Nobodies been writing stories in the NYSI section for a while so I decided to write one. It will take a bit to write it because I'm starting a math project this week and it will go for the next month or two and it's major important. I will write when I don't have homework or I'll try.

It had been a few years since the showdown between Danny and Max. I know Max is still out there waiting for Danny probably waiting for his weakest moment, who knows.

Danny told his parents everything he created his own place far away. Too far for even, Max to find him. This may or may not change only the future knows.

I am still in school. It is my senior year and I will be graduating in exactly a month. That doesn't matter though.

Danny and I have been in touch. What I never thought would happen, happened. Danny Sinclair and I fell in love. After the show was the start, he promised me what ever happened he would always be with me and that he would never let anyone coughmaxcough ever get me.

There were many secret dates. I would never let my mother or father know. They had this strange rule about no dating until I'm 20 and I can't even go to college until I'm 25. I broke or am going to break both.

A wind swept through my room viciously this was bad. Danny was going to get me soon I knew it but he was upset. His magic told it all.

I found myself in a stormy valley. I turned and saw Danny standing there. He flung his arms around me because he hadn't seen me for a month at least.

"Ally I missed you so much I had to get you, you're in real danger now. Max is back stronger than ever. He knows my weak spot...he knows it's you. He won't stop, you need to hide there is nothing else to do," Danny choked out, he was really upset.

" parents what do I do?" I said shakily. Lightning struck a tree near wear I was standing. A shriek was emitted from my mouth. Danny grabbed me and pulled me into a cave near by.

"It's too dangerous to go out and I'm pretty sure Mad Max can watch whose traveling by magic, you'll have to stay unfortunately I took you from there at a bad time, there is no going back," Danny said.


She never had had a great relationship with her parents her dad was an alcoholic and her mother spent her day working a day and a night shift at different jobs. All they did was set down ground rules and said if they were broken then she would be punished. For her that would be a beating.

Somewhere deep inside me I knew she was relieved. She would be safe from them here but this was like the saying 'Out of the frying pan and into the fire' Her dad was the worst I had caught him beating her.


"You. Where have you been you are supposed to go to school then come straight back. Let's see you are, three hours late. Well where were you." Her dad yelled slapping her across the face then pushing her against the wall.

I couldn't get into the house to stop him and my feet were glued to the floor and my face to the window. It was unbearable to watch her suffer but there was nothing I could do.

Shakily she said, "I was studying over at Danny's house." She chose the wrong words he punched her which made her fall and then kicked her in the gut. "I told you not to talk to anyone unless we allowed it and this was not allowed." He screamed at her.

She nodded silently. He pointed up the stares saying something I couldn't hear through the glass. She scrambled up with all her energy and started climbing the stairs. A light flickered on by a balcony.

I climbed up and saw her crying in her bed. I knocked softly on the window. She looked up and saw me she calmed down a little. I opened the door to her bedroom.

She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. "How much did you see?" she whispered to me. "Enough," I whispered.


The storm was raging outside and it was getting worse. This wasn't just a normal storm someone a.k.a. Max made it. The cave was sheltered and slightly warm. I lit a fire.

"Danny are you strong enough to fight him. Can we win?" Allyson asked scared

I shrugged for I didn't know. It was all to overwhelming.

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