"Mr. Winchester- it's a pleasure to finally meet you," said Ms. Horson, rising from her seat. John could immedietely see why it wasn't Mrs. Horson. The name wasn't just a turn-off, but so was the lady- he couldn't recall ever seeing anyone (or anything, supernatural or not, by that matter) who resembled a toad as much as she did. Even her voice was low and croaky.

"Er- nice to meet you, too." John forced himself to smile politely, silently pleading that this woman would never ever take an interest to him. He was already starting to feel queasy about this whole thing.

Ms. Horson smiled. "Perhaps you'd rather talk about this over dinner?"

John quickly hid his grimace. "Well, got both my boys with me, actually, but if you don't mind them..."

The Toad-Woman- uh- Ms. Horson, John corrected himself quickly- was not as efficient at hiding emotions. Her dissapointment was as easy to read as an open book.

"Is this about Dean's grade in History?"

Ms. Horson shook her head, her watery eyes going glassy. "Oh, it hurts me to tell the parents of our dear students the truth, knowing that they often hold their children in such a high regard-"

"What'd he do now?" inquired John flatly.

"He- oh, dear, I'm so sorry to tell you, Mr. Winchester! He brought in a block of dry ice, and made it smoke- you know, fog through the classroom? Then he set about four dozen bullfrogs loose."

John forced himself to engage his vocal chords to express his dissapointment in his son's behavior. Inwardly, his mind screamed his true dissapointment- way to go, Dean- get me a meeting with the hot teacher, why don't you?

"I'm disturbed by your son's reckless behavior- he is graduating this year, and he doesn't seem to care-"

That's because he doesn't. "It concerns me, too," said John, just as he had rehearsed. "But I'm sure he's just angry over something. You know teenagers..."

Ms. Horson licked her lips, making her look like a toad about to catch a particularly juicy fly. "Mr. Winchester- are there any problems at home?"

Well, glossing over that Wendigo that about tore through Dean's shoulder last month, the demon possessed chick last week, and a shape-shifter wreaking havoc this week?

"No, everything's great."

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