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How was it that the Winchester brothers continued to get themselves into these sort of scrapes? Why did God or whatever higher power there might be in this damn world have it out for them? They saved lives on a regular basis, put their own lives on hold in order to fulfill some family lineage that, had it not been for the yellow-eyed bastard standing in front of him, would have never taken place in the first place. He was the starting point. The catalyst that had taken the Winchester family and turned it into monsters of a whole other type.

Sam had watched helplessly as Bobby had been thrown to the side like a ragdoll, knocked out from the impact and laying there helpless. His first instinct was to run over and help him. No…that was a lie, one he didn't want to even dare acknowledge. His first real reaction was to run over and drink from the sweet nectar of blood that flowed through his veins. He wasn't Samuel Winchester anymore, he was something else entirely. The demon himself seemed amused at all that had gone on before he had made himself known. Not only had Sam chosen to tap into his demon blood but he had shown a more ruthless side to him that even Azazel hadn't known existed.

Where was Dean?

"Relax Sam, I come in peace." The arrogant grin that touched his lips was enough to make Sam growl and step towards him. The demon laughed and shook his finger at Sam as though scolding a small child. "No no Sam, that isn't how you and I are going to play now." He gestured to Bobby. "I can't promise what might happen to the audience if you force my hand."

Taking a deep breath, Sam steadied himself. "What do you want?" It was the question that he had always wanted to know in regards to the yellow-eyed bastard that had taken both his mother and father from him. Both for unknown reasons. Blood dripped from his mouth and hands and it was only standing there with a moment of clarity that the full impact of what he had done hit him. He had killed Gordon. Yes, Gordon had tried countless times to kill him but Sam had always proven himself to be the better man. This time Sam hadn't been able to resist but could he live with it?

"Hm. Regret. Interesting." The demon mused as he glanced down at the dead human. Gordon had been nothing more than a means to an end. "As for what I want? Well isn't it obvious?"

"That isn't an answer." Sam countered, his anger moving to the surface rather quickly. A side-effect of the vampirism or something else? His blood was boiling and not because of any sort of hunger either. All he wanted, all his family had ever wanted, was the death of this monster that stood so smugly in front of him as though nothing could touch him.

"Oh but it is. What have I ever wanted from this family?" Azazel waited only a moment before gesturing at Sam. "You boy."

"You'll have to get in line then. I seem to be in high demand." Sam said, sarcasm dripping from his words. He didn't allow any kind of shock to hit his words despite the fact that it only brought up more questions. Why him damnit? He didn't want any of this! He hadn't even wanted to be a hunter but he had done it for Dean.

"I have to say, I had wondered how this would turn out." The demon seemed to be speaking more aloud to himself than Sam. "The bloodlust, the desire to kill in order to survive. It has brought out something that you kept hidden from everyone, hasn't it Sammy?" Azazel shook his head though. "But…it's not how I want this. No, this won't do at all."

What the hell was he on about? "Wha—" He was silenced by the sound of his brother's voice echoing within the halls of the hospital. Dean?! He was alive?

Azazel heard Dean as well but seemed to ignore it for the moment. "I have plans for you Sam; I have for a very long time. Believe it or not, I need you to keep your humanity just a little longer."

There was hope now; did this mean that Azazel knew a way of him being changed back? The hope was mixed with apprehension given that dealing with demons always had a kickback. "I want nothing from you." Sam said vehemently but even he wasn't fooled by his own bravado and the demon gave him an amused look that showed he wasn't fooled either.

Dean's voice got closer, the cursing and protests by others was enough to show just how desperate Dean was to get involved and save his brother. Did Dean not have any sense at all? What part of 'get the hell out of here or I'll eat you' did he not get? Sam had already almost ended his life once already; did the man have a death wish or something?

"Tick tock Sammy boy, your time is running out before you become one of the monsters you've spent your life hunting." The tension was thick in the air between the vampire and the demon. Would this come to a head? "I could make this all go away. It would be in both our favour if I did so how about we just get on with it."

The demon had a stake in this, he had said as much which meant he wouldn't leave this alone. What lengths would he go to in order to ensure that his plans weren't mucked up?

Sam wanted to run from all of this, go into hiding and pretend that none of this was real. Why else had he gone to college if not to run from his hunter family. But he couldn't hide from this. His mother… Jess… They had both died because of him, the demon had made that perfectly clear. He would not stop. Who would he kill next?

"No no Sam, the question isn't who will I kill next, it's who will you kill next." The demon was able to get into Sam's mind. Damn him…

Sam was caught between a rock and a hard place. He had no one to turn to, Bobby was knocked out and Dean wasn't there yet. "How?" It was all he could muster as he wiped Gordon's blood from his face.

"A deal. I agree to take away your vampirism and in exchange you give me something I want."

This was exactly what Sam had been afraid of. Making a deal with a demon was something he couldn't afford to do and yet it seemed to be his only choice. There was rumours of a cure but that was all it was.

Sam shook his head. "No, I won't give you my soul." It was too high of a stake.

This caused the demon to echo a laughter that really got on Sam's nerves. "As tantalizing an offer as that would be, that isn't what I want Sam. All I ask in exchange for taking away this curse is, when the time comes, a simple favour."

A favour? "That could mean anything from me letting someone possess me to killing my own brother, no." He couldn't put himself at the mercy of the yellow-eyed demon.

"I can promise that this favour will not involve the death of your brother nor would it involve possession of any kind. Just a few moments of your time and cooperation." He held his hand out. "Don't worry, this deal won't involve us locking lips, I have some dignity."

Sam wanted to stall until Dean got there, he could hear him but the demon would figure out what he was doing. "Can you even do it? Change a vampire back into a human?" It seemed unlikely.

Azazel scoffed. "We can bring people back from the dead but we can't change a vampire back into a human? I'm offended Sam." His hand remained in front of Sam, waiting for him to take the deal. Sam was hesitant of course, considering his options and any ways of getting out of it but Azazel knew what conclusion Sam would come to.

The sound of Dean making his way towards the room was bothersome but easily fixed. In one fluid motion Azazel used his free hand to telekinetically slam the door shut moments before Dean could make it there. He was locked out, only able to see through the window at Sam and Azazel. A lovely little taunt if ever there was one. "Come on Sam. Take the deal."

Sam looked at the hand and the demon carefully before reaching forward with his own hand. What choice did he have?

"Sam!" Dean called almost desperately. This entire experience had been nothing but traumatic and draining for both the brothers, in more ways than one but Dean wouldn't and couldn't leave Sam behind. Sam was his pain in the ass little brother and all he had left in this world. He'd be damned if anyone took Sam away from him now.

Dean was in pain everywhere and all he wanted to do was just sleep but he had gone against Lenore and gone back inside. Looking through the blood-splattered window, he could see his brother and the demon talking and that alone was enough to freak him out. Where the hell did he come from?! First Gordon and Kate and now the demon? Did someone up there and down there hate them that much?

It was difficult to see much through the window, Dean couldn't see Bobby anywhere which was another worry added on to this one but he could see a handshake about to take place which meant a deal….

No! "Sam! Don't do it!" He called through the window before banging at the door as much as he could. He had to get inside.