He was in the void. Again.

Which meant he had died.


Eike sat up, sighing, and then winced, still feeling the ache of coming high impact into stone after falling – no, not falling, getting pushed out of the tower. He could go back and not be dead, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt in the first place.

Homunculus was once again in his favorite spot, on top of the Roman pillar – did he ever go anywhere outside of the void? – and looked down at Eike.

"Did you really think an old, rotted rope would hold your weight?" He asked, his voice echoing across the small room amidst all the nothing surrounding it. "How silly."

Eike didn't say anything at first. He was too focused on his chest and how much it stung. Like a belly-flop into a pool. Except the water decided suddenly to be made out of stone and jumped at the chance to be an accessory to murder.

"I'll get some better rope," Eike said, wobbling to his feet. "In a minute."

"Time spent to get your bearings? Of course." Homunculus kicked his feet back and forth, allowing a little smile to eke out onto his face. It was hard to tell if it was smug or genuine from Eike's viewpoint.

Eike clutched at his chest some, then relaxed it, and took a breath. The pain was lighter now, and speaking felt easier.

A thought crossed into his brain, one that had been in the back of it for awhile now, but hadn't been given enough time to foster and grow towards the frontal lobes.

It slipped out from his mouth, a question, towards Homunculus.

"What do you do here?"

"Mmm?" Homunculus intoned, curiosity in his throat.

"I mean…when you aren't giving me advice or explaining things, is there anything you…do?" Eike asked, with some stumbling in his words.

Homunculus thought on this, turning his gaze away from Eike, considering what it was that he 'did'.

"I read. I write, occasionally. Mostly about times and events on those times." He replied, simple.

"Do you…go anywhere else? Other than here?" Eike continued, gesturing towards…just about everything. It wasn't exactly a large place, after all.

"Not particularly. It's a drain on the body. I dare not risk doing it too much." Homunculus then came down from the pillar, floating towards the ground, wanting to be more direct with Eike. This didn't seem like it would be a short conversation at all.

"Oh," Eike said, and watched Homunculus come down, searching for something insightful to say. "That doesn't sound too exciting." Was all that came out, unfortunately.

"It's peaceful." Homunculus said, slow and easy.

"But…you're here all the time, right?" Eike looked at Homunculus, wondering if he actually liked it here. Eike certainly couldn't stand it for too long.

"Yes, it would be fair to say that."

"Then, you should have some more things to do. A hobby or something, right?"

Homunculus smiled again, and the reason behind the smile was, once again, not entirely clear.

"Perhaps," He said, and looked into Eike's eyes.

"What, then, would you suggest?"