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Being injured like this was a total bitch. Being carried by a brute that seemed to be getting quite fond of Dean was also rather bitchy of life to stick down the older Winchester's throat. He had been forced to leave the hospital, Bobby, his brother, and even his car back at the hospital, what more did he have left!? He trusted Bobby with his life, but did he really trust him with Sammy's life. Sam was his responsibility damnit! His little brother! He had promised their dad after all!

Sam held on for as long as he could, but it was so hard to hold on when death was approaching. He would suffer the same fate that they had placed on so many of the others that they had hunted, it was ironic really. Beads of blood flowed down his neck as the muscled vampiric buffoon continued to dig slowly into his throat, a slow torturous death for the vampire Winchester. This would have been, of course, had they chosen the wrong Winchester to fuck with. Sam Winchester had more going for him then either Gordon or even Dean knew about, vampire blood mixed with demonic blood, making for a hybrid in human form. Sammy could feel the power surging in his system and yet, considering he didn't even know about the demon blood that swam through his veins, he didn't know what it was.

The blade stopped sinking into Sam's flesh, instead it whipped out of his hand and struck one of the vampire doctors standing nearby, decapitating him rather gruesomely. Gordon stepped back, completely taken by surprise at what Sam had just done, that was no vampire power…

"Sam!" Came a familiar voice, but it couldn't be…could it?

Bobby hadn't seen what Sam had done, all he saw was Sam with his throat bleeding, in danger of bleeding to death. No! Wait, he was a vampire, he would be alright. With a gun cocked and ready to shoot, Bobby pointed it at the only one he could shoot and kill, Gordon. "Bobby? What are you doing here?" Sam had time to groan. "Saving your asses, as usual." Gordon didn't move, his hands up somewhat as he stared at Bobby, he hadn't been expecting this at all. All he wanted was to kill Sammy and be done with it, why where they making it so hard? Not caring about the vampiric doctor who had been killed, he grabbed the scythe and moved towards Sam again, who was still exhausted and help by muscle bound idiot number one. BANG! Blood spilled from the gunshot wound in Gordon's shoulder, a sweet fragrance filling the air that the vamps in the room could smell.

The vampire who held Sam down was distracted by the smell, which gave Sam time to slip out of his grasp. Next thing Sam knew, Bobby was behind him, the muscled brute dead at the older hunter's feet. "Well…get up." Bobby was ready to take on a few more, his gun still on Gordon who continued to bleed. But here was when Bobby finally saw what Dean had meant, Sam's eyes bloodshot and wide as he stared at Gordon. However, Sam's eyes went black, as a demon's would. Bobby took a step back as Sam lunged forward and sank his fangs into Gordon's arm, fuck pretenses, he was hungry and Gordon deserved to die. Gordon cried out in pain and tried to bring the scythe he still held down on Sam's head, but Sam used his demonic powers to send it flying once more. The poor boy was so desperate to live, desperate to feed, that he was tapping into things he didn't even know about.

Since when was telekinesis a vampire power? Bobby thought to himself as he watched Sam hold Gordon in place, feeding off the dark vampire hunter. "Um, Sam." He started, stepping forward, but he stopped when Sam looked up, black eyes staring.

"No Bobby. This bastard deserves to have every drop of blood drained from his worthless body." So bloodthirsty…so…evil. "Sammy, that isn't the way to go." Sam actually laughed, a cold cruel laugh. "I've spared his life how many times and each time it was a mistake. I won't make that mistake again." With that said, Sam sank his razor sharp fangs into Gordon's neck, taking everything from his, his pride, his blood, and his life, but at the price of his own humanity. Bobby turned away, not wanting to see the look on Sam's face as he drained Gordon. Only did he look when he heard the drop of a body on the ground, there lay Gordon…dead. "Dean was right, he tasted bad."

Clap clap clap. The sound of amused applause could be heard from a dark corner, it seemed another player had entered the game. "You know Sammy boy, I didn't think you had it in you." Yellow eyes stared out at Bobby and Sam, the yellow eyed demon. "But you proved me wrong."

Sam tensed as did Bobby, never had Bobby come into contact with THE demon like this. "Get away from him." Bobby started, catching the demon's attention, who looked at him with faint amusement.

"Excuse me, this is a private conversation." Suddenly Bobby was thrown against the wall, knocked out for the moment. "That's better." He turned back to Sam, who seemed shocked that the demon was there. "Yes yes, absorb it, oh no it's me, the big bad demon…moving on." He grinned as he stepped forward. "We have a lot to talk about boy…a lot to talk about."