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Uzumaki Naruto hated school.

He hated the students, the teachers, the work... everything!

"I don't know why I keep coming," said blond grumbled under his breath as he pushed himself through the crowd, trying to get to the gymnasium. Today was the first day of December and every year at this time of month, the school would make all of the students gather in one place and explain the going ons of the Christmas dance and gift exchange program. If you asked Naruto, he'd say it was a bunch of shit.

"Hey there, Blondie," a golden-haired girl about two inches taller than Naruto strode to his side, her hands on her hips, a scowl on her face, "think this thing will be a crappy as last year's?"

"It'll always be crappy, Temari."

The girl chuckled and smirked, "True," she glanced to her right side and saw her and Naruto's small group of friends, "Oi, wanna go sit with them? I doubt you'd wanna hang around with a group of snobbish rich asses."

"I didn't plan to," Naruto stated with a grin and they both wandered over to their friends who were chatting by the cafeteria doors.

"Yo, Fox boy! Temari!" a brunette, known as Inuzuka Kiba, welcomed them with a toothy smile. Kiba was one of Naruto's best friends. He had protected him from bullies during middle school and the past two years of high school.

Next to Kiba was Hinata, her shy smile a welcoming sight. Beside her was Ino and Sakura, the only rich girls who paid this group of outcasts any attention, and across from them was Shikamaru, Ino's lazy boyfriend. His gaze was more focused on the clouds revealed through the glass ceiling above than the chatter of his friends.

"Ohayo, Naruto," both Ino and Sakura gretted the boy with matching smiles and postures.

"Hey, guys. Excited about the Christmas dance?" Naruto snorted, knowing how everyone except the two rich girls found the dance to be a waste of their lives.

"I'm looking forward to it!" Ino said with a bright smile, "since I have a boyfriend and all!" she latched onto Shikamaru's arm and giggled, "what about you, Naruto? Did a handsome man ask you to go with him?"

Kiba snorted, knowing his best friend's answer.

"I'm not an uke, I don't get asked out! I do the asking!" Naruto puffed his chest out.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes, "Let's just go find somewhere to sit on the risers. I don't want to get stuck sitting next to cheerleaders."

"Hey!" Ino whined, "I'm a cheerleader!"



Naruto tried to keep himself awake as the principal babbled on and on about the dance and various other Christmas events. It had been nothing but non-stop talking for the past hour and he was getting annoyed. He was an energetic kid, not one of those teens who sat around all day.

"Just thirty more minutes," Kiba groaned, playing Janken with Sakura who won, once again, "dammit..."

"I win again," she whispered proudly.

"Haruno! Pay attention!" one of the patrolling teachers snapped, "or do you want to have detention this friday?.!"

Sakura frowned, "But I have practice."

"Then I suggest you shut your mouth," the woman stuck her stubby nose in the air and went back to patrolling, leaving a blinking pink-haired girl behind.

Kiba snorted and grinned, "Keep your mouth shut, Haruno," he mocked.

"Bitch," Naruto commented lazily. He sighed and looked around, trying to find something to rip his mind away from the boredom that was threatening to drill into his brain, Snobs, athletes... heh, hot athletes, he grinned to himself. He personally hated the jocks, but he didn't deny the fact that they were good eye candy. After a minute or two of oggling, he decided to look up at the sky through the glass ceiling of the gym, remembering that it was supposed to snow some time this week.

He blinked.

Is someone... standing up there?

He turned to Ino who was whispering to Shikamaru and tugged on her sleeve. The girl gave the blond her attention, her pale blue eyes questioning.


"Do you see someone up there?" he pointed up to the glass ceiling, the figure still there. And there seemed to be something large and wide on its back.

Ino squinted and shook her head, "I don't see anyone. Why?"

"But he's..." Naruto looked the girl then back at the ceiling. He frowned. The figure was gone.

"Something wrong?" Kiba butted in, sick of Sakura smoking him at Janken.

"Naruto's seeing things," Shikamaru yawned, his fingers laced with Ino's.

"Like ghosts...?" Hinata asked, scared.

"No, like he's so bored he's imagining things," Temari laughed.

"I'm not seeing things!" Naruto defended himself, "there really was someone up there!"

"Uzumaki!" Ebisu-sensei approached the group, the neighboring students snickering and whispering to one another, "how many times am I going to have to lecture you this week?" the older man sighed and rubbed his temples, "just step outside, I'll deal with you after the ceremony."

Naruto frowned and got up, digging his hands into his pockets, "I never do anything right, do I?" he walked past his friends, ignoring their worried expressions.

Ino squeezed her boyfriend's hand, a look of sadness on her face, Naruto...

xXxXx flashback XxXx

"Why can't you do anything right?.!" a woman with long brown hair screamed at her son who looked no older than ten, "I do everything to give you the best, but you never give me anything in return! I wanted you to get good grades, that's all, and you can't even manage that?.!"

The little boy looked like he was about to cry, but he held in the tears, his bottom lip trembling, "I-I'm sorry, Mom..." he went to look at her, but a hand slapped him across the cheek and he fell to the floor, eyes wide, cheek stinging.

"Do better!"

The door to the apartment opened and a young blonde girl came in, "I'm ho--" she stopped in place as she saw her friend on the floor, his cerulean eyes watering, "Naru-chan..." she looked at the boy's mother and frowned, running forward, "you hit him!" she cried, picking Naruto up.

"That little shit deserved it!" she yelled hysterically, reaching back to pick up a glass vase.

Ino quickly tugged Naruto to the front door and they both ran away, stopping only when they reached the park. The girl led her friend into the sand dome and she sat the quivering blond down, pulling him into her arms, "what happened?"

"M-My grades weren't good enough..." he whispered, his voice raspy, "I got all C's... And she said... she said I couldn't do anything right..." he bit his bottom lip and buried his head into the girl's chest, "she always says that!" he cried.

"She won't get you your medicine... that's the only reason you're not doing well in school," Ino told the boy as she tightened her hold around him, "the doctor said you had to have it..."

"I want to be good enough!" Naruto weeped, "I want to be good enough for Mom! I want... I want to be like Dad, so she'll love me..."

xXxXx end flashback XxXxXx

Naruto didn't stay out in the hall like Ebisu-sensei ordered. Instead, he walked out of the building, easily sneaking through the parking lot and entering the woods. He didn't want to deal with anyone yelling at him, not when he had to deal with his mother(1).

He ran across the shallow creek and jumped over the fence that closed off the apartment complex from the woods, and went up the metal stairs that led to his apartment. Fiddling around in his pocket, he pulled out the house keys and unlocked the door, stepping inside.

The apartment was dark, the only bright thing being the light on the microwave in the kitchen.

"I'm home," he whispered and went to his room, locking the door behind him and climbing into bed, pulling his knees up against his chest and burying his head between them, his palms covering his ears as if he was trying to block out someone.


"You have to do better!"


Naruto tightly shut his eyes, the only sound in the room being his quiet whimpers of "stop" and "I'm sorry", and the ticking of the clock on his bedroom wall.


"You're nothing like your father!.! He was a brilliant man who never once made a mistake! You... you're a disgrace to the Uzumaki name... you're stupid and all you ever do is make mistakes!.!"


The blond let out a quiet sob and he lifted his head, tears threatening to fall. He looked over at his dresser and there, sitting next to a pile of clothes, were two pictures. One of his father and one of his mother's funeral.


"A defected child... you make me sick!"


He fell over onto the bed, covering himself with his thin blanket and curling up into a ball.

Standing in the corner of his room, hidden in the shadows, was a figure, a small pendant glistening around its neck.


"You just left school, man!" Kiba hollered.

Naruto gave him a can of peach juice and handed everyone else a soda, his grin never faultering, "Sorry, guys, I just wasn't in the mood to deal with Ebisu-sensei's lectures. I've had enough of those this week."

Temari rolled her eyes, "Seven in total."

Ino looked down at her drink, her face blank.

"Ino?" Shikamaru called the girl's name, worried, "something wrong?"

She instantly cheered up and smiled, "Sorry, I spaced out," she opened her can of soda and took a sip, giggling at a joke Naruto made about Ebisu-sensei. But in her mind, all she could think about was how Naruto was truly feeling. How he felt behind the facade he was putting up right now.

He can't get rid of her... she tightened her grip on the can, she's the reason he's unhappy... He needs to get out of this apartment...

"Naruto," she looked over to the boy, "can I talk to you outside?"

Naruto blinked and finished his own drink, "Why?"

Ino stood up and went to the door, "I tell you out here," she opened it and stepped outside, her soda still firmly in her grip.

The blond got up and followed the girl, shutting the door behind him, "Is something up?"

"I want you to move out of this apartment."

Naruto's face fell and he stared at the spots on the cement by his welcome mat, "Ino... you know I--"

"This place might have memories of your father, but it also has memories of your mother! Just get a new apartment, Naruto..." she frowned, "you've been suffering ever since your father died... and even after your mother died... you should be happy!"

"I am happy."

"Every day... every day after school, you think that when you get home you're mother's going to hit you! Even though she's gone, you still think that! This place is getting to you! Please," Ino pleaded, "just move out and find a better place."

Naruto sighed and looked behind him at the door, "Fine... I'll look around in the newspaper..."

Ino smiled and hugged her friend, "It's for the best. You've been in so much pain these past two years."

They both turned to go back in, but someone standing at the bottom of the steps caught Naruto's attention. He looked down to get a better view, but by then, the person was gone.


"Uzumaki Naruto?" a red-head asked with a monotone voice, his piercing aqua eyes staring into dark obsidian, "is he that boy--"


"Hn, I see. Just make sure you're not seen by anyone else while staying with him, Uchiha. And don't go looking for your brother either," he narrowed his eyes.

"I won't."

"You have three months to be with him once you expose your presence, then you will return here, understood?"

The young man known as "Uchiha" nodded and turned, black wings spreading out.


1 Week Later

"Everything's all moved in," Temari stated as she sat the last box down in the living room of Naruto's brand new apartment. It was a cozy one bedroom place that was the perfect size for the blond, "so, I'll see you at school on Monday? Or are you coming to hang out with me and Kankuro tomorrow?"

"I think I'll stay here and just set everything up," Naruto shrugged off his winter coat and tossed it onto the white couch, "you know how I am about unfinished things."

"Hn, freak," Temari chuckled and punched her friend in the arm playfully before waving to him and leaving.

Naruto let his eyes wander around the place and he couldn't help but smile, I can still remember my dad... that's all that matters. Forgetting about Mom and starting my life from the beginning, He began putting away the dishes and glasses, stopping every once and a while when he felt cold air brush past him, There aren't any windows in here except for the by the t.v... but it's closed.

Finishing with the kitchen, he then settled with setting up his bedroom, carrying one box after another into the room and sitting them against the wall. The bed was already made, thanks to Shikamaru who had dropped by earlier in the day, and the rest of the furniture was set up with the help of Kiba and Hinata the night before.

"This place seems empty... without the memories..." he sighed and started placing photos on the oak dresser, his fingers lingering on the icture of him and his dad. The older man looked like an exact replica of Naruto, except taller and he had no baby fat. One thing that definitely stood out was the fact that they both had bright blue eyes.

He yawned silently and mentally chose that it was time for sleep instead of setting up his room. After shoving the unpacked boxes into a corner, he climbed into bed, covering himself with his new comforter and snuggling into the large pillows, his eyes fluttering shut.

As he drifted off, he didn't notice a pressure press onto his bed. Nor did he notice the arms that wrapped themselves around him and that held him in a soft and loving grip. But he did notice that he suddenly became warmer and that burning hot fingers caressed his arm as if wanting to help him fall asleep.

And that's exactly what he did, comforted by the warm arms and loving touches as he drifted off into his dreams.

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