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A Nightmare Relived

Chapter Four- Just Relax

Danny woke up to the sound of the rain pounding against the windowpane. He opened his eyes and yawned, his vision still blurry from the sleep. When he looked at the clock, it read 8 p.m. He stretched his arms above his head, and as he did, he felt something slightly heavy on his shoulder. Looking down, he saw Sam asleep on his arm, appearing to be content seeing as how she had a smile on her face. Danny gave a slight smile, thinking about how peaceful she looked. She then stirred, and she looked up to see Danny staring at her with a smile on his face. Why is he looking at me like that? she wondered.

"Danny?" she asked. He then realized what he was doing and blushed.

"Sorry, Sam, I must have spaced," he muttered, the light pink blush still staining his cheeks. Sam blushed lightly as well, wondering if he had been staring at her again. She then got up and stretched her legs, a little sore from sitting down for a long time. She then looked at the clock on the wall opposite her and gave a slight gasp at how late it was.

"Sorry, Danny, but I have to go. My parents are going to kill me when they see me coming in the door this late."

"You want me to fly you there. It is raining outside you know."

"Yeah, I know, but I just feel like walking in the rain today. Plus," she dug around in her backpack until she pulled out an umbrella, "I have an umbrella, so I'll be fine. Thanks anyways. Later, Danny," she said, grabbing her backpack and heading towards the door.

"No problem. See you later, Sam," he replied, watching from the couch as she walked out the door. When he heard the click of the door shutting, he debated getting up and eating or just sitting on the couch. "Eh, I'll eat," he decided. He lazily got up off of the couch, stretching before heading into the kitchen. "What to eat, what to eat?" he muttered, rummaging through the fridge. Finally, he just decided to make a peanut butter sandwich. He quickly made it and sat in the living room, flipping through the channels on the tv. After surfing for a while, he turned it off, not finding anything that he liked. Danny's thoughts soon wandered away from the tv and his food.

I really wonder where Dan could be. With him loose, no one is safe. I'm supposed to protect people, but what can I do if I don't know where he is? "Ugh!" he moaned, running his hand through his hair again, probably the fifth time that night. The echo of the rain beating the window echoed in his ears, pounding a rhythm in his head. "I feel so useless not knowing where he is and not being able to do anything about it." Just then, the phone rang, startling him from his thought process. He jumped a little bit off of the couch, scared, and then quickly reached over the arm of the couch to grab the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey, Danny, it's Sam."

"God, Sam, you gave me a heart attack." He hears Sam's laughter ringing in his ears.

"Aw. Is Danny afwaid of the phone?" she said in a very un-Sam like tone.

"Ha, ha. I was just thinking, that's all. I'm really worried, Sam. If I don't find him, a lot of people are going to be in danger."

Sam sighed. "I know, Danny, but like I said before, you can't do much if you don't know where he is."

"You're probably right, Sam. Why'd you call anyways?"

"I'm bored. My parents aren't home, which doesn't surprise me, and-" All of the sudden, the lights all went out in Danny's house, and Sam's voice was cut off.

"Sam?" No response came over the phone line. "Damn. The storm must have knocked the power out." Just then, he heard his cell phone ring from all the way across the living room. "So that's where I left my cell phone," he mused. He got up quickly and ran over to pick his black razr up. Glancing at the screen on the front, it told him that Sam was calling on her cell. "Hey, Sam. Did the power go out at your place, too?"

"Yep. Now I have no parents and no electricity. Everything's just perfect, isn't it?"

Danny smiled faintly, used to her sarcasm. "I'm sure the power will come on soon enough. What about your grandma? Isn't she there?"

"Nope. I think she went with my parents. That sort of surprises me seeing as how she doesn't like to travel with them all that much."

"Maybe she was tired of being cooped up inside the house all the time."

"Eh, maybe." An awkward silence followed, no one really sure what to say to the other. The thunder boomed on Danny's side of the phone, and he heard it on Sam's end as well.

Danny then broke the silence. "Hey, since your grandma and your parents aren't there, why don't I come over to keep you company?"

"That's not necessary, Danny; I'm fine by myself."

He raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?"

There was silence on the other end. "Well...maybe I could use some company. That is, if you don't mind."

"Not at all. I offered it, remember?" he said, laughing lightly.

"Yeah," she said, laughing gently as well. "See you in a few?"

"See you in a few," he returned before hanging up. He clicked his phone shut and shoved it in his pocket, being sure to keep it with him at all times now. He was debating whether or not to go ghost to walk over there. I'll just fly. It's easier, plus I can stay intangible the whole time and avoid the rain. He focused on his alter ego, and in a few minutes, the blue rings had glided over his body, changing him from Danny Fenton, average teenager, to Danny Phantom, ghost-fighting superhero. He phased through the front wall of his house and immediately turned intangible, not wanting to get any of the rain on him. He flew as fast as he could in the direction of Sam's house, hoping to get there as fast as possible. Soon enough, he had arrived at Sam's house. He changed back to Danny Fenton in an alley by her house, already getting wet from the pouring rain, and he ran up to the stoop of her house, ringing the doorbell as soon as he got up there. The door opened shortly after, Sam standing there holding a flashlight.

"Hey, Danny," she said cheerfully. "Come on in." She stepped to the side and allowed the now soaked Danny to come into the house. "I thought you were flying here?"

"I did," he answered, wringing out his hair, "but the minute I turned back to myself, the rain soaked me."

"You could have just phased through the door."

He raised an eyebrow at her. "So you could throw something at me? No thanks."

She looked shocked and said, "I wouldn't throw anything at you."

"Like you said last time I phased into your house through the door and you threw a book at me?"

Sam laughed nervously. "Well...that was one time and that was an accident. Can you name any other times I've thrown something at you?"

He smirked. "Yes. There was the time I just walked into your room and you threw a pillow at me. Then there was the time I had snuck up behind you in the park and you punched me. And then..."

Sam held up her hands. "All right, all right, I get it. I'll try not to throw things at you, okay?"

"You've said that every time after you throw something at me, and it ends up happening again. How do I know you'll stay true to your word this time?"

"I don't know," Sam said, smiling, "I guess you'll have to trust me this time." She then walked over to her couch and sat down. Danny just looked nervously around the room, not sure what to do. "Come on, Danny," Sam called over to him. "I don't bite."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Danny muttered under his breath, but he walked over there nonetheless. Just as he was about to plop down on the couch, Sam hit him on the head with a pillow. "Hey!" he shouted. "You promised."

Sam laughed. "I didn't promise anything; I just said you'll have to trust me." She then hit him on the head again. Danny then smiled and grabbed another pillow that was on the couch.

"So that's how you're gonna be, huh?" he asked. He then hit Sam on the head with his pillow and laughed. She laughed, too and quickly jumped off of the couch. Danny followed her as she ran up the stairs. She threw her pillow at him, successfully hitting her in the face. He fell down the stairs, caught off-balance, and he landed in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. "Ouch," he mumbled. He then jumped on his feet and ran up the stairs. Sam was nowhere to be seen, so he figured she had run into her room. He checked the door, and sure enough, it was locked. "Sam, are you in there?" he asked. He didn't expect an answer from her, but he heard a giggle coming from the other side. Since when does she giggle? he wondered. I'll just phase through. He quickly turned intangible and phased through the door, but Sam was nowhere in sight. "Sam?" he called out again, turning tangible. At that moment, he got hit hard enough in the back with the pillow to be knocked to the floor. When he looked up, Sam was leaning against the wall and sinking to the floor, laughing her head off.

"You fell for it," she choked out between laughs. When she opened her eyes from laughing, she saw Danny standing over her, pillow raised and a smile on his face. "Uh oh," she muttered before she got hit on the head again. Danny was the one laughing this time as she rubbed her head slightly.

"Now you fell for it," he said after he had stopped laughing. Sam whumped him hard in the chest with her pillow, and their pillow fight resumed. The pillow fight ended when Danny had surrendered, dropping his pillow and saying, "I give up."

"You're no fun," Sam said, crossing her arms and pretending to pout.

"Aw, is Sammy pouting?" Danny asked, crawling over to her until he was right behind her. He then tickled her in the ribs, attempting to make her laugh. It worked, and she ended up falling down in the process of tickling her. He sat on top of her, tickling her mercilessly.

"Don't (laughs) call me Sammy," she stated, trying desperately to get Danny to stop tickling her. "And stop (laughs) tickling (laughs) me!" She keeps flailing her arms at him, trying to make him stop. This only made Danny tickle her harder. "Danny!" she yelled.

"Yes, Sammy?" He knew he was the only one who could get away with calling her 'Sammy' without being killed. She then flipped him over so quick he barely saw it coming and sat on top of him, tickling him.

"Now who's the one getting tickled?" Sam asked. She did the exact same thing to him as he had done to her, and she was enjoying the revenge.

Danny now was the one who was laughing and trying to get Sam to stop tickling him. "Sam, (laughs) stop! I give, I give!"

"What was that, Danny?" Sam questioned, leaning in closer to him. "I didn't hear you." She had heard him just fine, but she enjoyed tormenting him like he had tortured her.

He opened his eyes, noticing how close she was. "I give up." She smiled, glad she had gotten him to give up twice today. She then blushed, realizing how close their faces were. Sam's hair had fallen on Danny's cheeks, gently tickling his face, and Sam could see emotion reflecting in Danny's blue eyes. I hadn't realized how close I had gotten to him. Is that...love in his eyes? Danny wondered the same thing because he thought he saw love reflecting in Sam's eyes as well. He slowly inched up closer to her, and she was slowly coming closer to Danny's lips. Their breaths had mingled, and their lips were so close to touching when Sam's cell phone, sitting on her nightstand, rang. Damn it! So close... they both though angrily. Sam got up off of Danny and went over to answer her purple razr. (A/n: Sorry! I like razr phones, so in this story, eveybody has a razr! Is there such thing as a purple razr, though?)

"Hello?" she answered. "Yes, Mom, the power's out here...no, I'm fine...Mom!...no one's over here!...Mom, I'm fine!...Just stay there!...I don't need anyone here!...(sigh)fine...see you in a couple of hours...bye." Sam snapped her razr shut. "My mom and dad are going to be here in two hours. They're worried that I'm not going to be all right by myself. I would have told them you were here, but that probably would have made it ten times worse. No offense," Sam explained.

"None taken. Your mom probably would have gone off the wall if she knew I was here. Do you need me to leave now or..."

"No, you don't need to leave yet," she said quickly. "Like I said, they won't be here for two hours, and it's going to be pretty boring here by myself without the power."

He smirked. "I thought you just told your mom you'd be fine?"

"Well, I didn't want her coming home. You know when my mom is here, she's constantly trying to get me to wear pink, and you know how much I hate pink."

"Yeah," Danny responded, laughing. "So, what do you plan on doing for two more hours?"

Sam thought for a minute. "I don't know. What do you feel like doing?"

Danny thought as well. "Maybe we could go flying?"

"In the rain?" Sam questioned skeptically.

"Intangibility, remember?" He turned intangible at that moment to show her. "See?"

"Yeah. I suppose flying is better than sitting in my house all day." Danny stood up and transformed into Danny Phantom, the blue rings sliding over him. He then grabbed Sam around the waist and phased through the ceiling out into the rain. A few drops of rain hit him, but he turned intangible before anymore could. Sam grabbed him around the waist, too, slightly afraid of falling. He then took off, flying in the direction of the park. Sam looked down, watching as some couples walked in the rain together, sharing an umbrella. She looked in the water as Danny flew over the pond in the park and saw Danny staring at her and smiling. Sam smiled to herself and blushed lightly, remembering their moment that had happened just a few minutes ago. And we were so close to kissing, too. Mom has the worst timing to call me.

After flying for half an hour, Danny finally landed at her house and phased through the ceiling into her room, setting her down gently. He changed back to Danny Fenton and plopped on the floor, Sam following suit. "So...now what?" Danny asked.

"Once again, I have no idea." She reached for the flashlight and tried to turn it on, but it wouldn't go on. "Stupid flashlight," she muttered, hitting it on the palm of her hand. "It's nine o'clock, it's dark and this stupid flashlight won't go on. What a combination," she sarcastically said. Suddenly, a small green light reflected on Sam's face. She looked over at Danny, who was holding up his hand filled with green ecto-energy, lighting the room. "Thanks, Danny."

"No problem," he responded, smiling at her. "So, have any ideas, yet?"

Sam laughed. "No, Danny, I still don't have any ideas."

"Aw..." he moaned. "But I'm sooooooo bored."

"I guess you're going to be bored then."

Danny smirked. "We could play the tickle game again."

Sam blushed and held up her hands. "No thanks."

"It's soo much fun, though." He scooted closer to her, holding out his hands. She quickly grabbed and held on to his hand to prevent him from tickling her again. He still held out one hand to his side, lighting the room with the glow.

"No, Danny," she said, half-serious, half-joking.

"Hmph. Now you're the one ruining the fun," he grumbled. She smiled, knowing he was doing the same thing to her that she had done to him. He noticed that she was still holding on to his hand. "Do you enjoy holding my hand, Sam?" he inquired, teasing her.

She squeaked quietly and let go of his hand fast. "Uh...are you still bored, Danny?"

"I don't know, Sam; I think I'm fine now. Why, are you bored?"

"No," she answered quickly. She scooted slightly closer to him, as he had done to her. They sat there for a moment, in silence again, when Danny's ecto-energy light faded away. Sam looked curiously up at him, wondering why he had let the light die.

"Sorry," he apologized. "It's not intentional. I just need to let it go before I lost too much of my energy." She smiled and nodded her head, understanding. They sat in the dark, not saying much, just enjoying the peace and the silence. Sam looked at Danny and noticed that he was much closer than he had been last time. Being bold, she laid her head on his shoulder again, and they both leaned against the wall, comfortable in their positions. Sam soon found tiredness washing over her, and she was soon asleep on Danny's arm. Danny looked down and smiled, knowing she was asleep. He picked her up gently and laid her on the bed, covering her up with her blanket. Sam still remained asleep, not seeing to stir at all from Danny moving her. He leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek; she smiled in her sleep, possibly feeling the kiss. He turned around, changed into Danny Phantom and phased through her window, flying to his house. He was nearly in his house when he heard a scream coming from Sam's house. "Sam," he whispered before flying back at top-speed. Another scream echoed out of Sam's house, this one different from the last one, a higher-pitched one. When he phased into Sam's room, he saw Mrs. Manson lying on the floor, unconscious, with Mr. Manson holding her up. He looked over to Sam's bed, she wasn't there. "Where's Sam?" he asked Thurston.

Mr. Manson looked afraid, but he still answered. "I don't know. Some ghost came in and took her. Lydia came in when she heard Sam scream, and then the ghost hit her. He quickly flew off before he hit me."

"What did the ghost look like?" Danny was in a panic by now. When he found that ghost, he was going to pound it into a pulp.

"It had greenish-colored skin, white fiery hair, and a cape with a costume that looked somewhat like yours. In fact," Thurston thought, "it had that same symbol that you have on your chest," he declared, pointing to his black P within a white D insignia.

Danny's eyes went wide as he realized who it was, and his blood ran cold. He only whispered one word, knowing who it was. "Dan."

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