"C'moooon!!" Dib yelled down the elevator. Zim was taking such a long time… He sighed as he heard Zim cursing at nothing in particular (yeah right, Dib) in Irken. By that time, he knew some Irken, but he had no idea what Zim was saying since he was talking to fast. "Dang…" MiniMoose floated nearby and landed on his head as if apologizing for his master's horrible manners. Dib giggled and reached up to pat the small moose robot, holding the vial of liquid in the other. He turned around and sat down next to GIR on the couch. "Pass the popcorn." He said and received the bowel.

When Zim arrived to the house level he found Dib shoveling the buttery exploded kernels in both his mouth and MiniMoose's mouth. GIR was throwing one kernel at a time up in Dib's general direction and Dib was wildly shifting to catch the suckers in his mouth to chew greedily. Ugh, that's so wrong… Zim thought as he watched the flying popcorn in disgust. Dib's lips even looked buttery, no way was he putting his lips near those… With a dour expression, Zim 'ahem'ed to get Dib's attention.

Dib swiveled his head around and once he saw Zim, blushed. Zim blinked, fluffing the skirt just a bit nervously. Only a few seconds afterwards, GIR continued to chuck popcorn kernels at Dib's head, ruining the mood Dib had set, in hopes the human still wanted to play. MiniMoose munched on the popcorn that had landed snugly into Dib's ebony hair as Dib stood, rubbing the back of his neck uncertainly. Maybe it hadn't been that great of an idea as he'd thought. Zim looked so humiliated.

Zim's lips formed a thin line and he held an aerosol can up, squeezing the top to show how empty it was. "Let's go." He said briskly. "MiniMoose." The moose jumped to attention, floating away from Dib to hover in front of Zim curiously. "Disguise. Now." MiniMoose squeaked cutely and out popped a disguise. It was the one Zim had used last time with the maid outfit. Zim stared at the pig-tailed wig dumbly, then angrily growled as Dib giggled from behind his wrist.

"Go ahead. Put it on!" Dib twittered hopelessly. The alien picked the wig up and placed it over his antennae carefully. He reached out and placed his purplish grey lenses over his crimson eyes with care. The illusion was complete, well, as complete as it was gonna get. If it hadn't been for the green skin a lack of certain appendages, Zim would've been taken as a very pretty looking maid. But there seemed to be something missing… MiniMoose, GIR and Dib stared hard at Zim, who shrunk back under their gazes.

GIR and Dib tilted their heads while MiniMoose just floated around in circles. Finally, an idea slapped one of them across the face. GIR giggled suddenly, and insanely, then hopped from his seat to land right in front of Zim.

Both Zim and Dib watched GIR curiously. The robot hit his chest and out popped a black feather duster. "DUSTER!!" GIR screamed, holding out the black duster by its feathers. Zim took the handle weakly.

NOW the illusion was as complete as it would get. Dib snickered while GIR cooed about how cute his master was. MiniMoose had to agree by nudging Zim's cheek gently. A growl shut them up and Zim swatted MiniMoose away with the feather duster and motioned towards the doorway. "Let's. Go." He gritted his teeth and started for the door.

"OH! Right, sorry." Dib giggled, following after. As he exited the door, he noticed a helicopter landing only a few feet from the door and he gasped. "Holy ----!" He blinked. What looked like his dad hopped from the helicopter and stood in front of Zim. The man bowed deeply and Zim snickered, patting the man's elegant scythe in some sort of odd affection. It was then Dib realized that it must've been the Mem-Bot and he chuckled. "He looks just like my dad." Dib said in awe, stepping forward to get a better look as he warily eyed the turning blades of the copter.

Zim looked back and the Mem-Bot stood to full height, just a bit taller than Dib. "OF COURSE he looks just like your LATE father." The alien grunted, as if offended, then turned back around to look at the Membrane look-alike, who grinned down at him, eyes closed.

"Is there anything I can do for you, Master?" He asked.

The two breathing beings in the vicinity looked at each other and held back their shudders. That was too eerie for them. "Uh…YES! There is, actually I --"

"Ah! Anything, Master, just name it!" Mem-Bot said, too Membrane like for Dib, in a grand manner, striking a pose not to unlike the real Membrane's pose.

"Oh…" Dib muttered, feeling sick.

Zim rolled his eyes and tugged a pigtail in frustration. "Will you shut your noise box, Mem?" The alien looked at the eagerly silent robot, then told him their plan, even though he could have just inserted a disc into the robot's hard drive in the back, but that would have seemed too weird, even for Dib. It confused the robot at first, but he saved all of the data anyway as he received odd glances from the human.

"I see." The Mem-Bot said grandly, then turned and jumped into the helicopter and waited for them to get it. Zim used his spider legs and pulled himself up, holding out a hand for Dib to hoist himself up. Dib just stood there dumbly. MiniMoose and GIR lazily walked/floated outside to see what the hubbub was.

"SLAVE!" Zim snapped, wiggling his finger irritably. "Get up here so we can initiate our plan!"

Dib looked at the helicopter, then to Zim. "You want me to get into that thing?" His (ir)rational fear of heights was pulling at his subconscious mind. "You really are nuts. A robot can't…FLY that thing!"

"C'mon, Slave!" Dib heard a hearty voice call. Zim giggled gleefully at the sickened expression on Dib's face.

"You…didn't tell him to call me that, did you?" Dib asked, his voice wavering. While the two were talking, Mem-Bot helped his fellow robo-slaves into the copter happily, showing them which buttons were what and which did which.

Zim sighed, still holding out his arm, which was steadily becoming sore. "Of course not, big head. Mem knows how to fly a helicopter. I downloaded a learning program into him."

The boy (no, wait, teenager) looked up uneasily, but then took the other's hand, looking back to make sure the door to the base was closed. It was. Once in the copter, Zim explained to the robo Membrane that he should call Dib by his name. Mem didn't understand fully, but he acted like he did and that was good enough, gosh dang it! "Oh. I'm sorry, Dib." He apologized and when he didn't receive a reaction, he turned around to look at Dib. "Forgive me?"

Numbly, Dib nodded. "Yeah. You're forgiven." Satisfied, Mem turned around and pressed a few buttons, and toggled a few knobs. The knobs were his favorite.

Mem-Bot smiled in victory, itching to strike a pose, but he had to keep his hands on the controls and watch to make sure GIR and MiniMoose didn't get caught. They weren't supposed to be in the copter at all. He felt so naughty. "NO TOUCHING!!" He screamed, horrified, out of nowhere, swatting GIR's hand away from the self destruct button that was conveniently located just between Mem-Bot's legs, where GIR and MiniMoose were hiding under the console.

Zim and Dib blinked in surprise and looked at the Mem-Bot. "What on IRK was that?" Zim demanded.

If Mem-Bot could have sweated, he would have. "Uhh…nothing, Master, just, ah…" he trailed off. Nothing came to mind. "Nothing, I was doing absolutely nothing." he paused. He had been doing something. "Of importance." He paused again. It had actually been important. "To you." That wasn't right either, but his Master lost interest and began talking to the human slave again. He sighed in what could only be described as Relger. (Relief and anger. A new word I made up. Just now as I type this at 2:00 A.M.)

Angrily, Mem-Bot leaned down, still keeping his eyes on the road--eh the sky. "Don't touch anything." he hissed, he really didn't want to get into trouble. The thing he was most afraid of was being dismantled, even though the existence of both the defective robots at Zim's disposal disproved his fears.

"D'okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" GIR screamed and Mem-Bot, completely surprised, nose dived before edging back out. Mem-Bot sat rigidly as Zim loomed over his shoulder.

"What was that, Robot Slave." He demanded.

Mem-Bot was practically quaking in fear before he pointed, eager to get Zim's attention off of him and said. "Look! It's that place we're going!"

It worked, much to the robot's relief. Zim jumped back to talk to Dib, urgently going over the details of the plan. Mem-Bot stared down stonily and both GIR and MiniMoose smiled, not realizing either one of them were doing something wrong. "I hate you two." The Mem-Bot muttered under his breath (if he could breath, that is) and GIR giggled as MiniMoose squeaked. He landed.