All right, this is my new idea for a story. This takes place after Urban Jungle, so it will have Danny's new power in it. Enjoy!

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Full summary:

When the Ultimate Enemy, Dan Phantom, returns, Danny is forced to fight once again. This time, though, the stakes are higher. Dan has captured Sam, and if Danny doesn't win, everyone he loves will be gone. Danny must get the help of Clockwork and other ghosts to save Sam, and as he finds out, his future bride.

A Nightmare Relived

Chapter One- He's Free.

Clockwork was floating in his tower, watching the time stream as it flew by. He watched as people were born, as people died, and as people went through good and bad times in their lives. He also heard the ticking of the clocks in his tower as time flew by in many countries. He had grown used to it after a while, so it didn't agitate him anymore. He then saw something that intrigued him; it was in Danny Phantom's life. "What's this?" he asked, looking closer at it. Clockwork than realized what was going to happen. "Oh, no," he said. He flew as fast as he could to the back of the tower, where the thermos holding Dan Phantom was being held, but it was too late. The minute he got back there, the thermos blew sky high. Clockwork was thrown against the wall from the explosion, his head pounding. He watched as Dan Phantom rose from the smoke, brushing off his black and white uniform. His white fiery hair sparked to life again, and his cape wrapped around him until he threw it behind him.

"Hello, Clockwork. It's been a long time." Dan smirked, his hand illuminated by a vicious green. "And now, it's time to say goodbye." He fired a green bolt of ecto-energy at Clockwork, hitting him directly in the chest. The last thing Clockwork saw before his vision blurred was Dan laughing, and walking out of the room he had been locked in for so long. Clockwork then fell unconscious.


"Danny, didn't you do any of your homework?" Sam Manson asked her best friend, Danny Fenton. She gave him a small glare.

Fourteen-year old Danny gave a sheepish smile. "No."

Sam groaned. "You're going to fail if you don't do your homework, Danny."

"Sorry, Sam," Danny apologized.

"It's all right," Sam sighed. "I'll help you, okay?" Danny nodded his head, and they walked over to the nearest table outside Casper High. She helped him if he didn't get it, and if he did, she let him go about doing it. Every once in a while, Sam found herself staring into Danny's ice-blue eyes, getting lost in them. His raven locks gently blew as a gentle breeze blew by them. Her mind wandered back to when Undergrowth had nearly vegetated Amity Park and its citizens. Danny had saved her from Undergrowth's control over her by using his newfound ice power. Sam smiled as she remembered when Danny gave her the crystal he made, saying he was glad that she was all right.

"Sam?" Danny's voice broke through her thoughts. "I've been talking to you for the last few minutes, but you just kept staring at me."

Sam blushed. "Sorry, Danny. My mind was just wandering. What did you need help with?"


Sam smiled. "I can help you with that." While Sam was explaining algebra to Danny, he soon found his mind wandering as well. Sam looks beautiful today. Her lilac eyes have a certain sparkle to them, and she smells like lilacs. Sam's midnight black hair gently whipped him in the face, and a smile graced his lips. He thought of a few weeks ago, when he had discovered his ice powers and was able to learn to control them with the help of Frostbite. He had saved everyone in Amity Park, stopped Undergrowth, and had made a crystal for Sam and given it to her. He was thankful that she was all right. He was extremely worried when she had been controlled by Undergrowth, and he had wondered if he would have been able to save her. Luckily, he had been able to, so now, he could relax.

"Danny? Now you're the one who's spacing out." Just as she said that, they heard the faint ring of the bell from inside the school. "Well, it's time to go to class. I'll help you with the rest of your homework during lunch, okay?"

"'K. Thanks, Sam."

"It's no problem. Now, let's get to class before Lancer gives us another tardy." They both took a running sprint into the building, Danny following right behind Sam.


Finally, lunch had arrived. Danny sat with Sam at their usual table, but there was no sign of Tucker. "Where's Tucker today?" Danny asked.

Sam shrugged her shoulders. "I thought he said something about having to go to the doctor."

"Ouch. I bet Tuck's mom is going to have a hard time getting him to even go in there."

"No kidding. Most of the time, we can't even get him past the nurse's office." They both laughed about this.

"Do you think you can help me with my homework now? All I have is geography and the last bit of algebra."

Sam smiled at Danny. "Yeah." She scooted over next to Danny and waited for him to get his textbooks. He set them on the table and opened them up to the assignments. Sam then helped him with whatever he needed help with. Soon enough, they had finished Danny's homework. Danny then shivered slightly and a small blue wisp of air came out of his mouth.

"Oh, man," Danny moaned. Screams arose from the cafeteria as the dragon ghost appeared.

"Run!" it roared. Fire came out of its mouth and more people ran out of the cafeteria.

"I'm going ghost!" Danny shouted. The blue rings soon encircled him as he went from wearing a red and white shirt, blue jeans, and red and white shoes to a black jumpsuit with white gloves, belt, and boots. His midnight black hair changed to a snow white color, and his ice-blue eyes turned into an emerald green. He flew into the air, and his legs merged into a ghostly tail. Soon enough, he was at eye level with the dragon. "What are you doing here?" he shouted.

"Run!" it bellowed again.

"Of course, one-track mind," Danny muttered. He fired a green ecto-ball at it. It just looked at him, frightened, before roaring again. Danny sighed, and threw another ecto-ball at the clasp of the necklace, hoping to break it. Thankfully, luck was with him today, and it broke after the ecto-ball burned through it. The necklace dropped to the tiled floor with a light clink that seemed to echo throughout the cafeteria. Sam and Danny watched as the dragon ghost became the princess ghost, as what usually happened when the Amulet of Aragon fell off. Danny floated down to the princess, who was now on her knees crying.

"What's wrong? Why were you telling everyone to run?" Danny asked.

She looked up, tears in her red eyes. "He's back. He wants to kill us all!" she wailed. "You destroyed my only weapon against him!" He saw true fear shining in her eyes and more tears started to fall down her pale green cheeks. Her blonde hair, normally tied back in a thick, solitary braid was now a horrible mess. It was sticking out all over the place, and her traditional blue headband that matched her dress she wore was missing.

Danny looked at her, his snow white hair falling in his eyes. His green eyes widened in shock. "I'm sorry for destroying your necklace. Who's back, though? Is it Pariah?"

The princess shook her head. "It's not. But you need to flee the most, Danny." Danny was shocked she knew his name. "He's coming for you," she said before flying off. He watched as she flew through the cafeteria ceiling, taking the Amulet of Aragon with her. Slowly, he changed back to Danny Fenton. Sam ran over to him, worried at the state of shock written on his face.

"Danny, what happened? What's wrong?" Sam asked, placing her hand on Danny's shoulder.

He sat down on the bench of the table closest to them, Sam following suit. He ran his fingers through his raven hair, a nervous habit of his. "I'm not sure," he said. "The princess said he was coming for me, but I don't know who he is. It must have been bad, though, for the princess to start crying."

"She was crying?" Sam asked.

"Yeah," Danny said, nodding his head. "She said that I destroyed my only weapon against him. I asked if it was Pariah, but she didn't tell me anything. He must be bad if the princess was crying about me breaking her only weapon against him." Danny sighed, running his fingers through his hair once more.

"Maybe Clockwork would know," Sam suggested.

"But he isn't allowed to reveal that much," Danny protested.

"He may be able to give you some idea, though."

"I don't know. Maybe he will, if he's feeling generous today. If he is that bad, though, then I need to find out who he is as soon as possible." The school bell then rang, signaling the end of lunch. "I guess I'll have to check with Clockwork after school."

"I guess so," Sam replied. They then ran out of the destroyed cafeteria before someone decided to pin it on them. They stopped running, but walked at a brisk pace to their lockers. They got their things for their next class, English, but all the way, they were wondering what exactly was going on.

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