Had yet another idea, sorry I keep starting new stories without finishing, some of my friends might kill me for this...lol...u know who u r. I am just bored and have no life other then writing. So please review this story, I know it's short to start with, but it will get longer I promise. Enjoy everyone. : )

He was running as fast as he could, blood dripping from the gash in his arm. His heart pounded inside his chest, his breathing was labored. He ducked beneath a low tree branch, the moon was his only source of light. The air was frigid cold, biting into the bare skin on his arms, he could see his breath as he ran.

He had dropped his gun a while back, unable to carry the gun and run for his life at the same time. The creatures that chased him moved quickly and silently, not letting him catch his breath for even a moment. He had been attacked in the parking lot of a local bar, he had fled into the woods trying to find a place to hide and rest.

Whatever they were, they traveled in a pack and had gotten a good shot on him, slashing his arm pretty deeply, he hadn't got a good look at them, it was too dark.

He was unsure of where he was or where he was going, Dean was back at the bar trying to get information out of a young teenager.

He hid behind an oak tree, taking a moment to catch his breath, he looked around, hearing noises from all around, that can't be good.

Suddenly his cell phone went off, he fumbled with it trying to silence it. He hit the talk button and crouched down. "Dean?" He whispered.

There was a pause. "Sam, what's going on, where did you go?"

"I was attacked outside the bar, I don't know what they are, but they are chasing me now."

He heard Dean curse before getting back on. "Do you know where you are?"

Sam looked around, all of a sudden a fist came out of the darkness, Sam dodged by just an inch. He rolled to the side and was kicked in the stomach. He let out a cry of pain, dropping the phone. "Sam! Sam answer me man!"

Sam leaned against a tree, trying to see who had kicked him, all he saw was darkness. He saw the cell phone laying a few yards away, he went to reach for it and someone stomped their foot on his hand. Sam looked up and saw a large brutish looking man looking down at him.

Sam tried to pull back, but the man didn't let his foot up. Out of the shadows, a young dark haired woman stepped forward and picked the phone up. "Sam isn't able to come to his phone, can I take a message?" Her voice was mocking, yet strangely familiar.

Sam looked up and gasped, it was the vampire Kate, Luthor's mate.

Dean was getting more pissed by the moment. "Put my brother on you crazy bitch."

Kate smiled and snapped her fingers, a whole group of vampires surrounded Sam, making escape seem impossible. She put the phone to her ear. "This is for Luthor, you can thank your father because he is the reason your dear little brother is about to go through all this pain."

Sam could hear Dean's angry yelling as the large brute above him lifted his foot and grabbed Sam by the back of the neck. His fingernails dug cruelly into Sam's neck, drawing blood. Sam refused to cry out, knowing that they wanted to use him to torture Dean.

Kate walked up to Sam, her face in his, her eyes gleaming. "I can't wait to see the look on your father's face when he sees your brother after we are through with him."

Sam chuckled and looked the woman in the eyes. "That's gonna be pretty hard since he is dead."

Kate seemed taken aback for a moment, then a big grin came over her face. "Fine, I'll just have to settle for your brother Dean then." She put the phone to her ear. "You hear that Dean."

Dean was cursing up a storm. "You better not hurt him you bitch, you hear me! You kill him and I will kill you all slowly."

Kate grabbed Sam by the throat and held him up. "Killing him would only bring temporary satisfaction for me and you might someday get over it, turning him sounds like a lot more fun."

Sam's arms were held down by two other vampires so he couldn't really struggle as she brought him down. "I hope you can hear as my fangs sink into Sam's tender flesh." She let her fangs slide down and slowly bit down into Sam's neck.

The pain was intense, he couldn't hold back a cry of pain. After a few moments of extreme pain, Sam blacked out.