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This is similar to NFL shows like Inside The NFL, FOX NFL Sunday, The CBS Football show on Sunday, and the NBC Football show with Bob Costas on Sunday Night Football

There was an oval circular table that could sit four people, similar to the anchor desk seen on FOX NFL Sunday, the football show on CBS on Sunday, etc.

The lights came on and shined Andros, the red Space Ranger, who was wearing a red short sleeved collar shirt and some blue jeans.

Andros was sitting looking at various papers as the camera focused on him. He looked at the camera and smiled, acting like a professional anchor of sorts.

"Good evening to everyone out there. I'm Andros, the red Space Ranger, and welcome to the series called Ranger Talk, where me and three other people talk about anything Power Rangers specific, with topics ranging from good battles, bad battles, when the franchise jumped the shark, who was over rated, etc."

A couple of snickers could be heard in the background while Andros was talking to the viewers. Andros managed to smile but shook his head in the process.

"And now with me is the panel, three rejects whose stardom is flushing down the toilet along with Brittney Spears's fame," Andros remarked.

That caused a lot of "oh's" and "get out of here" remarks from the rest of the panel.

"Let's take a look at the panel. Over to my right his ex black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Zach," Andros continued.

Zach had his hear shaved short and was wearing blue jeans and a tight black short sleeved shirt. Zach managed to show a peace sign at the audience.

Andros looked on at Zach. "A peace sign?!" Andros remarked, smirking at the process.

Andros continued. "On my far left side, and I mean very far for obvious reasons, is Blake the blue navy thunder ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Storm," Andros continued.

Blake had his hair cut the same as from the series. He was wearing a blue buttoned down long sleeve shirt that was not tucked in, and white dress pants. Blake waved at the television audience who were watching at home.

"And finally, just so my producer wouldn't make the show to appear sexist, we decided to bring a woman ranger on the show. And Zach, Blake, try not to woo her while we discuss topics, will ya fellows!" Andros chuckled.

Blake and Zach rolled their eyes at Andros's remark.

"So please welcome Kendrix, the pink ranger from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy," Andros finished introducing the panel.

Kendrix had her hair in a pony tail. She was wearing a pink sweater with some blue jeans. Kendrix smiled at Blake and Zach. "It's a pleasure to be here Andros. Thanks for having me."

"So polite, now I can see why the producer wanted a woman on a show, to make sure she keeps us in check!" Andros laughed some more.

"Hey man, I already can check myself when it comes to impressing the ladies," Zach remarked.

Zach got up from his chair and walked over a few feet from it. "This is how I keep the ladies in check. Watch here ya'll."

Zach started doing some dance moves, from the moon walk, to the robot, to spinning on his back, etc. Zach was trying to impress the panel, but mostly just showing off for the heck of it.

Zach finished and looked at the others. "What did you guys think of that?"

"Is that what you did after you left your ranger team?" Blake asked. "I hope you don't do that for a living."

Zach scrunched his face at Blake and sat back down.

"Okay, now let's get started. Topic One, 'what was the worst fight in your experience as a ranger?'" Andros asked the three ex rangers. "Alright dance man, you start first!"

Zach rolled his eyes and sighed. "Okay, it had to be that one time where I was fighting a gigantic oyster that froze everybody."

"A giant oyster? I can see why there hasn't been any more oyster monsters on any of the ranger shows," Blake commented. "I could defeat an oyster monster without my ranger powers. Sounds like a cheesy monster, like that Pudgy Pig character."

"Hey that Pudgy Pig was eating everything in sight. That was a hard monster to beat," Zach replied.

"Okay, moving on to Blake. What was the hardest fight you had to endure," Andros continued.

"Definitely the time where my brother Hunter and I were shrunk inside a bag filled with popcorn and butter," Blake said. "It was hard to get out of that thing."

Zach's eyes widened. "A popcorn bag? Man, give me a break. Saying an oyster monster was easy. Hmffff….."

"Well folks it seems that the tempers here are rising up, which is the opposite of Ashlee Simpson's career," Andros laughed some more at his joke. "What about you Kendrix?"

"Oh definitely the time where I had to battle the pink Psycho Ranger and where I manage to die. Tough battle there," Kendrix answered.

Andros nodded. "I remember. I was there. It was tough," Andros added. "For me, it would have been the time where I lost my sister again to the dark forces."

Kendrix eyes glimmered with sympathy. "Ohh, that's so sad."

Kendris looked at Andros and placed her right hand on Andros's left hand for comfort.

Zach and Blake looked at what was going on and sighed, shaking their heads.

"Oh ya, I've still got it," Andros smirked.

"Anyway, on to topic two. Who is the most over hyped ranger from any series," Andros continued to read the questions.

"Definitely Tommy. How many freakin colors and ranger teams is he going to be on anyway?" Zach pointed out.

Andros nodded. "Okay, Blake, what do you think?"

"I'm agreeing with Zach. Tommy is over rated," Blake replied to the question.

"Finally Kendrix, tell us your answer," Andros looked at the woman.

"Agreeing with what has already been said. Tommy is over rated," Kendrix told her answer to the rest of the group.

"And by george I'm agreeing too. So it's unanimous," Andros said. "Funny, we all think Tommy is over rated. Hope he doesn't appear on the show in the future.

The group managed to laugh at the remark.

"Hey if he does and if he gets you, can I be the host?" Zach asked.

Andros shook his head. "I'll see if Jasonis available," Andros said while chuckling some more. "Okay, since we're on the topic of Tommy, here comes topic three. Do you think Tommy will appear in another ranger series? Zach?"

"Hell yes. He's already appeared in four, so why not make it five," Zach stated. "But he'll be appearing as the pink ranger this time."

Everyone started to laugh hard at Zach's remark.

"You're bad, you're really bad," Andros looked at Zach. "What about you Blake?"

"I think he'll come back, but for a cameo appearance of some kind," Blake responded.

"Okay, Kendrix, what about you?" Andros looked over at the pink ranger.

"He'll be back, but as a ranger with a rainbow costume!"

Everyone started to laugh uncontrollably.

"That's just wrong man. I don't think Tommy is gay," Zach stated at Kendrix.

"Hey, in Power Rangers Dino Thunder he was living in a house all by himself out in the woods, and he was pushing 30," Kendrix remarked. "So the question isn't that hard to swallow."

"I think Tommy will come back as a floating head mentoring another team," Andros said biting his tongue and laughing at the same time.

Everyone started to giggle at Andros's statement.

Andros shuffled the papers on his desk. "Okay, topic four, when did the Power Ranger franchise, the hallmark of all television, jump the shark?"

Zach cleared his throat. "That would be after I left. I mean, the show wasn't the same without the Zach man on it."

Blake was laughing and pointed a finger at Zach. "But the show was only a year and a half old when you left. And you said it jumped the shark at that point?"

"Oh, of course," Zach thought he was without a doubt correct.

"How about you Blake?" Andros asked.

"Had to be after my show went off the air," Blake smiled. "No other show could top our show."

The others sighed. Andros rolled his hand over his face.

"Well for me, I think the show jumped the shark after Time Force," Kendrix replied. "Did you all see how many zords the Wild Force Rangers had? I lost track of them all.

"Good thing we didn't have a team up with them," Blake sarcastically said.

"I'll have to go with the franchise jumping the shark when Lost Galaxy came out," Andros said.

Kendrix slapped him on the shoulder. "You jerk! To think, I put my hand on yours because I was feeling sorry for you."

"Hey, it did jump the shark. After Zordon's wave blasted every evil being in the galaxy, the Power Rangers franchise should have ended right there," Andros added.

Kendrix just crossed her arms and sighed, annoyed with Andros.

"Okay final thoughts for each of you," Andros replied.

"Tommy is over rated, and so is the love fest between him and Kimberly," Zach stated.

Andros looked over at Blake.

"Why were there two blue rangers on the show? They should have made Tori the pink ranger. Blue is my color after all," said Blake.

Andros looked over at Kendrix. "Your turn Kendrix."

"You're a grade A jerk," Kendrix replied, not even bothering to look at Andros.

"Thanks so much pumpkin," Andros remarked. "And for me, women are too emotional."

Kendrix slapped Andros on his left arm.

"And with that, we need to get out of here before this because another Jerry Springer episode!" Andros chuckled while rubbing the arm Kendrix hit. "Good night."