Disclaimer: I do not own Gilmore Girls in anyway, which is obvious. Because if I was in charge, Luke and Lorelai would be together still and Logan would not have gone off to London in the first place.


Sunlight streamed through the apartment window, casting a warm glow on the new Mr. and Mrs. Logan Huntzburger. Rory smiled as she looked around the room from her spot on the bed. Her head was on Logan's chest. He was breathing deeply, obviously still deep asleep. Rory grinned as she though about the past few months.

In March she had graduated from Yale University. On that same night, Logan had proposed. In June and most of July she had been preparing for a wedding. And finally, at the end of July she had gotten married. It was soon, yes, but they didn't want to wait. So they didn't.

The wedding had been wonderful. Beautiful decorations and a beautiful, warm, summer's day. It was held at the Dragonfly, upon Rory's request. It wasn't huge, like most would think. But it wasn't small either. It was, well, perfect. And best of all, it wasn't something Rory or Logan didn't want. Nothing to big or fancy. And with Lorelai's help that was accomplished.

It was now middle of August. And only a mere two days ago, they had returned from a two-week honeymoon in Paris. Rory started to get up, trying hard not to wake Logan. She had just reached the hallway when she heard that familiar, groggy, morning voice.


Rory poked her head in the room. "Hey you." She said happily.

Logan grinned. "Hey yourself. Where are you going?"

"Coffee." She said simply.

"Ah. Somehow that does not surprise me."

Rory laughed. "Come on. I'll make breakfast."

Logan followed her into the kitchen and began to help her cook pancakes. After about five minutes, Rory's cell phone rang. She stopped stirring and answered it.


"Call the police!



"What's wrong?"

"Everything! The world is ending!"

"Huh? Mom, calm down and tell me what's wrong."

"Paul-Anka's missing!"


"Uh-oh is right! And Luke's out of town for the day on business!"

"Double uh-oh."

"Yeah! AND Sookie's busy!"

"Wow. That's three uh-ohs in one morning."

"Well, what can I say? I'm going for a record."

"Need some help?"

"Are you busy?"

"Give me an hour. I'll bring Logan, too."

"I'll bring coffee!"

"You haven't had coffee yet?"

"I'll bring more coffee."

"See you in an hour." She hung up.

"What's up?" Logan asked, setting down to eat.

Rory joined him. "Apparently Paul-Anka is missing. And Luke is out of town on business and Sookie is busy. So she needs a search party."

"Ah. I see. Shall I call the authorities?"

"Nah. Star's Hollow isn't a big town. Two or three hours tops and we'll find him. But…"

Logan grinned. "But what Ace?"

"Well, maybe Frank can help? Or at least give us a ride."

"Can you give him another sandwich?" Logan teased.

"Fine, mister. You can drive alone to Star's Hollow then." She teased back.

Logan laughed. "Is that a threat or a promise?"

Rory pretended to be mad. "Fine! I'm going then!" she stomped off.

"And those pancakes sucked!" she added.

Logan's jaw dropped. How dare she insult his pancakes? He could take jokes but teasing the pancakes? Now that was just wrong. He marched into the room to find Rory in the closet, pulling out jeans and a t-shirt for the day.

"Now you listen here, missy!" he yelled. "Don't you ever insult my pancakes! You can insult the bacon, the sausage, and the waffles but NEVER the pancakes!"

"Oh yeah?" she yelled back.


Rory was about to respond when Logan suddenly kissed her hard on the lips. He moved her out of the closet heading in the direction of the bed………..


"Wow." Rory said breathlessly, a few minutes later.

"Yeah. Wow." Logan agreed just as breathless, from his spot next to her.

"That was……"


"That pretty much covers it."

Logan laughed.

"I just…wow."

"What can I say Ace? I'm one hell of a guy."

Rory laughed as the phone rang. She leaved over Logan's bare chest and grabbed it.


"I found him!"

Rory smiled. "Really? Where was he?"

"Under your bed. He loves it there. How could I have forgotten?" She laughed.

"Well, congratulations."

"Thanks! I hope I didn't inconvenience you and Logan."

"Nope, we got a little preoccupied so it's no biggie."

"Okay, ew. Hanging up now."

"Bye mom."

"Love ya, kid." Rory smiled as she leaned back over Logan and returned the phone. But this time, she stayed there and rested her head on Logan's chest. He smiled and stroked her hair.

"I'm gonna take go take a shower." Rory announced a few minutes later. Logan smiled.

"Okay Ace. I'm gonna make the bed and get my clothes and meet you in there in a few minutes."

"Okay." She walked off happily.

Logan pulled some jeans and a sweater out of his side of the closet, and then began to make the bed. His cell phone rang.


"Logan! My brother! My pal! How the hell are you?"


"The one and only!"

"Great. What's up buddy?"

"The LDB is reuniting!"


"We're having another function!"

"Awsome. Where?"

"Ah, it's a beautiful place. California. There's a deserted beach down there and we've decided to capture it and claim it as our own for a week."

"Nice. But there's one problem….."

"What would that be, my boy?"


"Ah, yes! Newspaper Girl! Well for once I'm a step ahead of you!"

"How so?"

"I've already asked around and we all agreed that Newspaper Girl should accompany us once again!"


"Hell yes! Now, pack up! We're leaving on my father's jet tonight at eight 'o clock sharp. We will wait for no one!"

"Thanks, Finn. See you tonight."

"You're very bloody welcome!" He hung up.

"Who was that?" Rory asked coming out of the bathroom. She had on clean clothes and her hair was wet.

"Finn." Logan said walking into the bathroom.

As he showered and she put on her make-up, Logan told her all about Finn's phone call. To his surprise, Rory was thrilled with the idea.

"Really?" he asked drying off.

"Sure. Why not? I like Finn and Colin and everyone. And besides, I want another once and a lifetime experience." She told him.

He grinned. "Well get packed. We leave at eight tonight."


"Yes, tonight. Finn's a fast pace person, Ace. I thought you knew that."

"My mistake."

"Ah that's alright. I'll forgive you. Just this once."

"I'm honored."