After a long night of kicking demon ass, Angel walks into the darkened lobby of the old hotel where
they had re-setup there detective agency a while back. He walks over to the front desk and takes his black
leather jacket off and lays is down. He sets his car keys right next to it and turns to Cordy, Wes, and
Gunn just as they turn the lights on.

Gunn looks to Wes. "See, I told you. There was no way we could throw him a surprise party..."
Cordy puts her hands on her hips and looks at Angel. He was wearing his dull expression as usual.
"Oh, c'mon! Look surprised...or happy...or something!"
Angel puts on his fake looking smile. "I'm happy." He points to his mouth. "See? Happy."

They all blankly stare at him for a few minutes and then Wes decides to break the silence.

"We have gifts."
"Really? You guys bought That's so nice."

Cordy grabs a bag that she had at her feet and gives it to Angel. He looks at all of them real quick
and then sets the bag onto the table.

"You guys really didn't have t..."

Cordy cuts him off.

"You deserve it, Angel." She smiles and then points to the bag. "Now, hurry and open them."

Angel pulls out a small, box shaped gift and shakes it. " sound." He then begins to
carefully and slowly take the wrapping off. Cordy gives him the look and he rips the rest off.
"What it is?" Wes asks.
"It's a Gameboy color...whatever that is."
"Look, man. You play video games on it. Me and Cordy thought it'd give you something to do
during the day."
"Video games? Hmm...guess you have to learn someday." He sets the Gameboy down and puts his
hand back into the bag; he pulls out another box shaped gift. "I'm guessing this is the game."
"No, Angel. We bought you the Gameboy and no game just to torture you," Cordy says somewhat
"Let's see which game you guys got me..." He tears the wrapping off of this one and then stares at
the gift for a second.
He looks up at them. "Pokemon?"
Cordy smiles and points to the box. "Not just Pokemon...Pokemon Yellow."
"Isn't that the one..." Wes starts.
"Well, thanks guys. These are...nice."

*The Next Night*

"Angel!" Gunn yells from the bottom of the stairs. "Demon horde going to kill everyone in town!

There is no reply.

"Damn, what is he doing? He hasn't come out of there since yesterday."
"I'll go look. You and Cordy go wait in the car."

Wes runs up the stairs and then to Angel's room. He knocks on the door and then opens. Looking
around, he sees Angel lying on his bed, turned to the light of his bedside lamp. He looks to see what he
is doing, but can't really see. All he hears is some lame music and buttons be pushed.

Angel continues to stare at the Gameboy screen. "What?" he says in a rather agitated tone.
"Um, we need you. There's a demon." He pauses. "Now."
"Not now, Wes."
"Angel! We have work to do! Put that bloody game down now!"
"Just let me beat this Lt. Surge guy. I need the Thunder Badge." He stops and looks up at Wes. "I'm
gunna be a Pokemon master!" He giggles girlishly and then turns his attention back to the game.

Wes slowly begins to walk backwards out of the room.

"Get him Pikachu! Pow! Aww...damn it! C'mon! Kick his ass!"

Wes reaches the door and closes it shut. He walks back downstairs and grabs his jacket and ax as he
leaves out the door. He gets into the car and sits, silently.

"Is he coming?" Gunn asks.
Gunn turns to Cordy. "I told you that Gameboy was a bad idea."