorrow night. I would be really embarrassed if I told him that though. But really, I wanted to tell him that. Wanted to tell him how much he meant to me.

But I couldn't bring myself to do it. And soon I drifted to sleep.

The next morning I was alone. He wasn't here. Well I couldn't expect him to stay with me for the whole night. I went into the kitchen after I finished in the bathroom. Barely awake I didn't notice the figures in the living room. I took some eggs from the refrigerator.

Then I realized that Henry usually made breakfast. Where was Henry anyways? I turn around to find Henry and……. EDWARD. Wait, Edward, I thought he went home? But Edward had on different clothes, probably went home and changed. I see them having a nice conversation and I just stare at them.

Edward was first to notice me.

"Bella your awake!" He smiles at me.

"Yeah." Was all I could manage to say. I can't believe he was just talking to my brother! Without me.

"I just wanted to fill your brother in."

I frowned. "On what?" I walked over to sit next to Edward.

My brother answered this one "Just telling me that you guys are together and that you didn't have sex yet." He continued after my eyes got wide and my frown deepened. "Yeah I found him in your room. You finally got yourself a guy finally; I was sick of waiting for you."

"HENRY!" I said. "You don't care if I date Edward?"

"No I think you couldn't have found yourself a better guy!" He smiled and went to make some breakfast. I couldn't believe that he accepted Edward. I imagined him, no I was sure that he would be mad?!

"What just happened?" I asked Edward.

"Nothing, your brother likes me." I waited for another answer. "So I got him to like me. No vampire tricks or anything. I just got the guy to like me like a normal person. It feels really good. I'm going to have a good day, you try to too."

I stared at him for another moment. Well, I guess I should accept the answer. I mean telling my brother about Edward was one less thing to worry about.

"I'd try but probably not because of what just happened." I said.

School was just like any day stupid and boring. But I guess not as stupid and boring. Somehow Edward managed to get the guidance counselor that was in charge of schedules to change his so it matched his. Lucky she could change everything except Art and Gym! Yay!

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