Chapter 13: Real Friends

Chapter 13: Real Friends

Daria wakes up on the floor of her room. "What the hell happened?" Daria feels sick. "I drank too much. Uh, what did I do?" Daria's memory is cloudy. "I need to brush my teeth. I need a shower. I need a time machine." Daria gets off the floor and goes to the bathroom.

When Daria is done she goes out to the kitchen. "I can't believe I did that. And Mary she didn't care. What was I thinking?" Daria grabs a soda out of the mini fridge. "I wasn't thinking." She sits down in a lawn chair.

"Daria?" She turns and sees Lindsey. "Are you ok?"

"No. Thanks for letting me in last night. I don't know where my key is." Daria finds the remote and turns the television on.

"Last night nearly fifty college students were arrested. The Boston police say this was the largest DUI bust in over twenty years." Daria turns the television off.

"I'm glad we didn't go to any parties last night." Lindsey grabs a soda out of the fridge. "What did you do last night?"

"Uh, went to a party." Lindsey stares at Daria. "What?"

"And no one had to drag you to go?"

"No. What did you do last night if you didn't go to a party?"

"Well Skaz took me out to eat then a late movie and then we came back here but you looked really bad so we ended it there." Lindsey sits down next to Daria. "Did you have fun?"

"No. My head is killing me. My stomach hurts like hell. My eyes, are they bloodshot?" Daria looks at Lindsey.

"Yeah really bad. What the hell did you do Daria? You smelled like cheap booze and something else last night. I know I smelled it before but I can't remember what it was."

"Oh the marijuana." Lindsey gasps. "What?"

"You've been smoking marijuana? Daria that stuff is bad for you like really bad and it's illegal. If my mother ever caught me doing that she would have killed me. I could have ruined my chances at a scholarship."

"Didn't you say you did it before?"

"Well, yeah but that was back in my freshman year in high school. Why are you doing it now?" Daria rubs her temples.

"I never did anything before. I never drank or smoked or really partied before. But I over did it yesterday."

"Daria you still look like you got hit by a train." Daria grumbles. "And you have hickies on your neck!" Lindsey's squeal sends pain flying through Daria's head. "Was he cute? What did you do?"

"I don't know and I don't remember. I was wasted last night." Daria shakes her head. She never thought she'd do something like that before. She was always so responsible back at Lawndale. She always did what was right even if it took Jane or Tom a while to change her mind. But she wasn't in Lawndale any more. She was in Boston and Jane and Tom were not.

"Wow you must have been really blitzed if you didn't remember You have hickies all over your neck." Daria puts a hand on her neck.

"It wasn't like I wanted to. I was just drunk and stupid last night." Daria feels foolish but has to ask a question. "Do you have any makeup? I need to cover these up before I go out."

"Of course but don't you have any?" Daria shakes her head. "Run out?"

"No I just don't do this. I never do any thing like this. I won't do anything like this again." Daria leans into the chair. "I can't believe I did that last night."

"Do you really feel bad about what you did?" Daria nods. "Well um maybe next weekend you could come with Skaz and I to the beach. Tony said there would be a bon fire and stuff."

"Tony? And another party I'm not going."

"It's not a party it's just a few people from the art building and a couple others. Come on Daria just come with us and if you want to leave you can."

"You'd take me back?"

"Of course buddies go together and leave together." Daria thinks of Mary and what she went through last night.

"Maybe, thanks." Daria finishes her can of soda.

After getting something to eat Daria goes to Mary's dorm room. She knocks on the door and Amalia opens it. "Oh Daria, is Mary with you?"

"She didn't come home last night?"

"No. Weren't you with her?" Amalia steps away from the door to let Daria in. "Didn't you go to the party with her last night?"

"I did but I left early."

"Wasn't she your ride?" Daria nods. "Oh, nice hickies." Amalia laughs and Daria puts a hand on her neck.

"It's not like that. I got a ride back here from, um," Daria can't remember. "Someone. I was really drunk last night." Daria is a little worried about Mary.

"And I bet Mary was even worse. She probably met some guy and staid with him." Daria feels better.

"Yeah she did buy some um, things." Daria blushes.

"Well hell nice to see you cared enough to check on her. I was thinking about asking you about Mary but I don't know where your dorm is."

"Uh just down one floor and uh, 217." Daria smells the fumes. "This place reminds me of my friend Jane's room. She was always painting or sculpting something in her room."

"She sounds cool where she at?" Amalia goes back to a painting she had been working on.

"Lawndale but she'll be going to BFAC starting this winter." Daria looks at the painting and reminded her even more of Jane. "And I think you already saw her." The painting was of Jane, Andrea, and several other women standing around a single blooming flower.

"Really? Which one is she?" Daria points Jane out.

"Oh. I saw her holding hands with, this one." Amalia points out Andrea.

"Yeah they're good friends. Jane is amazing with some of her stuff. Or when she had to make some money she did copies of artists and sold them at a gallery who sold copies. She was pretty good at that but she burnt out."

"I tried that. I tried to change my styles to something people would buy but I just couldn't do it." Daria takes a second look at the painting.

"This looks amazing why wouldn't someone buy this?" Amalia laughs a little.

"It's not done. You really like it as it is?" Daria nods. "Well I was going to add some skeletal demons growing out of the flower. And some blood here and there." Amalia turns her head and looks at the painting again.

"Why? It looks great now."

"But I can make it look better!" Amalia grabs a paint brush with some red on it and flicks it at the canvas. "Now it looks like blood is raining on them."

"Uh, yes it does. I'm going to uh, go now. Have Mary call me when she gets back here." Daria leaves the dorm room and quickly goes back to hers.

It is late in the evening and Mary hadn't called. "I better check on her." Daria goes back to Mary's dorm room.

Daria knocks on the door. Amalia answers. "Oh hey Daria come in." Daria goes in and doesn't see Mary.

"Um, is Mary here?"

"About that." Amalia goes to the phone and picks up a piece of paper. "You wouldn't happen to have about five thousand in bail money would you?" Amalia hands the paper to Daria.

"Wait, she, oh no." Mary had been arrested for DUI and possession of a controlled substance. "I don't. I should have never left her there."

"It's not your fault. You weren't even driving. You probably would have gotten busted too if you had ridden with her." Amalia takes the paper back.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm sorry I can't help." Wait I do have some money. But I'm not wasting it on bail.

"She called me instead of her mom begging for money. Like I have money. I'm a starving artist who needs to starve a little more." Amalia pats her stomach.

"Well um, I could maybe if we pooled our money together or something. What happens if she stays in jail?"

"It's just local for now. But um they say it's pretty serious. Since it was on the news the police are trying to make an example. They had some Luke guy on talking about it."

"Um I, that's bad. Maybe tomorrow we could do something?"

"Unless you have five thousand dollars we can't do much." Daria agrees but doesn't want to leave Mary in jail. Daria reaches in to her pocket and pulls a card out.

"I might be able to get some help. Can I use your phone?"

"Sure." Daria picks up the phone and dials the number on the card.

"Luke Benton speaking may I ask who is calling?"

"Um, Luke this is Daria, from last night." Daria hopes he remembered her. Until Amalia mentioned him she didn't remember him.

"Oh hi Daria need any help? I'm a little busy right now with paperwork and processing but I could send someone out."

"No it's not me who is in trouble. One of my friends is. Um, you might have met her already." Daria hears some noises. "If you're busy I could call back but I'm worried about my friend."

"Her name?"

"Mary, uh, I don't know her last name. She was driving a blue car last night. She wore a blue top and uh, I can't remember what else." Daria feels stupid. "Um, let me ask her roommate what her last name is." Daria looks over at Amalia.

"Turismo. Mary Turismo."

"Turismo. Um, I heard it was five thousand dollars for her bail. But we don't know any one with that much money." Daria hears paper moving. "I don't know if there is anything you can do Luke."

"Turismo, Mary. Eighteen years old and being held on a DUI charge and possession of a controlled substance. Those are both serious charges. I don't know what you think I can do Daria." Daria tries to think.

"Um, I mean, I don't want the charges dropped. Well if that could happen that would be great."

"Not going to happen."

"Then any way to lower the bail? Does she have to stay in jail? Is she really a flight risk or something? I'm sorry to be asking you this but she's my friend and I don't know how to help her."

"Well she's probably not a flight risk. And we have her address at the college and home. I'll see about lowering the bail. Are you going to be at this number for say, an hour?"

"Um, I guess I could stick here for an hour." Daria looks at Amalia who nods.

"Ok. I have some other things to do first but I'll see if I can help you Daria. Talk to you in about an hour."

"Ok, um, thank you Luke. Bye."

"Bye." They hang up.

Daria watches television while waiting for Luke to call her back. "Amalia how much do you have to spare?"

"I might be able to put up two hundred. Three hundred if I don't eat for the rest of the month."

"Mary can pay for food or pay you back until the court date."

"Wait we have to wait until court to get the money back? Are you sure Daria?"

"My mom is a lawyer. Mostly corporate but I know stuff. And the court date could be a long way off. Unless she pleads guilty then it might speed up the process but depending on a plea deal who knows what will happen."

"Bummer. I might lose a roommate." Daria perks up.

"Then maybe I could move in and away from Lindsey." Amalia laughs.

"If you can stand the smell of paint and thinner sure. Might be nice having a friend with police connections." Amalia laughs again.

"He's not a connection just someone who helped me out last night." Amalia looks at Daria's neck.

"Did he leave those?" Daria covers her hickies.

"No! Stop talking about them."

"If you want I have some makeup to cover that up with."

"Um, thanks. Sorry I yelled about it." Daria takes a second look at Amalia. With the paint brush in her hand Amalia reminds her of Jane. "Where is it?"

"In the bathroom." Daria goes to the bathroom and is lost.

Daria picks up a tube of makeup. "Not cover up, I think." Daria goes through until she finds what she thinks is the right makeup.

Daria is watching Amalia work on her painting when the phone rings. "Daria it's probably your friend."

"Luke is just someone I met last night not a friend." Daria picks up the phone. "Hello?"

"Is this Daria?" Daria recognizes the voice.

"Yes, Luke do you have any thing?"

"Well since your friend isn't a flight risk her bail was lowered to five hundred dollars. But if you want some advice I'd talk to her about a plea deal."

"What's the going rate? My mom is a lawyer I might want to talk to her when Mary is out of the big house." Luke laughs.

"Big house? The station is smaller then the lawyer building next to us. But from what I've heard most of the deals for the people arrested last night have been settling for suspended licenses and community service. But nothing is final until we talk to the people actually arrested and not the lawyers next to us."

"Well I'll um, talk to her later about it."

"How about you call your mom and tell her what happened. Then you can come here and bail your friend out."

"Oh we have to um, go there to get her? Can't just send a check in?"

"No you have to drop the bail money off in person. There is some paper work that needs to be filled out. And her car has been impounded with her license taken due to the DUI." Daria sighs.

"What time should we be there?"


"Her roommate is helping with half."

"Be here before midnight or wait until tomorrow."

"We'll be there in um, an hour or so. Not sure how to get there."

"Oh Daria have any thing to write with? I'll give you the address."

"Amalia do you have a pen?" Amalia gets one out of her art supplies and hands it to Daria. "Um, the address?"

"621 North Howard…" Daria writes down the address.

Daria and Amalia have to stop at an ATM machine before going to the police station. "Thanks Daria. There is no way I would have ever been able to afford the bail for her."

"Neither one of us should be doing this. If she hadn't tried to drive after the party they probably would have just driven her back to Raft like they did with me."

"How did that happen? How did you meet uh, Luke?"

"I wanted to leave and Mary didn't. So I started walking." Amalia gives Daria a stare. "What?"

"Wasn't it like thirty miles away?"

"Yes, yes it was. But I was so off I didn't care. They picked me up and threatened me with public intoxication but Luke took me back to Raft. It was stupid at the time but it probably kept me out of jail." Daria makes a turn. "Where were you last night?"

"Enjoying an empty dorm room with a couple of friends." Amalia rubs her right thigh. "Damn near hurt myself."

"Sounds like fun." Daria takes another turn. "Do you think we're there yet?" Daria looks for a street sign.

"If we were there we wouldn't be driving." Daria almost smiles at Amalia's sarcasm. "Is that Howard Road?"

"Yeah. But we're like eight miles away. Are we supposed to turn left or right?" Daria stops at the intersection.

"Um, right I think. We should have printed out the directions." Daria turns right and goes down the street.

A few miles later the street goes from houses to businesses. "There it is." Amalia points out the station.

Daria turns in to the parking lot and gets out. "I'll sign the paper work and stuff. Just make sure Mary is ok." Daria and Amalia go in to the station.

Luke helps Daria with paper work. "Well that should be it. I would say nice seeing you again but we're in just about as bad a situation as last time." Luke hands Daria a piece of paper. "Your receipt."

"Um, thank you again. I must be a bit of um, a hassle for you." Daria puts the receipt away.

"It's ok Daria. I went to the Academy to be a public servant and you are the public. But maybe next time we see each other it will be under a lot better circumstances." Luke reaches across his desk and shakes Daria's hand. "Always nice to see you but I have lots of work to get through. Your friend should be processed in about an hour or so."

"Thank you again Luke. I never thought I'd be doing something like this again." Daria rubs her temples as she feels a headache come.


"Friends of mine had to get bailed out after a speeding ticket when they were out of state." Daria stands up. "And if we see each other again it has to be better then the last two times."

"I hope so." Luke gets back to his paper work as Daria walks away.

Mary is released several minutes later and sees Amalia and Daria. "Thank you!" She hugs Amalia then Daria. "I can't believe it. When they told me I made bail I was stunned. How did you get five thousand dollars?"

"It was only five thousand? The police told us it was twenty thousand!" Amalia acts shocked.

"But, they just took fifteen thousand of my mom's money." Daria plays along with Amalia.

"I'm so sorry! We need to tell them that there was a mistake! I'm so sorry they took your mom's money." Amalia starts to laugh.

"We're kidding Mary. Daria knew one of the officers and he got your bail reduced to five hundred." Amalia hugs Mary again. "Are you sure you're ok? If Daria hadn't come over worried about you you'd probably still be in jail." Mary looks at Daria as tears build.

"You were worried about me? Even after I blew you off? I'm so sorry I did that." Daria shakes her head.

"If you went with me we'd both be in jail. And I wouldn't have met Luke who wouldn't have gotten your bail reduced." Mary wipes her eyes.

"Thank you Daria. I treated you bad and you like went through all this to get me out."

"I um, yeah. You're my friend."

"You're one hell of a friend Daria." Amalia pats her on he back.

"You're a real friend." Mary hugs Daria hard.

Back at Mary and Amalia's Daria uses their phone to call her mother. "Mom? Are you busy?"

"Daria is every thing ok?"

"Yes mom. Well, one of my friends is in trouble." Daria hears something in the back round.

"What happened? Some one get caught buying alcohol underage? Why back in my day your father had a friend who bought for a party and was caught but this was in the sixties."

"No mom. Last night there was a party. One of my friends was there and um got in trouble for driving while drunk and uh, had something on her." Daria looks up at Mary.

"What something?"

"Mary what was it?"


"Um, marijuana." Daria hears Helen write. "We just got her out on bail. An officer said most of the people who got in trouble last night were pleading guilty and getting their license suspended and community service."

"That actually sounds like a good deal. Tell your friend that they should take the deal. But see how many hours she'll serve and how long her license will be suspended. If anything you might get the times shortened."

"Um, thanks mom."

"For what?"

"For helping me. For helping my friend."

"Well tell your friend they need to be very careful from now on. And Daria,"

"Yes mom?"

"I'm glad you made a new friend. I'm glad you're responsible enough to help your friend out of a tough situation. But be careful Daria."

"Why mom?"

"If you had been in the car at the time you would be just as guilty for possessing the marijuana. I know I told you to make new friends but I don't want you making bad ones."

"She's not bad she just made a mistake." Daria looks at Mary. "She won't make it again."

"I hope not. Daria please be careful. College can be rough and hard. I went through years of it to become a lawyer. I partied and went crazy but I always kept my head in a book."

"I didn't do it."

"I know you didn't Daria. You're too smart to be out drinking and smoking." Daria feels pangs of guilt. "But your friend can get you in trouble with out you doing any thing wrong."

"I, I know mom. Um I have to go. Thank you mom."

"Ok Daria. Bye and make sure you don't end up like your friend."

"Bye mom." They hang up.

"Well, what did she say?"

"Take the plea deal. You'll lose your license and have to do community service but you won't spend any time in jail."

"Ok, I can do that."

"And promise you won't go to any parties or do drugs."

"Um, ok I promise if you do."

"I already gave it up after what I did last night." Mary now notices the hickies on Daria's neck.

"It looks like you had fun though. Who left those hickies on your neck?" Daria covers them with a hand.

"None of your business." Daria goes to the door. "I need to go. But when you do what ever I need to go with you to collect the bail money back."

"We need to go since half of that is mine." Mary hugs Amalia again.

"Thank you two so much."

"Just make sure you don't do anything else ok? I'm tired and need some sleep." Daria rubs her temples as the head ache pounds on her skull.

"But it's not even five."

"I don't care Mary my head is killing me and I didn't get much last night." Daria leaves the dorm room and goes to her dorm room.